Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Stand up for Brits or the BNP will win.

The White Avalanche will sweep away the Dhimmi Traitors in Parliament

Stand up for Brits or the BNP will win. Those are the words of Labour MP Frank Field who yesterday warned the unelected Prime Minister of Our Country, that fed up True Brit voters are rallying to the wake up call of the British National Party.

But Frank, like all the other politicians from the Lib/Lab/con alliance is attempting to shut the stable door long after the horse has bolted. More and more of Our Kinsmen are waking every day, and they are shaking awake their friends and neighbours.

The BNPs Quiet Revolution is growing in numbers and those murmurings that the Dhimmi politicians are hearing is the sound of an avalanche of rage from the British People that is now racing towards them. And it is going to sweep them away from their jobs, pensions, Quangos and perks that they have enjoyed for too long, as they pay the price for their treason.

Failed Frank also warned the nail bitting jelly Brown;
“Failure to act may not simply benefit the Conservative Party.

“Further inaction could provide the BNP with another political bridgehead into the core Labour vote. Too many voters have already thought the unthinkable on immigration and then acted by voting BNP.”
What is the unthinkable Frank? Millions of colonisers encouraged to flood into Our Country? Colonisers who take Our Jobs. Overwhelm Our Public Services. Rape and prostitute our women. Hunt our young boys and men on the streets and remould Our Country into Hell on Earth? Are those things unthinkable Frank?

And now Frank, desperate to retain all that you have extorted from the long suffering True Brits, you think you and your kind can evade the day of retribution by starting to say things the British Public want to hear. But you say them not because you believe those things. You say them only in the hope of clinging to power. You make us vomit.

By the way people, if you really must buy a hard copy newspaper. Why not try The Daily Star. They appear to be giving the BNP a fair crack of the whip which is more than the Scum Sun or The Daily Rail against the BNP do.

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Anonymous said...

Well said GA and there's a couple of other important aspects to the rise of the BNP that he conveniently forgets:

That we are onto their corruption. Their greedy organised crime racket, their shameless, constant profiteering at the tax-payer's expense is being exposed left right and centre by the BNP.

We're also raising awareness about the traitorous marxist plot to destroy our nation and give our sovereignty to the corrupt EUSSR, so Field is way off if he thinks this is just about immigration.

We're onto them big time and they know it and they are running scared.


Anonymous said...

Frank knows only too well nothing will stop the headlong rush towards Eurabia and the death of England and the UK.
Sir Andrew Green of migration watch told radio 4s today programme every minute an immigrant enters this country.
Thats'1.440 over a 24 hour period this is placing a strain on every single service we have.
Now work that out over a year or five years.
Then tell me that the quote from those in the know, that the UKs population is already approx 80 MILLION is untrue?
As one blogger pointed out with muslims educating their children into islamic ways this signifies a time bomb that our children will be left to fact.
Everything i now hear from politicians it's self interest that guides them nothing at all to safeguard the country, we the people are not anywhere near their radar.
EXAMPLE ...Last night a guy phoned in to radio. he lives in the London area. he's a diabetic with high insulin needs. this has caused huge weight gain which is damaging his health he's already suffered a suspected coronary.
His specialist advised a stomach operation to make his tummy smaller cutting his need for too much food.
This isn't cosmetic it's life and death.
The NHS told him he'd have a two year wait.
His old mum has offered to pay the £7000 required to save her sons life.
Yet he's paid his national insurance and we allow muslim health tourists under an EUSSR agreement brought in january 2007 by Ponti the Italian EUSSR Fascist.
Ok it's the diabetic guy's problem today but it could be yours tomorrow!
With mass immigration the health service paid for by us is creaking add to this we are at the back of a very long queue.
Watch out for more and more power cuts water shortages etc due to millions more draining the system built to serve even less than 60 million.
A nightmare scenario unfolds before our eyes ignoring it will not stop it or make it go away!
We need to take our country back and now before ratification takes us further into hell.
Holland ratifies the constitution this month ignoring the voices of the Dutch people.
Where are our voices?
Vote BNP in European elections we need them on the inside shouting out about EURABIA!

Anonymous said...

Blackmailing Denmark again PAKIS delayed action.............
Denmark deplores deadly embassy attack in Pakistan
Posted 13h 58m ago | Comments5 | |

Yahoo! Buzz Digg Newsvine Reddit FacebookWhat's this?COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Denmark on Monday deplored a deadly car bombing targeting its embassy in Pakistan in the worst anti-Danish attack since a 2006 prophet cartoon crisis.
At least six people were killed and dozens wounded in the attack in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, officials and witnesses said.

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen called the bombing "an attack against Denmark."

PAKISTAN VIOLENCE: At least 6 die in attack on Danish embassy

But he said Denmark would not be cowed by terrorists.

FIND MORE STORIES IN: Afghanistan | Muslim | Taliban | Sweden | Lebanon | Denmark | Syria | Pakistani | Islamabad | Brussels | Iraq | Prophet Muhammad | Algeria | Copenhagen | Iran | Danish Foreign Ministry | Johannes Laitenberger
"Denmark will not alter its policy because of a terror attack," he told reporters. "We will not give in to terrorists. We will maintain the foreign and security policy line we have been leading."

Earlier this year, Danish intelligence officials warned of an "aggravated" terror threat against Denmark after local newspapers reprinted a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban. Islamic law generally opposes any depiction of the prophet for fear it could lead to idolatry.

The cartoon was one of 12 featuring the prophet — first published in Denmark — that sparked riots in the Muslim world in 2006. Mobs attacked Danish embassies in Lebanon, Syria and Iran to protest publication of the cartoons in European newspapers.

This year, Muslims staged peaceful protests in Pakistan over the Muhammad cartoons. In April, Denmark briefly evacuated staff from its embassies in Algeria and Afghanistan because of terror threats related to the Muhammad drawings.

The Danish Foreign Ministry said the bomb Monday killed an embassy cleaner and general worker, and injured two other workers.

One of the victims could have had Danish citizenship, Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller said in a television interview. He did not elaborate,

He said the government did not know who was behind the blast.

Many in Denmark expressed concern that the attack was a response to the publication of the Muhammad cartoons — or the deployment of Danish troops in Afghanistan.

"What has brought Denmark so much to the attention of people's attention in that part of the world are the Muhammad cartoons," said Lars Erslev Andersen, a terrorism expert at the University of Odense. "But that led to people's attention being drawn to the fact that Denmark has had soldiers in Iraq and that Denmark is on the front (line) in Afghanistan."

Moeller said Taliban "who wanted to hit us because we are in Afghanistan" could also be behind the attack.

Denmark withdrew its troops from Iraq last year but has more than 600 soldiers serving in the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan.

Since 2005, police have foiled four alleged terror plots in Denmark, mostly involving local extremists accused of plotting attacks in Denmark or elsewhere.

In 1985, a bomb exploded outside the Copenhagen offices of Northwest Orient Airlines, now known as Northwest Airlines, killing one person and wounding 16 in. Three Palestinians living in Sweden were convicted of planting the bombs and were sentenced to life in prison in 1989.

The European Union voiced its support for Denmark. "The (European) Commission obviously is in solidarity with its member state, with Denmark, on this matter," EU spokesman Johannes Laitenberger said in Brussels.

Copyright 2008 The Associated Press.

Anonymous said...

Type 'C.A. Moron' into Google and check the suggested alternative - 'Did you mean...'