Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Boris Johnson soon exposes himself to the BNP

Once a cheat always a cheat. Right Boris, you old fraud you?

No sooner had he taken over as Mayor of London and the money started rolling in, Boris Johnson, fortified with his double salaries from his new position and also as the MP for Henley (resign and call for a by-election) swanned off overseas whilst the young of London were slaughtering each other like lemmings leaping off cliffs.

On his return he promptly reneged on all his promises he made before pushing Red Ken off the Gravy Train and taking his seat in first class and dipping his snout into our money.

Broken was the promise to bring back the Routemaster Double Decker, despite its superiority over the poorly designed bendy buses.

Blown away was his support for a permanent memorial to Air Chief Marshal, Sir Keith Park on top of the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.
The fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square would be a wonderful spot (for the statue), but it now appears that complex planning issues would make it difficult to secure this location on an ongoing basis. There are also outstanding commitments to exhibit contemporary sculpture on the Fourth Plinth.
My Boris you really are turning out to be quite spineless. So what else have you been up to?

Answering questions asked by Richard Barnbrook of the BNP? Go on.
Black Cabs Q 982/ 2008
Richard Barnbook: Will the new Mayor repudiate his predecessor's plan in respect of Black cab drivers by positively discriminating in favour of members of some ethnic groups over other ethnic groups through a scheme (the BAME and knowledge programme) run by the London Development Agency set up in October last year?

Boris: This initiative, as with all LDA initiatives, will form part of the Forensic Audit Panel's examinations and will be judged on a purely value for money basis.
Way to go Boris. Carry on with Red Kens plan to replace all White True Brit black cab drivers with ethnics from overseas. I wonder if these ethnic drivers will have to take the 'Transporting Passengers By Taxi and Private Hire'. A three hour exam that councils are making White taxi drivers take. I doubt it.
Celebrations - Trafalgar Square April 23rd Q983/2008
Richard Barnbrook:Will
the Mayor acknowledge the key role of England in the building, running and financing of London by making the national day an officially recognised celebration, pressing central government for it to be made a national bank holiday, and funding major celebrations in Trafalgar Sq on April 23rd and on the Saturday nearest to it?

Boris:I will continue to promote all communities in London, and encourage the
celebration and tolerance of all communities in London - all of which have made London the exceptional city that it is. Every Londoner should be able to openly express their cultural identity without fear of intolerance or hate.
Sorry Boris. What was that? Waffle, crap, blah, blah, blah, waffle, wriggle, crap, waffle.

The man asked you to acknowledge the part that England played in creating what used to be the English Capital. Some might say, the only part. But then again not really being British you should not be expected to know. For despite all your airs and graces and all so English ways Boris, you are nothing but a foreign impostor and you know it. A cowardly one to boot. A rat born in the back of a stable is not an horse.

By the way Boris, when you see David Cameron, can you ask him in view of his statements about us True British being able to learn a lot from the Asians just what bits he meant.

Because if he was referring to the fact that India tops the world murder count, shaming even South Africa who have that particular skill down to a fine art, although London is making a brave effort to catch up with Johannesburg.
NEW DELHI: India has earned the dubious distinction of being the country where maximum number of murders takes place in the world, three times more than its neighbour Pakistan and double the figures in United States.
So it seems it is not just the Moslems who appear to relish slaughter. India, Pakistan, South Africa. I wonder what they all have in common? Say nothing GA. Say nothing.

Perhaps David was referring the respect for the elderly and young that the Asians appear to have. I mean when they throw their redundant Grannies on the tip or their unwanted newborn daughters down wells it shows how much they value life. Oh and check this out. There are some links you might like to follow.

Anyhow ask him if you would Boris. I am sure we would all like to know just how those countries I have mentioned can do anything for us True Brits other then drag us down into the pit with them.

By the way. Try this:
Type 'C.A. Moron' into Google and check the suggested alternative - 'Did you mean...'
Thanks anon.


Anonymous said...

Boris spent his holidays in TURKEY...Why bother when London is full of them?
Bandied around London's Population 7 million, it's not true it's in between 10 to 12 million.
Hes already sticking to the agenda of Marxism.
Too scared to be seen in support of England or the English.

LeedsLass said...

It's okay. Panic over! We can all stand down because the government has everything in hand. We're going to pay for those naughty Muslim Extremists to receive counselling:


So that's alright then. Excuse me while I laugh myself sick.

Anonymous said...

GA, I continue to be overwhelmed by your output, your outstanding daily contributions to the cause of carrying the truth to anyone who cares to access your site. When Handel composed his "Messiah", he did so in a week of frenzied writing and afterwards commented. " I did think I did see all Heaven before me, and The Great God Himself." I feel sure thet you must also be inspired for your daily work. As Winston Churchill often commented. "Never give in."

Anonymous said...

What else did you really expect from Norris?, and lets face it, cheating is part of the establishment way of life, after all they cheated with the ammount of votes that were posted for the BNP, how many were spoiled? half a million?, Couldnt have too strong a BNP presence on the GLA now could they?.

Anonymous said...

Possibly sensing at last that there will be heads on spikes outside Broadcasting House if they do not mend their ways, Radio 4 turned nasty yesterday and gave Boris the Third Degree over his "Rolling Stone Moment" (A reference to "you can't always get what you want". If you get the chance, download or Listen Again to the podcast of "Front Row" 3rd June. It is really rather good.

Boris sounds like a babbling, flustered oaf. which is strange because he did rather well at controlling the oiks on Have I Got News For You, which suggests even he was taken aback by the ferocity of the questioning.

No longer, it seems, can our politicians expect a humber interview to have the ferocity of Geoffrey How's "savage attack by a dead sheep"

I might grab the audio and put it up somewhere as an MP3 if I get the chance.