Saturday, 14 June 2008

Alun Cairns and the "Greasy Wops"

Alun Cairns looks a little bit oily and greasy to me

Funny things words. Make you laugh, make you cry. Sometimes make you wish you had never said them or never heard them. Many is the time I wish I had never written them or at least not pressed the publish button but there you go.

Someone learning the hard way is the pint sized Conservative Welsh Assembly Member, Alun Cairns. I was going to use the word dwarf but in these days you have to be so careful, as Alun will tell you himself over the coming months.

Alun, who is a Regional Member for the Welsh Assembly, with lots of spare time on his hands, was passing the time on a Radio chat show talking about the Euro 2008 tournament, when he not only wrote down the words "Greasy Wops" when asked about Italy, he actually decided to put his foot straight in his mouth by replying; "I've written greasy wops".

Now I have no idea of whether Italians are greasy or not. Neither do I have any desire to find out by grabbing hold of one. But I do know they can be a tad sensitive and start throwing their jackets on the floor and jumping up and down when they feel they have been insulted.

And you can rest assured, the labour Trogs will be calling him all the racist names under the sun come the General Election. Alun is bored with being an Welsh AM and as one of the Cameron Clowns cronies has been ear marked for the Vale of Glamorgan. In fact Alun spends most of his Welsh Assembly time promoting his Parliamentary ambitions.

An insult. A quick apology and that is it. But imagine the outcry if a British National Party member had said something similar. Doors kicked in at dawn, collars felt, rushed court case and porridge all round.

Whatever you do Alun don't go buying any ice cream in Wales. Those "greasy wops" as you call them have cornered the market.

Come to think about it. Alun looks a little bit oily and greasy to me but then again so do most of the "new career politicians".


dizzyfatplonka said...

Lets hope he runs into Calzaghe

Anonymous said...

If only DFP!

Seriously, this racist idiot should be dismissed from the Welsh assembly. But that would mean expecting honour where honour doesn't exist - in the lib/lab/con.

What is that they say about the BNP offering nothing but hate?


Anonymous said...

They are simply trying to divide Europeans / Westerners by playing the racist game within the white race, so that people will then associate its own protectionism with these silly remarks.

Anonymous said...

At least the Italians have the good sense to vote for "right wing" parties. And bulldoze mosques to the ground. we could do with some greasy wop behaviour over here.