Monday, 23 June 2008

Tim Rait is the British National Party candidate for Henley

Just a few of the BNP activists helping blow Labour away in Henley
“I grew up in Berkshire and am now retired. My career was in shipping and marine insurance, which involved working both in London and abroad. I am the father of three adult children.

“Appreciating the lovely Thames Valley, as I do, I am concerned at over development. At present central government imposes its demands on local councils. I believe that local people should be fully consulted about further developments.

“The British people should be consulted before great changes are made to our country’s character. Consultation and prior approval are basic requirements of democracy.

“Britain should quit the European Union which is basically an undemocratic institution. The Lisbon Treaty forms a dangerous constitution and should not go forward without the promised referendum. A vital promise has been broken.

“Too much taxation and government waste. The taxes on low paid workers are excessive. I call for the tax free earnings allowance to be greatly increased. Hardworking people should be able to keep more of their own money in their pockets.

“The abuse of human rights legislation should cease and the rights of the law abiding public should come before the claims of criminals and law breakers.”

Who said all that? Why Tim Rait did. And who but only a fool or a Dhimmi traitor could argue with him. You can read what the Lib/Lab/con alliance are saying here. I would not bother myself but it is your shout.

We only have a few more days to give Tim Rait a chance of removing Labour from the Henley constituency. So please assist in any way that you can. Call Andy McBride on 07790-571742 or Mark Burke on 07983-981224 for direction to venues.

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Anonymous said...

Will the BNP make the trains run on time? NuLabour couldn't run a Hornby train set