Friday, 27 June 2008

BNP Poll more than Labour in Henley Upon Thames

by john of gwent

Normally I leave the man himself to put together the details of election results, but this time I feel it can't wait (!).

The Conservatives have won the Henley by-election, pushing Labour into fifth place on the day Prime Minister Gordon Brown marks his first year in office.

Now only a fool would expect anyone other than Diddy Dhimmi David's man to wander into westminster on the back of the voters of the leafy riverside paradise that is Henley Upon Thames, and the many union flags that fly from flagpoles jutting out from the roadside mansions are to this day accompanied by pictures of a grocer's daughter by the name of Margaret. And privately even Gordon's stooge was admitting that he was on a hiding to lose his deposit. But there is something shamefully delightful in savouring the fact that they couldn't even manage to round up as many supporters as Timothy Rait. And I shall have a grin on my face for a week.

Happy Electoral Birthday, Gordon. May you have few more to follow.

Check the details out for yourself on the BBC's website here and the result in full here

The full results from the by-election in Henley in Oxfordshire on 26 June 2008 were:

John Howell - Conservatives, 19,796 (56.95%, Up 3.46% from 2005)
Stephen Kearney - Liberal Democrats, 9,680 (27.85%, Up 1.84%)
Mark Stevenson - Greens, 1,321 (3.80%, Up 0.54%)
Timothy Rait - British National Party, 1,243 (3.58%)
Richard McKenzie - Labour, 1,066 (3.07%, DOWN 11.68%)
Chris Adams, UK Independence Party, 843 (2.43%, DOWN 0.07%)
Bananaman Owen - Monster Raving Loony Party, 242 (0.70%)
Derek Allpass - English Democrats, 157 (0.45%)
Amanda Harrington - Independent (Miss Great Britain Party), 128 (0.37%)
Dick Rodgers - The Common Good, 121 (0.35%)
Louise Cole - Independent (Miss Great Britain Party), 91 (0.26%)
Harry Bear - The Fur Play Party, 73 (0.21%)

Electorate 69,086 - Turnout 34,761 (50.32%, DOWN 17.58%)

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LeedsLass said...

GA, I'm posting my thoughts here because of problems with the BNP main site (not theirs but mine).

3.6% vote the BNP is a fantastic first result. Congratulations to Tim and his team and all those who travelled from around the country to support them. It was only by a short margin we didn’t come third. Well done to everyone involved.

To Thelma on the main site, I’d like to say that if you peek behind the curtain of the Conservative Party I’m sure you’ll find jackboots aplenty on the far-right but I don’t see any skinheads on the Opposition Benches. That they’re in the Labour Party is self-evident. You can’t light a candle between the two parties – Lab/Con or Lib/Con, it’s all the same destination. Only the BNP offers real choice and real difference and it’s up to us to spread the message. The NF thugs of the past never found a home here so they left or were expelled to their own private hell where the only concern is whether you are black or white. The BNP stands proud under the leadership of Nick Griffin.

From what I’ve seen BNP members & supporters are made up of people from every walk of life who know something about how politics and life are inseparable. We can only rely on word of mouth, campaigning and, ultimately, voters making a choice – as they did in Henley.

To Red White & Cross on the main site: That’s a very poignant inscription. The BNP will never forget or shame our Armed Forces. Unlike the socialists who believe in under-manning, under-funding and over-stretching our Armed Forces – we believe in the opposite. We want better homes for their families, better care when injured, better wages, better treatment for all of them, including the Ghurkas. What a shameful, shameful government we have now.

Thanks GA.