Sunday, 1 June 2008

Hey its Sunday. Let us have a day off.

Well I suppose you cannot really have a day off once you have gotten into the habit of reading the worlds news every morning for a few hours. And as usual it is all depressing.

Food prices rocketing, Moslems doing the only they do well, causing chaos and destruction around the world. Road hauliers blocking the roads at protest about the punitive tax on fuel that is threatening their jobs and pushing the prices in the shops even higher. Depressing, depressing depressing.

Another is the relentless asset-stripping that has been under way for at least 20 years, especially in Britain, which in many ways has been the laboratory for their activities.

First, they broke up and sold off British manufacturing industry, then came the railways and the airports - with all the benefits for the passenger that we can see.

Thanks to the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) - a sort of hugely expensive mortgage scheme under which public assets are pawned for decades to come - they have now
got their hands on schools, hospitals, nursing homes, fire and police stations and many other public facilities.

In return for keeping the huge debts involved off the Government's books, Ministers have promised PFI investors lavish returns in future years.

Hungry for fresh meat, financiers and their cohorts now have middleclass careers in their sights.

Pillars of the community such as solicitors and family doctors are in the process of being turned from independent professionals into corporate wage slaves, thanks to legislative and organisational changes already in train.

The telling phrase, 'Tesco law', makes our future clear. From 2010 investors will be able to take shares in legal practices and mass-produced legal 'advice' will be dispensed through booths in supermarkets for corporate profit.

Similarly, plans to bulldoze GPs into 'polyclinics' may sound like something from the Soviet Union, but the added twist is that the clinics can be owned by commercial operators and the doctors turned into mere employees.

Before too long, accountancy will also be robbed of its independent status and transformed into a profit-earning arm of financial corporations.
The above is from an article that I read here. Sometimes it is really tiring ploughing through some of the larger articles to find out what they are really saying. All depressing and sometimes I wish I had never started and so to, I suspect do those who care for the English Language and the correct use of Grammar.

To be honest I would much rather be doing something like the following. I did not want to be a blogger anyway. I wanted to be a lumberjack. Not really, but that is a lead into this video that should bring back a smile.

Good stuff hey? If you are bored though, I can point you to the blogs new search option on the right. It is really good and I have had great fun with it. Like it says, try me. Type something in and press Go. Try it out with UAF. Then when bored about reading about their antics, type in Cameron and hit Go again. Boy is he a clown. Let your mind run riot with it. You will be surprised at what has been published on this site since its start.

Beneath the new search option is a new chat option that you you can use if really bored and chat to me when I am online. It is completely anonymous so feel free to tell me what a nasty Nazi I am, if it shows me online. Failing that post your threats to the usual email address.

Now I have to go drive up the M4, be polite and sociable for a decent time and then drive back down the M4 to be free to do what I wish, which is read a book.

As they say in New, New Mexico - formerly America. Have a nice day.

For those of you who wish to upset yourselves then check out these links. They will have you frothing at the mouth in no time.

"Dear Sir,
I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms...."

Moslem Clerics to teach our children and How we are paying for the overseas cuckoos.

Hat Tip: Ancient Brit

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Ernst Robert Almgren said...

Interesting blog

Anonymous said...

Give it a try!

But why has the Daily Star bucked the trend and disobeyed NUJ orders never to report fairly on the British National Party? I wish I could report that it was because the newspaper wanted to raise the standards of journalism and give the BNP the coverage a political party with our level of support deserves, but I’m afraid I can’t.

The Daily Star is in serious financial trouble and is desperately seeking to carve out a niche market so that its falling circulation figures bottom out and start to creep back up. Despite the fact they know it will cause uproar amongst the other newspapers, they are giving the BNP a plug to see what effect this has on its sales and if the BNP can provide that niche market, then they will continue to do so.

So let’s give the Daily Star a chance. Go out and buy a Daily Star today and show your support for its fair and unbiased reporting of the BNP and do so every day as long as it continues to report fairly on the British National Party.
BNP Main site.

Anonymous said...

Public private partnership the emergence of soft Fascism.

they are just one of the key components of thecollectivist edifice being built up around the idea of sustainable development. Within theeconomic arena of sustainable development is the emergence of what we might call softfascism: a system that fits the dictionary definitions of fascism but whose totalitarianeffects will be felt primarily by those who wish to walk their own paths in life rather thanwalk the paths the sustainable developers are in the process of laying down.

1. Public-Private Partnerships.

They bandy about the word fascism with regard to the BNP to hide the fact that they themselves are laying ready a fascist state here in the UK.
New hospitals schools and colleges monuments to Fascism!
Placing astronomical debts around the necks of British children to pay off.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

PFI gets better yet.

It's not like a mortgage where at the end of the 25 or 30 years of payments you get the property - no, at the end of the contract period, ownership remains with the PFI company. We are left with nothing.

They don't tell you that bit in the papers do they.

Anonymous said...

But we have south african MPs and they have to line their countrymens pockets with gold, after all when they have finished bugger in up here they will need a quieter place to live.
We keep being warned climate change bull will bring in more africans.
Hardly any of the MPs owe any loyalty here, egypian. pole. dutch.
african. aussie. german few are true British people.
Changing their names does not make them British does is it Mcshane?
and i know it should be capital letters G A A P D but i can't be bothered.


United Kingdom Review - With close ties to the Arab world, the UK offers a unique opportunity for health tourism and increasing trade in medical equipment.

Arabs..i have no close ties with suadis or their stinking dollars
building mosques here, why not build in their own lands after all they have enough we have not.