Sunday, 29 June 2008

They can't eat oil and the world has plenty of sand

Hal Lindsey discusses the growing oil crisis.

Interesting. Very interesting. I quite liked the ending.



All of the oil producing countries do not grow thier own food in sufficient quantities to feed thier rapidly rising populations,they buy thier foodstuffs from the west,therefore the west should increase the price of these foodstuffs to the same level that we are being charged for thier oil,truly let them eat sand!

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I used to take on board a lot of Hal Lyndsey stuff as well as his cohort Chuck Missler in my pre-enlightened days then I discovered that Hal the father of Apocalyptic Christian Zionism had in fact jewish anticedents and the penny finally dropped regarding a few things such as why Christians like Hal and Chuck spent so much time and effort promoting lectures and seminars by Christian hating zionist jews like Avi Lipkin (AKA Victor Mordachi) funded by organizations such as B'nai B'rith who among other quaint practices, burn Bibles and have Christians imprisoned for though crimes in Palestine and countries throughout the world such as Europe and Canada.

Anyway, Hal had an interesting theory concerning where the sun shines from and George Bush, but his theory was hopelessly wide of the mark like all his other bemused ramblings.

Opposition to the Islamification of Europe is one thing but the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my ally, are you Hal.

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