Friday, 20 June 2008

The Big Push

Tomorrow and Sunday, 21st and 22nd June, is the last weekend before polling day in the Henley by-election.

This is a vital moment in any campaign.

We must have a good turn out of activists in support of Tim Rait as we will be delivering our special mail merge letters to the voters.

Every Organiser in the entire country should be arranging transport for their activists to get down to Henley. It is easy to get to on the M40.

Details of the meeting point have already gone out in an Organisers Bulletin.

However for those wishing to confirm details, or if you can possibly make it on a mid week day, please call the South East Regional Organiser Andy McBride on 07790-571742 or 05601-950-167 (24hr answer phone). Please remember to have your membership number to hand, for security reasons we will be checking that calls of assistance are from genuine supporters.

Make sure YOU join Tim Rait and his campaign team on the election frontline this weekend for the Big Push!



Anonymous said...

I take it GA you have seen this Amy Winhouse video?

Anonymous said...

Remember how Blair kept saying sorry with his puppy dog eyes?
Well, So he should but not on our behalf nore even the uneffected tories.
It appears Eugenics so hated by the left...or is it?
Nazis they shout to the BNP yet Eugenics we never even contemplate. but oh dear the left have even practised it in recent times.
Labour voters have been so deceived for years.
1987 Blair chairman of Fabian society...
Print From correspondents in London | February 13, 2008
BRITAIN is facing calls to join Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in saying sorry to the stolen generations.

Prominent human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson QC said Britain should endorse the apology to Australia's indigenous people because it was behind the policies which led to thousands of Aboriginal children being taken from their families.

Mr Robertson said Britain bore a "heavy historic responsibility" for creating offices in Australia known as the Protector of Aborigines which removed children from their families between 1910 and the early 1970s.

The offices based their policies on the eugenics theories of English academics and Fabian socialists who believed aboriginality was a degenerate trait which should be bred out by removing Aboriginal girls from their families and absorbing them into white society.

Mr Robertson said he hoped the British government would be sympathetic to the Aboriginal families which had been devastated after their children were removed and placed in orphanages, internment camps and other institutions.