Thursday, 19 June 2008

I have joined the BNP

I have realised the BNP is the only party that will take britain forwards, look after British people and British Culture and values. That are being swept aside by this Labour government.



I am a tough cookie but this young mans words moved me more than a good speech by Old Nick himself.

There is hope for us yet.


forever BNP said...

fantastic video,

makes you proud.

forever BNP

Anonymous said...

One young man with deep thoughts,
One young man the brainwashing failed to impress or change.
Lets hope he joins the GA forum he's so refreshing.
Love that he quoted Churchill.
I want to cuddle him and welcome him into the party.
The winds of change are blowing across this land gathering up true Brits that refuse to be trampled upon by the cowardly politicians that take our money yet refuse to listen to our voices no matter how loud.
God-Bless our youngsters that still have pride and dignity!


A little annoyed said...

Well done, you have hit the basics this is what we all agree with. I am British and extemely proud to be so. When I was at school we were taught of Britains' vast and amazing contribution to the world. Nowadays it seems as if all teachers are told that they must denigrate our heritage in favour of other nations, I have put my grandson straight on many a lie that has been told to him. Well done for joining the B.N.P. and never be afraid to be proud of being British.

Elizabeth said...

This has shocked me into realising that we have young adults who have grown up knowing no other than the appeasement of muslims to the disadvantage of indigenous British people.

Yet this young chap has discovered that this was once a British country, with freedoms and opportunities for it's people. It has made me realise that unless we talk to our young people and tell them how it used to be they will think it normal to be treated as second class citizens and think that this is not really their country.

English Rose said...

Good video

Anonymous said...

Our young are being deprived more than any ethnic group denying they even have an heritage or history.
We can all help by going out and chatting to our young kids remind them of our history and the millions that have died to give them freedom because they know it's being taken away.
I like our young i love how they talk brass bands yet have no memory of these bands.
It must be in their DNA somewhere.
Smile when passing one or groups and say hello they reply back with a smile.
We have to nurture them if other adults can't for whatever reasons.
I knew every adult in my area when a child i could ask anyone of them should i need help.
We've allowed our community to be wrecked by these liberal areholes that never even bore a child let alone nurtured one.
Those very same liberals that think a white mans child is something to avoid.
Accept the far left hate one colour and thats' WHITE.

Phil said...

Well done that young man. Easy to see that this evil regime have tried to brainwash him and failed. If all the young people are as stressed as he sounds, well, all of this Government should be in jail sharing cells with all the muslim criminals.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure 'Old Nick' is the nickname you want to use here?

Anonymous said...

Speaking to a young lad next door, I asked how he felt about the growing number of Muslims at his school.
He replied he thought about it all the time, and it bothered him.
He was looking for answers.
The kids need answers they can understand and relate to.
Someone's got to provide the answers without being patronising.
The schools are so full of PC bull-crap, and lets all believe that Islam is just the same as the nice man from the church who brings hids guitar in for a sing-song.