Monday, 2 June 2008

BNP's quiet revolution hits the West Country.

It was the best I could do at short notice sorry.

1 in 6 Chard voters chose the British National Party in last Thursday's council by-election.

While many media outlets cry shock, horror regular followers of the BNP's "Quiet Revolution" will know that this is no new phenomenon but merely that The West is following the same path that voters chose nationally in the May 1st local and GLA elections.

Featured on Sundays BBC Politics Show our candidate, Robert Baehr showed what an excellent choice of candidate he was and threw off the media loved image of the booted skinhead thug.

It is a shame that the same BBC show followed up with a story of racial tensions in the same town that Robert stood, implying that the BNP maybe responsible for the shocking treatment the Angolan family had been receiving.

We believe these implications come down to the prefixes of "extreme" and "far right" every time the BNP is mentioned in the media.

There may well be extreme and far right political groups out there, but the BNP does not consider it self amongst them. In fact we challenge the BBC in particular to try and mention The British National Party without adding their usual prefixes.

We also note the comment from The Labour Party that they did not stand a candidate in Chard to help the Liberal Democrats beat the Tories and thus artificially inflate our percentage.

We actually believe the Labour Party did not stand for fear of coming fourth behind the BNP. The political expression commonly used is "they bottled it". So our next challenge goes out to the West Country Labour Party, next by-election come and stand alongside the BNP and let the people decide.

The mid west region BNP will continue to field candidates in local elections as our quiet revolution moves on and this bodes well for the 2009 European elections when we will seriously challenge for first ever BNP MEP in the South West.

If you have not watched the video clip linked then please do so.; Makes you proud to be in the same party as men like Robert.

Hat Tip: UKTabloid and the boys themselves, the BNP.

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