Monday, 23 June 2008

Expense Allowance Abuse by MEPs

Right. I am not going to say it. Consider it said.

One of our friends as taken the time to add subtitles to this German report on the expense claims of the MEPs helping to bleed europe dry, so please reward their efforts by watching it.

The video is about six minutes long and once you get past the first couple of minutes it gets really entertaining. Check out the different types of responses as the little hot handed piggies are caught trying to swipe food from the trough before running off to have fun for the weekend.

There, now wasn't that worth watching? Again I fell of my chair(going to get a safety harness) when at the end one of commentators said we should appeal to the MEPs sense of morality!! Yeah right. The only way to stop a pig feeding is to remove him from the trough or stop filling it.

Mind you some of them get caught now and again as you can read here.

Mr Wise is one of seven Euro MPs representing the six counties of the East of England - Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire - who were elected in 2004.

Mr Wise, who lives in Leighton Buzzard, hit the headlines in May this year when he was accused by a national newspaper of bragging to an undercover reporter how he had spent a day “shamelessly dodging work” and how he “milks the taxpayers for thousands every week in allowance and expenses claims.

After the story was published, Mr Wise replied on his website: “There is abuse across the EU, with millions of euros squandered on pointless, minority serving interests and the system of remunerating MEPs is part of it.

“I claim that which is available to me. I do not fiddle, embezzle or otherwise operate any scam for the purposes of unlawfully extracting more than this. I believe the system is disgraceful and should be changed.”

And I believe you Mr Wise are a bloated pig that as fed of us for far too long. The sooner we leave the EU and start spending our money on our own the better. If you want your Grannie looked after and you want a Dentist, etc, etc. Then you had better start thinking BNP.


Anonymous said...



The Press, quite rightly, highlights the scandalous abuse of the tax-free expenses system so prevalent in political circles and elsewhere.
It would be nice, if for once, they would put aside their deeply biased views, and acknowledge the contribution the BNP are making in lessening this problem. Small it may be, but none of the 100 or so BNP elected councillors up and down the country draws one penny more than the basic allowance in the performance of his or hers duties.
If every other politician followed their example, we might even enjoy lower national and local council taxes in due course.
And, by the way, BNPs councillors attendance records are higher than anybody elses.
In matters of public interest, and especially when the news is positive, England Is Ours will not hesitate to publicise them, regardless of their source
Impartiality and fair play, Freedom of the Press, have for centuries been the bedrock of our democracy.
We will continue exercising those intrinsic qualities, even if nobody else does.

Anonymous said...

I will say it again, this is why they are so desperate to keep the scrutinous eyes of the BNP out of the council chambers, can you imagine if the BNP were allowed to have someone in that pigs trough in Europe?.............this is why the BNP will never elected democratically, even if they had 99% of the vote, the crims just couldnt let them in on the party in case they spilled the beans. I'm afraid that something outwith the normal democratic process will need to be done, the elections are nothing but a charade to keep this criminality going.