Monday, 9 June 2008

Keep voting Labour

Keep voting Labour. We still have some left

Some of you, lots of you in fact, just do not seem to care about anything other than what time Deal or No Deal is on. So long as what is happening in the world does not immediately affect you or your family, you do not give a toss.

You have no concept of the meaning of words like Honour, Duty and Freedom. You sacrifice all for the illusion of stability that the Tri-Axis of Evil parties give you and you eat their shit because that is what you are. A shit eater.

If you even notice that Our Country is changing beyond believe you do not care. Because you do not live in the Cities of Death. Your children do not have to fear going to school because you live in a "decent" area. For now.

You continue to vote for the Liars, Buggers and Thieves that have eaten the heart of Our Country and care not a jot about their corruption or their treason. You let them steal your money and give it to the colonisers who would destroy our way of life.
It is that absence of democratic transparency which is now corrupting not just European politics but our own. The fresh outbreak of 'Tory sleaze' over the expenses gravy train is rooted in Brussels, where corruption is the accepted way of EU life.
You men (and I use the word loosely) who continue to vote Lib/Lab/con are the kind of men who would hold the coats of their wives and daughters rapists just so you might live.

And you vote for a political party that is fighting illegal wars all over the world and you do not even look at the images our our latest dead. Because you are waiting now for Coronation Street and so the news is just background noise. And you let the government slide the idea into your conscious that our casualty figures are 100 dead. Why did they not include the casualty figures from Iraq and Kosovo where our army is an army of occupation and not liberation.

I remember once reading an account of the atrocities carried out by the Japanese Army in China during the 2nd World War. Remember reading about THAT. You remember? Our fathers and grandfathers fought for YOUR freedom that you are throwing away.

In this account, witnessed by a foreign observer, the Japanese had lined up around 20 Chinese and had them kneel down in a line at the top of a steep bank.

A Japanese Officer then strolled down the line beheading the tied prisoners one by one. The strange thing that the observer reported was that the other Chinese prisoners laughed like fools as the heads of those beheaded bounced down the embankment. Laughed right up until their own heads were removed.

Well when my time comes, I hope I am at the end of the line so I can laugh at your heads rolling down the bank of our lost country and all because you continued to vote Labour or Tory instead of BNP.



Anonymous said...

I can't see anything changing until the bloodshed is at their front door.

Anonymous said...

Strong stuff GA and I detect in your comments an element of hopelessness at the apathy of the sheep people. Have they become so used to the continual shame, day by day, that is heaped upon us that it no longer registers? You told of the beheading of the Chinese by the Japanese. Watching a programme on China last night it mentioned that Chairman Mao in his little red book continually stressed the property of self reliance. And this programme was followed by one of the Dimbleby boys on tour through Russia, where, as well as an obvious self reliance, there was also a pride in their nation and their nationality. Two communist regimes, now vibrant nations in strong positions to face the 21st century. But we can surely learn a great deal from their attitudes, the very qualities the British people have lost . Self reliance and pride in their nation. Until we get these qualities back our slide into obscurity and servility will not only continue,it will accelerate. A tiny island, overpopulated, decadent, with a glorious past and a dismal future. We have a tough fight ahead and time is not on our side. Now, more than ever, we need a surge to the BNP. Celtic Morning.