Saturday, 28 June 2008

Beyond the letter of the law

By Sarah Maid of Albion

Harriet Harman the, (in the circumstances) somewhat ludicrously titled “Equalities Secretary”, admits that her proposed Bill to enforce equality in the workplace will in fact lead to discrimination against white males saying “You don't get progress if there isn't a bit of a push forward.". However, she fails to admit quite how far this nasty and maliciously motivated piece of legislation will actually push, and what it's true agenda is.

In addition to requiring employers to be transparent regarding pay rates, the new legislation officially now makes it “legal to promote a woman or a black person over a white man if they are equally able”, the same would apply when considering two “equally able” candidates for a new position, where one is a white man and the other is either a woman or a non white person.Officially the intention is to encourage equality, however, given the woolly manner in which the legislation is drafted, the real intention is clearly to encourage employers to employ woman or black people instead of white males.

Those who cynically drafted the legislation in the way they did, did so in the knowledge that, when it comes to employment legislation, the majority of employers err on the side of caution. They are confident that, once this bill becomes law, human resources departments across the land will adopt a default “If in doubt don't employ the white guy” policy.

The last thing any employer wants is to be sued for discrimination, especially when it is easier and far cheaper to dump on a white man. How many employers are going to risk facing a tribunal and having to prove that the white male whom they employed or promoted was the most able candidate?.

I suspect the answer is very few. It doesn't matter how the law is 'officially worded', it matters how it will be perceived by businesses across the land, who instead of consulting a grand an hour employment lawyer will simply not take the risk. The result will be to force more and more white males out of the work force, which is exactly what Harman and her agenda driven minions want.

We have been here before, governments are very skilled at drafting legislation which will have a more wide ranging effect on society than the letter of the law actually provides for, and the current government is a past master at it. For instance the recent legislation banning violent pornography was officially aimed only at the really extreme material originating from Asia and parts of the old soviet union, in which serious injuries are inflicted or appear to be. However, as a result of the legislation dozens of dirty movie makers specialising in the “grey areas” of consensual S/M and bondage have either upped stakes and moved their operations to Holland and the Czech Republic or simply closed down. Hence, legislation, although officially aimed at a very narrow target, has achieved a more wide ranging social effect than the letter of the law actually permits.

In respect of pornography, many of you may approve of what is happening, however, I take the view that all censorship is dangerous, because you never know where it will end, and we, as a group are, after all no less censored than any dirty film maker. Furthermore, it is another example of legislation achieving an effect through the public perception of what it means, which it would never achieve if tested in a court of law.

The most infamous of such laws was the 1976 Race Relations Act the effect if which has gone far wider than the law actually prescribes.

The Act forbids discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic and national origin in the fields of employment, the provision of goods and services. There is nothing in the 1976 legislation which forbids argued opposition to immigration or the creation of a multi racial society, however, the perception of the legislation has silenced or muted the voices of many thousands of their opponents.

The ban on “Stirring up racial hatred”, has stifled much non-hateful debate, effectively discouraged legitimate criticism of non-whites, and has been abused in attempts to suppress political comment, albeit not always successfully.

The ban on racial discrimination in the work place has unquestionably resulted in black people being promoted beyond their abilities often with disastrous results and to many a blind eye being turned incompetence and bad practice by non-whites, because employers have adopted an “If in doubt don't risk it” default position, which this new legislation will reinforce.

Harriet's law will not result in blacks and woman being treated equally to white men, it will result in more blacks and woman being promoted and less white males irrespective of ability.

As a woman I strive for advancement on my own merit and would be outraged were I to gain it on merely the basis of my gender or race, and I hold in contempt those woman or non-whites who would accept such an unequal advantage as a right. However, many will do so, and many employers will grant them unfair advancement rather that test the law, which is exactly the intention of this invidious legislation.

The 1976 Race Relations act became law because it's relatively modest wording disguised its true intent, however, it has been the main tool of social engineering which has been used to transform the face of Britain, to the significant disadvantage of her citizens, and Harriet's new regulations are in the same mould.

Make no mistake, what ever the media may say about the supposed benefit to women and older workers, the main beneficiaries will be non whites.

The forces of Common Purpose achieve their goals by deception, and this yet another set of regulations which were drafted to achieve more than they appear to. The target again is primarily young white males, because they are the group our enemies resent most, but do not be fooled, we are all in their sights. The programme continues and will do so unless or until the people of Britain wake up and realise what is being done to them.



Anonymous said...

I work with a Black lad, when we talked about this. He said how wrong it, it doesn't want to get promoted because of his skin colour.

The Green Arrow said...

Sarah, you have produced some excellent articles but this in my opinion is your best.

Whether the information reaches a bigger audience will be upto the readers who are free to pass it on.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks GM

However, the article all but wrote itself, the motives behind this bill are so blatant it is shocking.

It says a lot about the arrogance of this government and the contempt in which they hold the population that they believe they can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

This could be used for recruitment of young men to the BNP. White male college students need to be made aware that no matter how much they work, they will be passed over for jobs by less-competent ethnics and females.

Apparently the Cameronite Tories are all in favour of the Bill as well

ivan said...

when they make these stupid decisions where is david cameron ? nowhere there all in it together.i remember blair saying sometime ago every town, village and workplace should have at least 10 % ethnics. luckily in my town the houses are more exspensive than the big citites,the social housing stock is small,the list for that stock is gigantic and the councillors aren't corrupt. so we proudly stand at something like 99.6 % indegnous people in our town

Anonymous said...


"The Association of Muslim Police is auditing the distribution of minority officers by rank and specialism...
Some forces had very few Muslim officers in units set up to tackle terrorism or in Special Branch and others had none."

Don't worry, Harriet will fix it.

Anonymous said...


"Senior Muslim officers warned forces last night that they would lodge Freedom of Information requests if they continued to refuse to take part...

"The letter says: 'If the police are serious about ensuring that Muslim officers are able to rise through the ranks at the same speed as their fellow white officers, and ensuring that Muslims are deployed to counter-terrorism duties at a time of heightened national security, we must have reliable data to track progress and measure success.' ....

"Among the audit's findings include figures revealing that Muslim officers were almost 'entirely absent' from specialist operations, such as counter-terrorism. It found that some forces do not even have a single Muslim working in terrorism or Special Branch almost three years after the 7 July London bombings, a move that Ahmad believes is hampering the fight against terrorism. "

...Muslims in the police are a menace, if this is anything to go by

...and this

Darrin said...

Its hard to believe that such legislation can be passed.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Harridan Harman has past form in discriminating against men and white people, to quote Wikipedia:
In 1990 Harman co-authored a report entitled "The Family Way". It criticised the family unit and mothers who stay at home. In particular it questioned whether men were an asset to families at all and whether "the presence of fathers in families is necessarily a means to social harmony and cohesion". Critics such as Erin Pizzey described such statements as a "staggering attack on men and their role in modern life".

She also commissioned a report on allowing political parties to draw up all-black shortlists designed to increase the number of black MPs in Westminster.

She clearly has an agenda

Anonymous said...

This Harman ?woman? is a disgusting creature. You know, if it comes to an eventual battle between the white male and the socialist freaks running the show, and the white male wins, I hope she is hung from the highest rafter. After all she wouldnt want to hide behind her gender for protection now would she?. And dont forget Harman (and those who are behind you), many of those women who you are trying to turn against men in that age old battle of creating division, may have sons of their own, or male loved ones. And I would really like you to explain to my face why you obviously dislike me and others like me, having never even been in my company. As for not questioning the worth of a man in a family, I hope you still have that conviction of thought someday when you are about to meet your maker. God may forgive you, us decent hard working and honourable innocent white males wont.

Anonymous said...

The Government of Canada is much more progressive. They will hire ANYTHING over a white man, even if it has less ability!