Friday, 20 June 2008

Just stay cool. Just say NO.

The following is a comment that was posted earlier. I believe the original writer was a person named Ken Hall but have no idea where it was posted. But here it is anyhow........................

Someone earlier wrote how we should sort of stay cool.
Well the posh folk over at the telegraph are not cool at all, some call for a coup others for tax strikes some for demo's but all are full of rage and accept there is no democracy left now.
This one say's vote UKIP vote BNP.
A point to ponder Iraq practising war for use on us later?

Can you feel that? hmmmmmmmmm? I can. It is the awakening. People are becoming educated and they are waking up, slowly, to who they are. The Elite are becoming desperate, because we know their plans and we know who they are. They want us to be angry, They want us to revolt. Then they will be able to come down on us all like a ton of bricks, for our own good, of course. Nothing to worry about!

But we shall not. We have learned the lesson of Ghandi and we refuse to comply. No war, no revolution, no violence necessary. Just peaceful civil disobedience. Do not comply with the ID card. Do not comply with EU regulations and whenever we get the chance, vote against the EU.

They gave us the tool of democracy because they knew that their media would lie to us and trick us into using that tool to suit them. Don't like labour anymore? vote for their tory puppet. Oh, gone off the tory puppet? OK vote for the labour one instead. Tired of both? have those nice liberals then, they are nice! But THOSE ARE YOUR ONLY CHOICES!

Nonsense! Out of the 60% who cannot stand either party, if only 40% out of that 60% actually agreed, for once to vote UKIP or BNP or for an independent non-EU supporting candidate, then the WHOLE house of cards would collapse.

Labour won the last general election with only a miserable 22% of the public supporting them. But the media keep feeding us false polls that leave out the none-of-the-above party! They lie to us and condition us to believe that ONLY those three mainstream parties stand ANY chance of victory.

Trouble is, these three ALL want the same EU oligarchy. "in Europe but not run by Europe?" Remember that? That is no longer an option. We know that the EU dictatorship is but a stepping stone to a global dictatorship.

Every measure that these desperate slaves to the elite come up with to rescue their little map to a global dictatorship shows us ever more clearly how they work, what they want, and how we, the electorate, are utterly irrelevant to their thinking.

Labour's latest outburst that the Irish vote no and we continue to ratify in spite of public opinion to the contrary is a classic example. Labour's policy now being we will NOT give the UK population any say in this, but we want the Irish people to have two referendums or more? However many it takes to get the results that their Illuminati masters demand.

The awakening is palpable. I feel it everywhere. The key now is to not get involved in the trivial. Not get angry, not get violent. They have been planning for civil war for a long time and they have been practising their war on civilians in Fallujeh and elsewhere. They are more than ready for a fight and there are enough left-brain idiots in uniform to fight for their own enslavement defending the elite lunatics.

We are infinite consciousness having an experience like a ride in an amusement park. If we refuse to play the elite's game. If we just think "freedom, I won't" then that is a weapon more powerful than ANY physical device that they can turn on us. Mass refusal. Peaceful non compliance. If we mind our own business and become the change we want to see. The Illuminati cannot win. They only have the power that WE grant them. Do not give it to them. Just say no.

Posted by Ken Hall on June 17, 2008 4:08 PM


Anonymous said...

UK News April 22nd, 2008
Communism is supposedly a Russian, Chinese sort of thing. At least this is what most people have been led to think. Like many views foisted upon us, this too is also incorrect. The simple truth about communism is that it was designed and built in England, albeit with the use of immigrant labour. This of course at a time when we still built things. Who, for instance, do you think paid for that half-wit Marx to sit on his tush for 20 years grinding out his dozy manifesto at the British Lending Library? Answers on a postcard please to . . .

Ken is right people power can when used change anything.
Smashing the BBC legally would be a good start shut off the mouthpiece of the fascists.
TPUC has all the details GA a link would be good to direct the people to them.
We refuse to become slaves cogs in their fascist machine!
Local cells need to be put in place perhaps via the BNP for soon the internet will not be as it is now.

Just Another Richard said...

The only problem with the Gandhi approach is the relative moral values of the protagonists. Always remember, Gandhi was opposed by people with a strong sense of moral value, who in hind sight we may argue were on the wrong side of the moral equation, but they were still moral agents, with all that that implies by way of moral imperative constraints, they simply didn't, in-spite all of the lies to the contrary, go around slaughtering people at will. History, has shown us however, that no such considerations bind the actions of the hard core left, over a hundred million corpses pose mute testament to that brutal fact. So do not be so sure that non violence will be an affective path of confrontation. After all, witness the tactics of UAF themselves, boldly accusing the BNP of all manner of heinous past and future crimes, virtually non of which with any foundation in actual fact; but that doesn't slow them for one second, they have no care for those whose lives they injure or destroy, their own virtue is above reproach, and so they may do any thing and everything to those they view as beneath them. They simply have cast morality to the winds...they don't need such stinking bourgeois's sentimentalities, they are right and that's the end of the matter, and so what if a few ignorant rubes get killed: the church of Holy Marx is worth dying for, that is...all the others can do the dying, the Marxist, ( by whatever name he choses for himself today ), will just make good and sure it ain't him in the firing line.

B.L-Don said...

Just another richard, well I'm blowed!
I used to love reading your erudite comments over at Mark's "New dark Age" site when he had time to manage the comments.
So glad you are well and actively writing.
Are you kind of an itinerant in the blogo-ocean, or do you have an island you like to bask on?
Keep writing!
Are you still working psychically, or am I confusing you with another?
I just had a weird dream about an awful event connected to Birmingham, UK. It was either an earthquake or some devastating or explosive event.
Sorry if this comment confuses you. Please keep writing, do you ever visit the Pedestrian Infidels?
All the best.

Just Another Richard said...

Hi b.l-don

Can't say I have any fixed abode these days, and for now the writing has been somewhat sparse. I do occasionally contribute at "The Midnight Sun", an Australian blog, which GA links to in the sidebar on the right, though even there, I have not had anything of note to say recently.

With your comment about my working psychically, I believe you are indeed confusing me with someone else.

Sorry to hear about your bad dream, hopefully that is all it was.

Can't say that I have visited the Pedestrian Infidel sight in an age.

Take care of yourself, and thanks for the compliment.