Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Watling said this about The Tribune article

This heap of cobblers in the Tribuneis straight out of New Labour's anti-white Communist Manifesto. No doubt Harriet Harpie advised on the wording.

The phrase "One of the key contributions made by the Windrush generation has been to make white Britain more civilised" comes straight out of New Labour's version of George Orwell's Ministry of Truth. Very much akin to Red Ken's outrageous claim that knife crime is "mostly white kids stabbing white kids".

So, let me guess: if blacks had not come to Britain it would be an even more violent and uncivilised place than it is now? Complete rubbish. If blacks make countries more civilised, how come they haven't managed to do so in Zimbabwe, Somalia, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Rwanda, Sudan etc., where they are a majority and actually run the place?

It's true that we have serving members of our armed forces who are black, but if they were not here we would find replacements from the indigenous population. Indeed, if you look at the faces of those brave men and women who have died fighting for their country in Iraq and Afghanistan you'll see very few are ethnic.

Similarly we could find porters, nurses, doctors, bus drivers etc. from the indigenous population if we had to. After all, we have several million inactive people claiming benefits. They can be trained. Not immediately, of course, but we must create a long-term goal of getting people off their arses and learning how to do something useful for society, instead of importing third worlders as a temporary fix.

In my opinion there is no aspect of black so-called culture that has benefited Britain.

We can manage perfectly well without the Notting Hill Carnival and the racist MOBO awards, in the same way that we can manage without Lee Jasper, Diane Abbott, Trevor Phillips, rap "music", mugging, rape, gang rape, excessive noise, AIDS, burglary and knife/gun crime.


Ed said...

"One of the key contributions made by the Windrush generation has been to make white Britain more civilised"

This simply makes my blood boil. It is the obscene lying that Marxism does so well, turning the truth absolutely on its head without any shame at all.

It is rather like Stalin's phrases about "banishing brutality and barbarism from every sphere of Soviet life" or Mao's boasts of bumper harvests while the people were starving.

Anonymous said...

Hear, Hear!


Anonymous said...

There is NO shortage of qualified nurses in this country.
Trained to the best standards in the world.
Sadly there is one drawback nurses in this country have.
Take a look around your own Hospital count the white faces!
By work being unobtainable many are leaving the country due to what appears to be a preference for poorly qualified staff from third world countries.
Within days of applying for work the usual letter arrives all too quickly "sorry"
Conclusion wrong colour skin!
This has been going on for years has the older nurses leave due to retirement they get replaced but not with British trained staff.

2006 And it gets somewhat worse today in 2008.
Forced emigration? it seems that way!

Anonymous said...

I was not racist but I am now and this has happened over the last year, due to everything thats going on. I do not hate or wish harm on anybody but as a collective group I wish they would just all bugger off from my country. I feel that I have to be racist to protect and nurture my childrens future.

This Labour government and PC brigade have forced what was an easy going chap like myself to be like this.

I am not ashamed to declare myself as racist, I aim to put my family and people first all the time now.

Aberdeen Scotland

BFB said...

Someone once said to my mum "Can you imagine the NHS functioning without immigrants?"

To which my mum replied "I don't have to imagine it, I can REMEMBER it!"

Anonymous said...

everybody has a tipping point and mine has come with the recent disarming (black) britain. these animals are dragging the whole country down with their mindless violence and lack of desire to better themselves in anyway.

we are constantly bombarded by stats these days, but i would like to know the following.

if you are stabbed murdered assulted or raped in this country what % would be by whites and non whites statistically , against the % in the country ?

how many whites are employed by asians ?

what % of benefit fraud is commited by asians ?

what % of asian drivers are uninsured ?

they can label me racist i just want truthfull answers!

Anonymous said...

How can you fault what you say?
Looking at the NET contribution, there is no real benefit. For any real advances, there are equally real disadvantages.
My town may have been a lot quieter 25 years ago, but it was more polite, cleaner, and generally saner.
The shops shut on Sundays and the motorways were not full of traffic 24/7, 365 days a year.
There was breathing space, and houses reflected reality in their prices.
Now this mad scramble for unreal promises of wealth or whatever are the attraction that brings so many poor saps here to help rape and pillage the natural world of dear England, and concrete over thousands of hectares of farm land and green fields.
We can survive without all this shite.
Good on you son.

Anonymous said...

01 July 2008 20:57
BFB said...

Someone once said to my mum "Can you imagine the NHS functioning without immigrants?"

To which my mum replied "I don't have to imagine it, I can REMEMBER it!"

That is a gem and how so true. BFB is my generation