Saturday, 5 July 2008

Bar owner 'beaten by UK soldiers'

Soldiers of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers watching each others back

Over on that divided island called Cyprus (I wonder why), nine of our soldiers from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers have been charged with a range of offences from grievous bodily harm to breach of the peace.

It seems that the soldiers, fresh back from holiday tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, where their comrades are dieing quicker than sand flies, did what servicemen have done for donkeys years. When told a certain bar was off limits they went there to let off steam. And what a bar, with a reputation for sex and violence. In my day you would have found me there.

As is usual the BBC loves to report anything that puts Our Country and Our Troops in a bad light and fails to report all the facts.

But over on the Independent we learn a little bit more about the case. But first, years ago in my time, the Bar Owner would have called the Military Police who would have turned up mob handed, wacked the boys over the head and carted them away for some serious time in Detention Quarters. Not todays modern Bar Owner.

He has put in a claim for £4 million pounds for damages to his bar and personal injuries and appears to be embellishing his story to aid his case and was questioned about changes to his original statement.
He also pointed out Fusilier William Sewell, 21, from Manchester, charged with grievous bodily harm, claiming the soldier used a metal crutch to beat up one of his employees.
I wonder why the Fusilier was on crutches? The brawl started after two soldiers had been attacked with baseball bats by Cypriots, one of of whom may also face charges pending a court decision. Sounds like six of one and half a dozen of the other to me.

But what worries me about this case is that instead of leaving things to the Military to sort out- and they would have. The men instead, are being tried in a Cypriot Court where the proceedings are entirely in Greek and a single judge will decide guilt or innocence. Europe likes this arrangement. No juries to bring in a verdict the state does not wish.

Now I do not know how much combat these troops had seen on their tours or how many of their comrades they had seen killed or injured but I do know that these men must not be allowed to be hung out to dry by a rigged Greek Cypriot Court. We watch with interest.


Anonymous said...

Pity the Greek Cypriots haven't got the guts to fight the Turks and kick them off their own land, eh GA?


Anonymous said...

The Greek Cypriots need more than guts to turn the Turks off the island. Have you seen the Turkish army, navy and air force? More than a match for Greece, never mind Cyprus and there are few European countries who would not feel comfortable making war against them. A formidable fighting force not to be taken lightly as anyone who studies history will know. Celtic Morning

Anonymous said...

Time our armed forces realised the enemy is already inside our borders came home and rooted them out!
While they are away fighting to save islam in shitholes miles away here their own kin are being forced to boq to allah or get into trouble at school when refusing.

at least a couple of Brits with guts to say NO!'refusing-to-pray-to-Allah'.html

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Brill post Green we will have to keep on top of this as they are our boys who have been left out to dry.
The Fusilier's are front line troops and I wonder if any of the chaps have been suffering combat stress, not that they would admit it. But even mild bouts can manifest its self by making the person act in a way that would not be normal.
Saying that this bar was obviouysely out of bounds due to the violent nature of the locals.

Anyway the Blame must lie at the door of Labour who has given us a generation of battle hardened combat veterns who will, no matter how brave will be suffering some sort of after effects from this illegal war.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Mourning:

I'm so glad a certain "few" didn't share your views of refusing to fight a formidable enemy.

Courage isn't about fighting when you know you're going to win - as any student of human conflict will know.


Anonymous said...


Greek Cypriots were powerless when Turkish paratroops dropped in to occupy part of the island. They, or Greece could do nothing about it then and could do nothing about it now and Europe in general would be well advised to keep a wary eye on an Islamic nation with a powerful military force, right on its borders. Celtic Morning

Anonymous said...


I think there is a lot the Cypriots could do, they could take lessons from many other countries who have been occupied by superior forces so I don't accept your point.

Having the guts to attack British soldiers while the enemy squats on your land will never class as courage with me. It's those people who fought against overwhelming odds - and there are many - to reclaim their land suffering huge losses amd making huge sacrifices, that's what courage is about.

Such a spirit of resistance seems a tad lacking with the old Greeks/Cypriots.

Europe has more to worry about regarding Islam than Turkey. Actually I'd say the biggest threat Europe - and western civilisation - faces comes from the marxists who are destroying us with each passing day.

The EU - God help us.