Thursday, 17 July 2008

So long and thanks for all the fish

Well guys, it is that time. I am closing the Green Arrow blog down for awhile.

This is not a a spur of the moment decision. I have had to think long and hard about it and it grieves me to do so. One thing is for sure, I will return but have no idea when. There may or may not be random posts.

Fortunately there are many other blogs out there and you have the excellent UKTabloid for your news and also the equally excellent BNP site where you are guaranteed the truth.

Why am I closing down? Well apart from feeling slightly burnt out, there is much happening in my personal life that needs sorting out and none of it is good. I am sorry having to leave the Shieldwall but really am needed elsewhere.

The Guest posters are free to carry on posting if they wish. I shall still remotely publish the comments but will take no part in posting or responding.

I will continue to add to the Liars, Buggers and Thieves as a resource for fellow nationalists to use.

I will also maintain The Fallen List out of respect for those whose names it contains and as a reminder of the price some people pay for being enriched.

The UK Enrichment News will close. There is enough information on there to show the kinds of crimes the colonisers have brought to our shores. Thank you Ancient Brit but no.

I will also be leaving the Green Arrow Forum in the capable hands of Brighton Rock but will hold onto the key of the castle for now and remain as administrator.

So goodbye to all the regular friends who left comments. Your determination will ensure that the British National Party prevails and one day recovers control of Our Country for the True British People.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.



Anonymous said...

G.A this is indeed a sad loss, yours is the first blog I go to when I turn on the computer.
I don't know your name or where you live but I feel I know you so well.
Obviously your problems are personal but I hope that will all soon be resolved happily.
Maybe one day I will find out your name and just maybe I will take the trip to S Wales find you in that social club that you use and get bladdered together (I'll pay)
Good luck and God bless.

Like The Roman said...

I will definitely miss your online presence, GA, but appreciate your situation.

I shall contribute with articles when I can, leaving them on the forum.

Best of British!

odin said...

I hope all turns out well for you & yours!

All the best mate & see you again!

Anonymous said...

Sorry your going off line for a while. But thanks for your efforts GA blog always had something worth saying. Hope your break helps.

Green Fox.

Anonymous said...

GA. I am used to bad news, thats all we read in our newspapers. But your news today hits me for six. I have come to rely on your honest patriotism and your blog means a lot to me, things wont be the same without you. I thank you for all you have done in the past and hope that you may soon be able to get back to us. Best of luck to you for the future, it is not possible to keep good men down for long so I know that whatever your problems, you will overcome them. Incidentally, I have a good little book on the Royal Oak disaster at Scapa Flow in WW2. If you let me post it somewhere you would be able to collect it, you are welcome to it as I have just finished it and , being ex navy, I am sure you will appreciate its contents. I dont want to know where you live. You know my email address if you would like me to send it . Celtic Morning

ivan said...

G.A. i feel the same as the above i feel i've known you so thing strikes knowing you,and that is the final scene from the great new zealand film "once were warriors" where jake the mus says "I'LL BE BACK" we all have to be careful over recent blogging events (lionheart) etc.but good look to us all on the crusade.

Anonymous said...

I too feel the same as all the above. I will miss you GA and hope when things are sorted out in your private life you will be back stronger than ever.
God bless

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you have to for a while GA. You have been part of my daily life for so long it's like losing someone close. I have a lump in throat and a tear in my eye at the thought of you leaving and Im proud to say that you have that effect on me Paul.
You have got so close to my heart and the heart of so many us with your daily blog. It will take a while for us to get over reading your last post, but I just know, as sure as the sun comes up each day you will be back in the not too distant future. I look forward to that day, I and many, many others will be looking out for you.

Mind how you go mate.


PS if any reader has at least 2 brain cells then watch this.

Almost 3 hours but its worth it. Some of you spotted the name IKE and instantly thought Nutter. You are correct. You are supposed to think that, you have been lead to think that, as you have been lead to think most of the other crap that goes on in your head.

Anonymous said...

Only been reading you a few months but sad to see you go, hope all works out for you. take care matelot.

Fyrdist said...

GA: I don't even know your name or what you look like, as we have never met. These things pale into insignificance and are largely an irrelevance when considering the irrepressible and resolute determination and resolve that only we patriots enjoy and which you have consistently shown.

All good things must come to an end –but I (and I’m certain I can speak for the others) really do hope that this one does not.

I’m very pleased to have worked with you. You're an admirable nationalist and one of the best I've worked with (sorry to sound sychophantic!)

Come back soon, mate, you have a FAMILY here waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Can I also do the same as anonymous@20:57 and urge all to watch David Icke's recent speech made during the 'David Davis/Big Brother/42 days detention' by-election. It's fascinating stuff. He only gives a brief outline of his general position on things but even that is thought provoking, to say the very least. He has some very interesting things to say about the specific '42 days detention' stuff but it's only a small part of a much bigger picture. Like most I thought he was a complete loon. Let me assure you he isn't. If the speech linked to gets your interest, and it should, then you can watch his Brixton speech via Youtube. There are others out there saying similar things, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, Alex Jones and Henry Mackow to name a few. People we need to WAKE UP. There's much more to this than our narrow focus on immigration and multiculturism. Much more. David Icke's speech is a very good place to start. So much that is going on will suddenly start to make more sense. Nothing that is happening is by chance and that includes the phony 'credit crunch' and 'global food crisis'.

Finally, thanks GA, I too will miss you. You've been a regular for a long time now. Can I URGE you in particular to investigate David Icke's theories. It'll give you a new lease of life and perspective. It certainly has for me. The bastards are trying to enslave us in a 'New World Order', one world government and mass immigration is only one of many of the tools they are using.


Salford Supporter said...

This site has often been an inspiration but I know how much sometimes the personal can make it hard to cope with everyday tasks, let alone having the reponsibility of running a blog as on the ball as The Green Arrow. May time heal you, and we'll be there when you come back.

Aussiejeff said...

Bloody hell mate! Come back soon!

britnat said...

Such sad news.

I feel that part of me has died.

Anonymous said...

Come back as soon as you can G.A. We will all miss you. A heartfelt thanks from a fellow patriot.

Anonymous said...

Take care GA! will miss your blogging loads, it's become an habit calling in every morning over my coffee.
Family must come first at all times, the nationalist family will hold together and look forward to your return.
God-Bless you and your's!
YL. xxx

Anonymous said...

Harry have posted the video that you left re-David Icke,
He spoke alot of sense when we look back with hindsight.

I'm in denial GA.
Keep us posted on how things are for you, even if only once a month.
You've become a friend and friends don't like being torn apart.
Love to you all!

Phil said...

Good Luck Green Arrow and I hope this helps- The test of whether you are educated or not is; can you do what you ought when you ought, whether you want to or not?

Best Wishes from Phil

Fyrdist said...

A message to all who use this site:

Why don't we all contribute an article every now and then? We can all do it. It's not hard. I've seen some bloody good comments -left on this site as a comment- and these can easily be adapted into a short article.

Why don't we all show our appreciation for GA and keep his ace blog going for him while he's away? I'm sure you'll all join with me in stating that is the least we can do to show our gratitude for GA's work on this blog, the Liars blog, the Enrichment blog and, of course, his forum.

GA -is there an address we can all send articles to so that those you have "left the keys to" can update the blog and publish our articles?

britnat said...

Good idea fyrdist! You've made me feel a bit better.

watling said...

Sorry to see you go, GA. Yours is usually the first site I look at on a new day. Well done for all your work to date. I know how hard it is to maintain a blog.

I like the idea of keeping the GA blog going with multiple contributors. I'd gladly create some posts. There are other examples of team blogs - the excellent South Africa Sucks blog, for example.

Can we get this idea going?

LeedsLass said...

NO-o-o-o-o. Please don't go. What happened? I'm with fyrdist on this one - keep GA up and running.

LeedsLass said...

Thinking about it, if you feel it's for the best then God bless in whatever you want to do. Thanks for that pic of HMS Cardiff - it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for giving me the facility to offer my opinion, right or wrong. Thanks for the forum and all the information. If there is anything I can do to sustain the GA blog, let me know.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi kinsmen, thank you for your kind words of support. I am pleased that you will keep the blog going.

Currently Sarah Maid of Albion and John of Gwent both have posting rights.

I have send an email to Fyrdist inviting him to also have posting rights.

I do not wish to give our enemies a chance to gloat but trust me when I say that the sooner I am from this site, then the sooner I can return to it ready to stand with my comrades again.

Harry, life is tough but all you need is hope and then you really do have a chance to win.

I could not post your kind offer but thank you for thinking of me.

If anyone ever needs to email me on any subject then you are more than welcome to and I will respond as any friend would.

Once I sort things out I will be back. I just do not know when.

So come on guys let it rip and let us have some real good articles posted - for a change:)

LeedsLass said...

Your blog was the best - tell me what you want and I'll be there.

Don't be away too long.

Anonymous said...

Hand the blog over to someone else!

Lumpy said...

Good luck GA. Thanks for your contribution

Anonymous said...

GA you will be missed. Hope you do have the chance to come back, but if problems closer to home are taking your time and energy then they come first.

You inspire many, including me, do do things to try to save our country.

One day we will win.


BFB said...

You can't keep a good man down.

Hurry back, GA, hope all works out well.

RE David Icke - top man (pity about the reptile stuff)!

Peter said...

I am sorry to read this sad announcement GA. As with all the previous posts I too will miss your contributions. I hope this is only a charging the batteries period of absence and will hope to see you back soon. Take care friend.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my dear chap.

The site's not closing, is it? Are you just saying you're having a rest, taking a sabbatical?

If Brighton Rock is carrying on with it, it wouldn't need to close, would it?

Can't afford to lose superior blogs like yours, mate.

Hope all is well.

Jack Black

real mancunian said...

Sorry to see going GA and hope your problems are soon sorted. This is an excellent blog and you are a first class individual. Hopefully you will soon return to once again take up the struggle.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Cheers GA for a truly excellent blog over the past couple of years, very much appreciated. I hope things sort themselves out for the good sometime soon GA.

All the very best.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with what you are doing brother, hope everything works out well so that you can come back stronger than ever. Nobody's Lemming

Anonymous said...

I want to add my piece as well. I do not want you to go feeling you are unappreciated. The truth matters, but I can understand how utterly draining it must be to seek out, compose and produce these items.
Good Luck to you and your family in all you do.

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog, Green Arrow.
Thanks for all your effort- The very best of luck to you.


Shrewsbury BNP

Anonymous said...

Printable version

Government agrees to £18m mosque

A graphic of the proposed new mosque in Dudley
The government has given permission for a new £18m mosque and community centre to be built in the West Midlands.

Dudley council turned down the application to build the mosque the grounds the land had been designated for employment purposes.

The town's Muslim Association appealed to the government's Planning Inspectorate which has given the go-ahead for the project.

A Muslim Association spokesman said the mosque would bring people together.

Mushtaq Hussain, of the Dudley Muslim Association, said the new mosque would replace the current one at the Castle Hill site.

"The community has grown over the last 20 years and we need a replacement centre," he said.

The council received hundreds of letters from residents opposing the mosque.

A statement issued by the council said: "The planning inspectorate has today allowed the appeal by Dudley Muslim Association over its application for a mosque and community centre in Hall Street, Dudley.

"The decision followed an independent inquiry run by the planning inspectorate."


Anonymous said...

Well, well, its 48 hours since GA posted his goodbye post and the majority of response postings are to the effect of "Please dont go"" We love you, we will miss you". Me included, to a degree. Whining like lost dogs we are.

Why this response?

Ill tell you why. We are rudderless, have no self mind that's why, we can not lead our own lives as "A people, A nation" far less our personal lives anymore. We are being lead by external influence, willingly, like bloody sheep, to the slaughter, And thats where we will end if we cant group, can't get cohesion

The reason, or part of it, ( please correct me if Im wrong GA, I know you are reading this ) I feel, that GA has stepped back is that he has put so much time and effort into this blog trying to wake up those that will listen, but "only listen, or read" and don't take action on what they have read here, no matter how much they agree with what he says in his writings, that the lack of real response to the essence of what the man and his message is about has taken such a great toll on his personal life, mind and spirit, that he has reached tipping point.

We can all sit here, at home or work, over coffee, on the end of a broadband connection, in anonimity, and say " Oh yes GA is so right"! "Tut, tut such terrible things going on in our country" and post a few words in response in a sorry attempt to appease, or cleanse our own minds and souls, and then, have the audacity to go about our day feeling we have done our bit for our kin, our country, Nationalisim?, put things to rights as it were?, but have made no personal commitment other than commit our fingers to punch out a few words, in safety, on a keyboard. A firkin monkey could do that!

And that's what we have become, as a nation, a people, bloody sheep brained monkeys. And thats why, I feel, GA has gone. The man must be so disillusioned to the point of, dare I say, almost topping him-self.

If you want to continue in or maintain our British way of life then it's high time you got your digit out of your anus and start speaking out, backing up what you really think and want, no one else is going to do it for you. You have to speak and VOTE for what you want, others wont GIVE it to you, YOU, yes YOU have to make it happen FOR YOURSELF.

The great majority of us are thinking the same, we just dont know it because we are so cowed with "political fikin correctness" that we almost crap in our pants at the idea of exchanging views with our own kind, of speaking our mind to each other any more. Try it, speak to your friends, neighbours, break out of your PC bubble, it's a prison without bars.

Read that again. Political correctness is a bad dream, a dream potion administered by the few on the many, a prison without bars, the bars are only in your mind. Truth dissolves the bars as light dissolves the darkness.

Realize that, and you are free, and free forever. You have the power of your own destiny, you always have and will have, only it lies neglected and dormant within you.

Set your mind and life free, speak your mind, your truth, control your destiny, no one can argue with truth!


Anonymous said...

You have posted a lot of informative and thought provoking material. Reading it has often been the highlight of my day. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

At the moment, Harry @ 21.06 - we don't have rallying points and that's why we will miss GA's input so much. We all like to feel part of a team - going it on your own isn't so good.

Are you saying everyone should tgo over to the BNP website? Not everyone agrees with all their aims, plus they have a big pr image to get over.

Green Arrow didn't judge and welcomed all viewpoints and that's why he'll be missed so much. He just printed posts without adding his own comments. He let you stand by yourself.

Anonymous said...

all the best GA, hope you are not to long gone.

Like The Roman said...

@Harry: you are correct, Sir. What you say about political correctness is indeed true, it is essentially a way of proscribing certian viewpoints, if not by law then at least by stigmatising them to such an extent that their exponents will fear ostracism for voicing them.

It is a way of silencing dissenters, and whilst the BNP continues to against our governing elite, they will experience hostile media coverage.

Enoch Powell was one of the first to recognise this as a result of his Rivers of Blood speech, and whilst an overwhelming majority of the public supported him, he faced a vicious media backlash:

In a series of speeches culminating at Birmingham on the Saturday before the poll, Powell spoke of ´a hidden enemy within´...´Have you ever wondered´, he asked´why opinions that the majority of people quite naturally hold are, if anyone dares express them publicly, denounced as "controversial", "extremist", "explosive", "disgraceful" and overwhelmed with violence and venom? It is because the whole power of the aggressor depends upon preventing people from seeing what is happening and from saying what they see´.

Like The Roman - The Life of Enoch Powell by Simon Heffer; Weidenfeld and Nicholson; pp558, 559.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Harry! I agree very much in what you say! But, please don't tar all of us with the same brush!

As an individual, I work a nigh on 60 hour week, sell 15-20 Voice of Freedom's a month and the handful of Identity's, I have my own blog and attend our monthly meeting and spread the word as and when I can. I've stood in the last two local elections, adorned my terraced house with the Union Flag with Vote BNP posters in every corner of the windows(regardless of the potential consequences!) True, there are many very good individuals out there who just don't go the whole hog! I see where you're coming from Harry in many respects, but this is a marathon, not a sprint!

But, I do acknowledge many don't do enough, all talk and no action!

We must and we will prevail!

Like The Roman said...

Leigh, I salute you! You are a true patriot.

Though I have leafleted for the BNP before, I have to confess my only other contributions have been financial. You are an example to us all.

Another Day said...

Green Arrow, I am very sorry to see that you are compelled to take time away from your political work on the internet.

I very much hope that whatever it is you must deal with works out satisfactorily for you.

All the best!

For race and nation,

Another Day

AgainsTTheWall said...

Good luck GA. I hope things turn out well for you. You have run an exceptional blog.