Friday, 4 July 2008

NCR slammed over Dundee job cuts

Ohio-based NCR has been slammed for paying staff transferred from India to its ATM manufacturing plant in Dundee, Scotland, well below the minimum wage and then axing 51 jobs at the site.

The vendor - which cut 627 jobs at the Dundee centre last year - is accused by Dundee West MP Jim McGovern of basing the salaries of 10 workers at the plant from Puducherry in India on their "home country" pay - well below Britain's minimum wage.

McGovern has questioned the legality of the move and also insists the 10 posts could have been filled within the Dundee area as there are people who possess the necessary skills locally.

Says McGovern: "I will be looking into NCR's behaviour very closely and will be taking advice on the legality of this move to employ 10 foreign nationals when Dundee has a more than adequate skills base for this work, in addition to the legality of the decision to employ men and women from India on their home salary."

Union Unite says it is concerned about "the exploitation of the Indian workers", who are working at the Dundee site on one year contracts.

"NCR's claim that they have to bring in labour from India because of the skills shortage within the Dundee area is nonsense and insulting." adds Gillian McKay, regional official, Unite. "To bring in workers from India and exploit them by paying them much lower wages than UK workers is not only wrong for the migrant workers but it also drives down labour costs by the back door. It is simply outrageous."

Commenting on the 51 job losses, Unite accused NCR of reneging on assurances given to the Dundee workforce and criticised the firm for telling employees they would be made redundant without following the agreed consultation procedure.

NCR says the Indian workers are at the Dundee site for training and not to replace any of the staff being made redundant.

The American vendor cut 627 Dundee jobs last year as part of a restructuring of global ATM manufacturing operations in an effort to cut costs. The company has looked to move manufacturing to cheaper locations, opening an ATM manufacturing plant in Budapest, Hungary at the end of 2005.

You want to keep your jobs? You want your jobs back? Then you had better start thinking, no you had better start supporting the only Political Party that genuinelly believes in British Jobs for British Workers. The British National Party. Because if you do not start supporting them soon it will be your home next that is being repossessed as part of the global plan to put all home ownership into the hands of the banks and big business.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't global capitalism a wonderful thing GA?

I mean it must be because the very people who suffer most from it are the same people who vote for those who impose it and sell out their own to profit from it.

Perhaps the penny will drop with the British people one day that voting for lib/lab/con is a vote for their own destruction.