Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Police Advert With Cute Puppy "Offends" Turnips

by john of gwent
Now anyone who knows anything about me will tell you I'm not an animal lover. If it barks / bites / nips / chews up furniture / needs taking for walks / pees and dumps over everything then if YOU want one that's just fine but not for me thank you. And besides which I think if more people stopped and thought "who's going to get up and take it for a walk when it's pissing down with rain" instead of "oh there's cuuuuuuute" then maybe the RSPCA would be out of a job.

But it would seem that Tayside Police are in hot water.

Someone had the bright idea of opening a call centre to provide you with the delightfully soothing experience of being told "Your call is important to us but we're all a bit busy being politcally correct so would you mind awfully just handing your wallet to the nice mugger and we'll be along as soon as we can to hand you a crime report form you can fill out and which we will then ignore"

And so everyone would know 999 was now ONLY to be used by followers of the Cult of The Dead Paedophile wishing to have employers beheaded for refusing to uphold Harriet's Law that Dhimmi White Men be sacked and their jobs handed to Moslems, Tayside Plod had a fetching little card printed.

(OK OK Harriet actually said white men should be thrown on the dole and their jobs handed to blacks, asians and WOMEN but just how long do you think the Turnip Council of Britain will let WOMEN continue to work ?).

But back to the subject of this post. The leaflet / card produced by Tayside Plod shows a telephone that BT are no longer allowed to install in your home as it breaks EU regulations, a hat that policewomen can no longer wear on active duty as it fails to protect them from missile weapons, and a cute little puppy that will grow up to be a ravening wolf that will chew the nuts off the first anti-Gordon-Brown protestor its handler allows it to savage.

But it seems the designers of this quaint attempt to equate the modern force with the 'Life On Mars' world are now in hot water. But for what reason are they being made to apologise ? Is it for making people remember a time when everyone left their doors unlocked ? NO. (Mind you the only reason people could leave their doors unlocked was NO sane criminal would want to nick the tin bath and mangle which were the only things of value in their house, and the insane ones that did failed to get very far making all that noise dragging their swag down the cobbled streets).

Well are they in hot water for making people remember a world where crimimals were guilty because West Midlands Plod SAID they were guilty and judges said "What possible motice would this sworn officer of the constabulary have to lie to this court" NO !!!

Could it be they're up for the chop for wasting public money setting up a black hole down which calls for help and assistance will fall never to be heard again ? NO !!! No, it's none of those. And it's not for attempting an act of artistic merit without first applying for an artistic licence either.

No. Tayside Polcie have been forced to apologise .... for Offending Moslems by delivering leaflets with a picture of a dog on them.


The Green Arrow said...

Good morning JOG. Well you know my view on dogs. Love them. Well certain breeds that is. I have only ever had two in my life and both lived to ripe old ages and both broke my heart(if that is possible) when they died. God forgive me but I grieved more over them passing then I did for some people I knew dieing.

All young children, if they live in a suitable area should have a dog to grow up with. My first dog "Rover" doubled up as a dog sleigh puller for my trolley and a pillow when camping as a 11 year old.

My second dog "Sam" was equally well loved and also being a Welsh Collie had the same characteristics of good humour and gentleness.

I will never own another dog. I could not handle the pain of their passing for a third time.

Regards to the article. The Turnips animosity to our best friends is reason enough to question their way of life.

Anonymous said...

So I guess all the "shopkeepers" will stop selling dog food now that they have made it plain that dogs are unclean and offensive to their culture (?)?
I doubt it.
Two words come to mind F. O. !


Anonymous said...

When I come to think about it I can go to my local "shopkeeper" I can get the rolls, bacon, the Daily Star, with tits hanging out of every page, and the Playboy too. A bottle of wine and a few cans. Oh and a lottery ticket too.

All of these things are haram to islam.

Hypocritical is a good word for the double standards.

Two other good words are F. O. !!

8am in the morning and thats me set up for a good rant today.
They can all F. O. !


Anonymous said...

Harry, can't you find a non muslim shop? I refuse to give them my money, they get enough of it through working family tax credits child allowance etc etc..

Anonymous said...

Yes I do shop with my own kind Urban, I was using the example of what I can get from the hypocritical "shopkeepers" to make the point.

I'm an Indigenous shopper, the only way to shop and go.


Anonymous said...

Boycott all turnip shops.
They offend the great dog of wisdom and true loyalty.
Loyalty, there you go, a concept not shared by turnips, or swedes for that matter.

LeedsLass said...

They said:'We did not seek advice from the force's diversity adviser prior to publishing and distributing the postcards. That was an oversight and we apologise for any offence caused.'

And I'm ashamed and outraged in equal measure. It's time Tayside Police got a life and scrapped their 'diversity adviser'. I wonder how much they're paid for advising on diversity? Every police 'force' has one - it's time for them all to be scrapped. Everyone is supposed to be equal before the law. EVERYONE.

tonydj said...

In passing you mentioned "Harriet's Law"

This proposed law puzzles me.

IF, as we are told, these legions of foreign workers are pouring in to do the jobs "WE" won't do.....

Why are we now trying to create jobs for them by sacking or not employing white men?

Guy Macher said...

Do Muslims actually run shops? If so, why is any infidel doing business in them?