Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Whites Out, Blacks In: £10 Poms and the Empire Windrush

Bringing with them the seeds of violence

The following was posted onto the Stormfront site just over a year ago as a comment but I think some of the points raised should be reason enough to lift it to the surface.

"From the outset it was intended that the bulk of these immigrants would be British and that the post-war immigration scheme would sustain the British character of Australian society. In 1946 Calwell argued that for every foreign migrant there will be ten people from the United Kingdom, and in that year the two countries forged the United Kingdom-Australia Free and Assisted Passage Agreements . . .Under the schemes ex-servicemen were granted free passages paid by the British Government and the British and Australian Governments would each make an equal contribution towards subsidizing the fares of selected citizens who would only pay 10 pound per adult.”

This list shows the names of some of the men who travelled from Jamaica to Britain aboard the former troopship, MV Empire Windrush.

At the end of the Second World War, Britain was busy rebuilding. The government was thinking about recruiting workers from the Caribbean to cope with the shortage of labour in some British industries. In 1948, an advertisement appeared in a Jamaican newspaper. It stated that there were 300 places on board Windrush for anyone wishing to travel to Britain.

Read about the Empire Windrush:

After the Second World War Britain had a chronic labour shortage. This was the official reason for bringing in 492 Caribbean migrants aboard the Empire Windrush (ironically a former SS troopship) on May 24th (Empire Day) 1948 -the start of hundreds of thousands of foreigners thereafter to settle in Britain. The British government charged the Caribbeans £28 to make the journey, whilst at the same time offering Britons the chance to settle in Australia ( a far longer and more expensive journey) for a staggeringly small sum of £10. Well over ONE MILLION Britons took the chance to emigrate the Australia. With this in mind, commonsense would compel you to think, "hang on, if we had a 'chronic labour shortage' after WW2, why on earth were we allowing -and even financing- the deportation of our own people?"

Doesn't make sense, does it? -unless you take into consideration the following undeniable FACTS:

1) After WW2 workers knew they were in short supply and could therefore demand a fair wage.

2) The Caribbean workers would -like the immigrants of today- work for a lot less than the Britons would, therby augmenting the capitalist machine.

Only me. Back again to add my few pennies worth. I wonder if the politicians who planned this historic event realised that it would be akin to the person who first imported Gray Squirrels into Our Country to dispossess the native Red? Even worse. With them, those early immigrants brought the seeds of violence that are killing Our Children today.


Anonymous said...

I was speaking to a person involved, and I mean involved, with a major Scottish political party recently and I usually ask when is the parliament building being converted to a mosque. This stirs up a bit of verbal froth, which is my intention.

I got the conversation around to labours kicking in Henley and asked, how come the BNP is on the march in England, why are people turning to them, there must be something in their message that sits well with the public, so what is it? This person does not know that I am a BNP member, it never pays to put all your cards on the table at once.

The person said, Their message is simple truth and its working.

Read that again, and again, and again.

Do you get it people, all you undecided, not sure, and afraid people, too afraid to know whether to join us, trust us?


Join us, support us and tell all those job takers, home takers, offence takers, those two faced hypocritical would be nation takers to F. O.! Those that come here and respect our way of live, our culture and traditions and wish to contribute to the country are very welcome and will be respected without question.

The only taking to be done is for us, through the BNP to take our Nation and way of life back.

Stop giving your life and country away, join us and have real control over how you and your country should live and grow.

Do you want your kids to grow up to be 3rd class wage slaves, if there are jobs for them, in a country that has been given away to every rag tag that comes here and bites the hand that feeds them, all in name of the great One World pipe dream?
Or do want to sing "I wish I was a dhimmi like my sister Kate" Thats a play on words from a song and dance from the 20s', giving my age away now GA.

No? Now take action, head on over to the BNP main site and sign up, or donate a few quid for a very good cause. Cant afford it? then just count up how much you waste on fags, booze, crap fast food, brainless conversations on your mobile, mind destroying monotonous modern popular music CDs, latest big telly with cinematic sound and all the other garbage.

Get a life, get with the BNP our message is simple truth and it's working.


watling said...

It's staggering to realise that we were importing foreigners at the same time as we were bidding adieu to thousands of our own people. Absolute madness. Were the diabolical seeds of multiculturalism here really being sown that long ago? Just when was Common Purpose founded?

It's also sobering to conclude that as the dockworkers at Tilbury tied ropes to secure the Windrush in 1948, they unwittingly sealed the fates of Robert Knox and Ben Kinsella 60 years later.

Anonymous said...

The comment about the British Worker knowing their own worth post WWII is interesting.

The aftermath of World War I caused a major upheaval in British Social Life. The incredible waste of human life in the trenches meant a need for women to work in the munitions and other areas of industry in a way not seen since the dark satanic mills of the 1760's onwards. And it happenned on BOTH sides of the trenches.

And the view from the upper class twits that ruled this country at that time of all this ?

Well for a start you READ Lady Chatterley's Lover ? Do you realise that beside the tittilation and four letter words are the two REAL reasons "they" banned it.

First of all, when the "man in her life" returned from the trenches unable to get it up, Constance found herself forced to spread her legs for one of his "upper class pals" so she could produce a child who she would be forced to raise as the heir of the estate, thus preventing the estate returning to the sovereign on his death intestate. In other words it was a colossal tax fraud.

The seond reason is that whilst this upper class twerp Constance was forced to endure got rather annoyed when he came and she hadn't finished, causing him to complain of having to lie there with gritted teeth while she finished pleasuring herself, Mellors was much more understanding of her needs.

World War One did to our "cosseted upper classes" what the Civil war did to Scarlett O Hara's world. The hope for a return to the days of an underclass of "cap doffers" was swept away in the torrent of blood that poured down the trenches.

And after World War Two the PUBLIC portrayal in public information and propaganda films of the role of women such as "Rosie the Rivetter" meant once again there was no going back.