Sunday, 27 July 2008

So what do you think?

Those who read Stormfront, may already be aware that I have taken the questions asked on Green Arrows earlier poll, elaborated on them and set up an on-line survey. I have been promoting the poll by posting the link onto news site forums etc, but in three days only 52 people have done the survey.

Please take the time (about 5Min's) to do the survey and link it wherever you can.

Rr, SPW.


Sid said...

Thanks for linking it here GA, the votes are starting to come in now!


Anonymous said...


Sunday, July 27, 2008
Gellerupparken = Denmark’s Kosovo?
by Baron Bodissey

I reported earlier this month about the abusive treatment meted out to Greenlanders — who are Danish citizens by birth — by Muslim immigrants in the Gellerupparken housing project in the suburbs of Århus. The Greenlanders’ fellow citizens responded by hanging Mohammed in effigy all across Denmark in protest.

Now comes word that SIOE chapters in Sweden and Denmark are planning a joint demonstration in Århus on August 23rd in further protest of the racist treatment of Greenlanders by Muslim thugs in Gellerupparken.

SIOE Sverige sent us the following email last night:

SIOE Sverige is joining with SIOE Denmark on the 23rd of August.

The full size image of the poster announcing the event is available at SIOE via the tab “Aarhus August demo poster”. Hit the tab to open the page and then click the image to display it full size. Or, you can click here.
- - - - - - - - -

Please distribute this poster across the web and blogosphere. Print it and post it wherever you can. We need to get the word out.

If you truly care — be there!

The news is that Swedish people are traveling to Denmark to join with the Danish.

SIOE Sverige has also posted a new video that examines the Muslim immigration issue in both Sweden and Denmark: “Baby Polar Bears and Animal Behavior”.

Red Squirrel said...

Encouraging results GA, it would be great if it was in our national Newspapers as well! One can but dream.............

Anonymous, thanks for letting us know about this. I shall display the poster and spread the word. The video as well.
I have met some Greenlanders on my way to Iceland, they are nice friendly peple.
What next? A Mosque in Nuuk? It doesn't bear thinking about.

The Icelanders are thinking of Joining the EU. I have posted a message to them, I don't get many visits from Iceland but something better needs doing to alert them to the real dangers. The Prime Minister was, and still is anti- EU, but the liberals have a big say.
I will have to do better.
Thanks again!