Monday, 21 July 2008

Speech Of JEAN-MARIE LE PEN European Parliament

of Le Pen's attack on Sarkozy at the European Parliament:

Transcript in French:

English translation by

Mister President,

are currently in charge, for the next 6 months, in this rotating and
short-lived position, as President of the European Union. Contrary to
the majority of the French electorate, you have revealed yourself as a
zealous europeist, even daring to reintroduce (under a hardly changed
format of the Lisbon Treaty) the Constitution that the Dutch, alongside
the French, rejected in 2005.

Your project to re-introduce the Lisbon Treaty has failed again because it has stumbled on the will of the Irish people. Therefore, it is null and void, despite all the manoeuvers to try to impose the will of the reining euro-internationalist camarilla on the European people.

As a young deputy, I voted in 1957 against the Treaty of Rome, which was the first stage of a process aiming to lead to the United States of Europe according to its promoters: Monnet and Coudenhove-kalergi among others.

Given that this Tower of Babel was only able to be built on the debris of the nations and initially of my fatherland France, I have been its determined adversary ever since. It is said that globalization involves fundamental changes everywhere to which we must subdue ourselves.

But the truth is that, in the world, the nations are getting stronger, supported by enthusiastic patriotism, except in only one place, Europe, where nations and fatherlands are sold off, dismantled, demoralized for the profit of a project without power, without identity, while the foreign migratory waves invade it gradually and that the opening of our economic borders, delivers it to the unrestrained competition of the rest of the world.

None of the promises made (so that Europeans could accept the loss of their independence, their sovereignty, their identity, of their culture) were kept - neither economic growth, neither full employment, neither prosperity, nor safety. And it is anguish which prevails at the start of the coming systemic crisis: energy, food and financial meltdown. By then, it is true the media
carousel will continue to turn; yesterday, the European soccer tournament, tennis at Roland Garros, tomorrow the Olympic games of Beijing and today the miraculous saga of an icon: Ingrid who laughs, who cries, who prays, who comes and goes supported by your fraternal arm.

In your desire to be the libertador (the liberator in English), you were misled in accepting negotiations with the terrorists of the FARC. But it is neither you, nor Mr Chavez who released the Colombian Senator Mrs Betancourt, it is President Uribe, who with tenacity, against the general mobilization of world progressives, gained a decisive victory over criminal terrorism.

You multiplied the approaches to negotiate in vain and you even went to the length of inviting the repented communist terrorists of the FARC to profit from asylum in France, but to protect them from whom? From Uribe the democrat! While you were at it, why not the talibans, the
Hezbollah, the Tamils Tigers? You are like the amphisbene, dear to Césaire.

Do not doubt at any moment Mr. President that all your talent as media director will not be enough to avert the brewing crisis which you will have to face before the end of the year. Your Europe is a drifting vessel, windswept and beaten by the waves. It is the only region in the world to have deliberately dismantled its political and moral structures.

Without borders, gradually invaded by a mass immigration which is only at its beginning, economically ruined by the ultra-liberalism, socially impoverished, weakened demographically,
without spirit and military strength. At best, it will fall under the American protectorate, at worse it will become a slave of the dhimmitude.

It is now long overdue to give up on the deadly illusion of federalism and to build a Europe of the nations, united in concrete alliances, probably more modest, but more effective.

Both failures, the Constitution and the Treaty, must be used as warnings.
The people of Europe do not want them. They will not allow them to be forced upon them because they do not want to die.

Now take Hesrt Europeans are fighting back.
It's time that we joined them!

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Anonymous said...

This speech makes sense. It's refreshing to listen to a man who has the courage of his convictions.