Saturday, 5 July 2008

Frontline troops go short as we pay for schools in Pakistan

Pakistani Nuclear Missile that we pay for that will one day be pointed at us

There is a bit of tiff between the forces at the moment as a £4 billion deal has been done to build two long overdue aircraft carriers for our, no bigger than a boating club, Royal Navy.
The deal also follows criticisms last week from the family of a Marine killed in Afghanistan that the Government was not properly equipping soldiers. The parents of Gary Wright, who was killed in a 2006 suicide bombing, were responding to evidence that body armour attachments had not been available until after his death.

It was also revealed only last month that plans for a new generation of 'stealth' warships are being drastically scaled back to save cash. The fleet of Type 45 destroyers, which protect other ships from air and missile attack, has been slashed from eight to six.

Now I do not know how many proper suits of body armour or proper fighting vehicles we could buy with a billion pounds to kit our troops out but I do know this.

Giving One Billion Pounds to Pakistan to build schools to tack poor literacy is not the way to go whilst our boys and girls are dieing because of poor equipment. But hey, this is politics and our dhimmi leaders are sucking up the Moslem votes to keep them in power.

Please read this previous article here that shows what our money is really being spend on in Pakistan whilst our boys die and our old and sick go without medical treatment.


Anonymous said...

Schools in Pakistan?

What sort of schools?

Think about it!

Aberdeen Patriot said...

This is disgusting and should be put on a BNP leaflet and sent to every house in Britain.

They build Nuclear bombs at a cost of billions while we pay for there schools.

As you said our pensioners will freeze this winter, our forcrs are being killed due to crap 110 unarmoured landrovers, and a lack of body armour.

Our citizens are being refuses expensive cancer drugs, but we are paying for the next generation of British Hating Muslim.

When will people wake up to the fact that Islam hates the West

Anonymous said...

We have kids leaving our schools thinking Churchill sells car insurance on the TV!
just how did we vote these evil wankers in 3 times?

Anonymous said...

Coz we iz firkn brayn wost Urban init.


Anonymous said...

Blair; islam peace tollerance...but then he's a proven liar.