Sunday, 6 July 2008

God Bless/Help America

My first thoughts on rising on this rainy Sunday Morning was to think "enough of all these depressing posts. Lets start with something cheerful or funny." So I checked out a few video clips of Morcombe and Wise singing "Bring me Sunshine" and "Following You Around" and thought. Yep, nice cheerful stuff. I hope you follow the links.

But then I opened my other mail account and made the mistake of following a link send in by NewsGuy2005. Well he really ruined my day. So let us spread some misery.

NewsGuy had pointed me in the direction of a case in America where illegal Mexican immigrants had beheaded a little girl in front of her friends to encourage them to work as prostitutes when she refused to submit to their rape demands.

No way I thought. Not for a Sunday Morning. Then I looked at some of the related videos on the channel page. Viewed their content and realised that there are always people worse of than yourself. In this case a Country worse of than Ours. If that is possible.

All I can say is God Bless Help America. Because they are in deep shit and I do not know how they are going to get out of it. If we are up to our waists. They are up to their necks in the stuff.

When I was very young my father would bring home every Thursday newspapers and comics from around the world. Mainly American. I would read all of them and thought America to be one of the finest countries in the world and so for me the clips were very depressing.

But like us, their people have allowed the self seeking Globalists from the New World Order to gain control over them. And these Globalists have encouraged the influx of millions of Mexicans to flood into America in order to drive down the wages of the working class in order to make even greater profits. Sound familiar?

Now I know for a fact that many American Cities, especially in the Southern States are predominately Black. Or rather were. For now, the Blacks are up in arms at losing their status as the "Majority Minority" and are starting to kick back rather violently at being dispossessed by the replacement Latino workers. Some might say. Good enough.

You follow the trail of news and you will see that all over parts of America the Latinos are pushing the whites and blacks out. They practice a form of area ethnic cleansing and are making demands for Spanish to become the first language in many areas. California is finished. The Alamo. Forget it. They took that back a long time ago. God Help America.


Anonymous said...

Our media you notice never report much about America unless it's the war or credit crunch.
The news that America is under threat would cause alarm here and make the population question deeper our own none existant immigration policy. which is anyone can enter from terrorists to the Mafia.
What i question is why is it western governments are allowing this?
This was written in 2005 after 7/7.
Since then our government has increased the teaching [indoctrination ] of islam in our schools providing extra finance to universities to indoctrinate the highest levels of academia.
..........US STATE DEPT.
The pro-Arab State Department policy allowed Arab Jihadists to flood into America and shielded them from FBI investigations. Now, we all have to watch Middle Eastern men and women as they board the subway, buses or planes. Now, we must put special guards around nuclear power plants and chemical manufacturing plants, lest a team of Muslim Jihadists blow up such plants, thereby contaminating 3 to 7 surrounding states with radio-active debris as happened in Chernobyl where the surrounding air, water or ground was contaminated with radioactivity. The areas of Russia, Sweden, Finland, etc. that were contaminated could not be evacuated. To where would such a large population evacuate? So, those radioactive areas continue to grow vegetables, raise cows for milk, cheese and meat - all with a radioactive content. In 10 to 20 years, this populaton will see a remarkable increase of numerous forms of cancer.

Soon, across the planet, bombs with nails and/or suicide bombers in subway tunnels will seem (by comparison) a small thing. All of Europe has become Eurarabia as Muslims flood these easy nations, creating a safe haven for Muslim Terrorists who can count upon their brethren to give them refuge. It takes years of court hearings to deport or jail Islamic preachers who rail against their host countries. Universities are loaded with Muslim students studying nuclear physics, biology and chemistry. When they complete their scheduled courses, some go back to their countries of origin and are absorbed into their military science units. Others stay on to penetrate industry while still others become recruiters and/or become active in planning strikes on civilian targets they have scanned. When they become a "critical mass|, they become active Terrorists.


Anonymous said...

Yes,Mexicans are a problem especially when realising Mexico is the hardest country to migrate into.!
But AMERICA'S problem that threatens the entire world is that of islam.

arrests of American Muslims engaged in the establishment of training camps in the U.S., including the indictment of James UJAAMA of Seattle, Washington. Perhaps most importantly, however, was the reference to the terror cell in Lackawanna, NY, where information was revealed in a U.S. government affidavit that "two of the six Muslims arrested possessed audiotapes calling for jihad and martyrdom, one of which appealed for "fighting the West and invading Europe and America with Islam." It was also reported that Islamists in Pakistan, according to Arnaud de Borchgrave, expect that "in the next 10 years, Americans will wake up to the existence of an Islamic army in their midst--an army of jihadis who will force America to abandon imperialism and listen to the voice of Allah."

Requests to Investigate

In late 2003 and early 2004, the Northeast Intelligence Network received several e-mails urging us to look into the activities at a large, fortress-style building located within the city of Buffalo, New York said to be owned by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). We were informed that the complex of buildings located at 485 Best Street, Buffalo, NY was at the center of controversy when, just two months after the 2001 attacks against the U.S. by Islamic fundamentalists, that building was reportedly purchased by the Islamic Society of North America through a local imam of the Darul Uloom Al Madania mosque, Imam Mohammad Ismail Memon.

Local residents and some city officials expressed concern over the intended use of the complex of buildings, which was formerly a detention center with "high walls and tight security." We were informed that public meetings between city officials, representatives of the future Islamic school and the public were conducted, but concluded without any important questions being answered to the satisfaction of many of those present.

In the wake of the attacks in 2001 and based on the proximity of the "Lackawanna Six," or the six Yemeni men arrested and indicted in 2002 for providing material support for a terrorist organization, concerns were understandably high and we felt the request had merit.

Our findings, in part, are outlined within this report. Whether the complex at 485 Best Street, Buffalo, NY and associated facilities are being used as represented by the owners, we will allow the readers of this report to draw their own conclusions--we will merely present the facts as developed through our independent research and investigation.

"I have sources--inside sources. These people at Best are armed and dangerous. They are doing paramilitary training there."
Across the states jihadist set up camps and train to their hearts content. said...

Dear Green Arrow,
Thank you for your observations on one of the countries of which I am a citizen.
In defense of the USA I note that a public official was delivering evidence of the criminal proclivities of a group for which the President and all of the major canidates for the presidency are very solicitous.
I don't recall any UK officials outside of town councils perhaps who would have had the courage to cite a similar incident in front of television cameras.
Of course most American politicians like your own are traitors, but at least the fellow tried.

Anonymous said...

Hi GA.

God Bless America indeed.

First day of my summer holiday and it's raining, good excuse to get onto the computer and do a bit of hunting around to find information that may enlighten, educate and empower and help us not get any deeper into the shit.

Terrorisim is neccessary for the New World Order to happen. It is now becoming more obvious to me that it is a tool designed to enslave us all.
Politics, at party level, is a distraction to keep us blind to the real intent of our governments. Let the "People" play politics let them have their Bloggs, their BNP, SNP, UAF,lib/lab/cons, religious divides and all the rest, they will be too distracted to see what we are really doing.

Now if only all the people realized just how we are being shafted day in day out over decades.

Head on over to the link below and find a wealth of information you can download for FREE.

Mary Croft is a person who woke up some time ago and is doing something about it. Most of the stuff relates to Canada but Canadian law is close to ours and you will see what is happening over there is much the same as here.
The changes being made to laws around the world under the guise of needing to combat terroism is all smoke and mirrors. There is ulterior motive and the motive is enslavemnt of the world population and Mary's download page gives a number of articles that will help convince you.

You may be rather shocked at what you find over there, especially when you discover the difference between you the Man (Man means both male and female) and you the Name. And why your Name on any document is in UPPERCASE and why you are JACK SMITH one one document and SMITH JACK on another. I looked up some of my paperwork and yes it is so. First thing any authority asks for is your NAME. You will discover why.

Ever had a loan from the bank? I have. You will find out how that works too. What a brilliant con the banks work on us.

The two articles that made me jump up and take notice are "How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Agency" and this next one will have you rushing for the head (bog, john, loo) unless you have some Imodium in the medicine cabinet. "GLOBALIZATION - The Destruction of the Rule of Law".

I suggest you start with How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Agency, a long read but it's worth it and brings the big picture of the world, the law and how we are intentionally hoodwinked at every turn into focus quite quickly and you also learn how we "contract" with the banks, courts etc. Contract is a key word, fix that in your mind.

Our watchword should be, "Question Authority, Trust None".

Here's the link, send it to everyone you know readers.


Anonymous said...

OT but relevant: Enrichers killed the black kid in London, no surprise there.

Anonymous said...


Just had a quick scan of the site and it looks really interesting. I've been telling anyone who will listen that what is going on is a deliberate attack against us and I think this site is going to provide further evidence.

Added to favoourites and looking forward to reasding through it this week. Thanks for posting it.


Anonymous said...

1. Under the Bill of Rights 1689 section 2 clause 12 it was illegal in the first place to give me a fixed penalty fine before presenting me in a court of law so the fine is not valid.

2. The Court Service broke Common Law (Constitutional Law) by not allowing me a chance to defend myself and for failing to notifying me that I was to be tried in front of a court.

3. How could I be tried in front of a court that does not exist and does not have a physical place of being, so how could I be called in front of this court in the first place?

4. The Court Service is in failure of my rights as I was not notified of a case against me, nor did they ever notify me of their intent. They also failed to allow me to defend myself against the fine which is my right.

5. The Bailiff acted unlawfully by removing my van which was excessive considering the amount of the original fine, which means the forfeiture that was forced upon me by the Police and the Bailiff was in direct contravention of the Bill of Rights 1689 and in result unlawful.

6. The Police failed in their duty to protect my property and to serve and protect said property and myself as an English subject protected under Constitutional law.

7. How can it be lawful that a court that does not exist can issue a Notice of Distress against me?

8. How can it be lawful that a Bailiff can carry out a Notice of Distress when it has been issued from a court of law that has no being? So in fact this has been issued unlawfully and under false pretenses?

After filling out the Statutory Declaration I sat and waited to go in front of a magistrate which happened some minutes later. On entering the court I was asked to stand in the witness box and was not even asked why I was submitting a Statutory Declaration. The Usher took my Declaration from me and handed it to the Magistrate (Ms B Mouli), who read through what I had written. After a short space of time Ms Mouli looked at me, then looked at the Statutory Declaration presented to her and done no more than just signed it. Not a word was spoken by me, the usher or any of the Magistrates and the whole process took no more than 3 minutes.

After leaving the court I headed home and instantly rang Drakes Bailiffs to inform them of what I had just done, to which they replied they had just received a fax from HHMC telling them to release my van as payment was no longer due.

As you can see from the date this all started it is now quite a while ago and still till this day I have never heard from the Court about the original £30 fine and nor have I ever paid it.

The truth of the matter is this, if I had been given my rights in the first place and I had been allowed to defend my self in a real court of law, I could have defeated the fixed penalty fine with the use of the Bill of Rights 1689 alone. But because of a mere lack of memory about the fine in the first place, and a subsequent stroke of luck in having a bad memory concerning the fine, I was able to prove so much more.

John also explains the use of upper case names etc.
He's opted out under English common laws which we are entitled to do by becoming a freeman.
We should always act within our laws thats' why the King left them for us.
That £30 fine ended up being £290 with costs but John paid not one penny, fines are illegal under our laws without a trial first and as trials cost money........
To fight everything that is happening here and now there is a law to cover it.
Even getting out of the EU!
But laws must be exercised to be of any use at all.
Were you aware under our constitution 10p of our tax is for health etc and 10 for local services making 20p in all.
That is the stealth taxes allowed at all.
We also have the right to list our choice where the local monies are spent.
We've not been taught our rights or anything about our conststitution for a reason that is to keep us in our place and they in what they think is theirs.
Rolled out every five years to choose one or the other.
We have no choice at all the system makes sure of that.

After making myself aware by reading this site all way through, i took the advice given and also used it.
I have paid no fine whatsoever and have heard nothing since.
Westminsters mafia is illegal and performing illegal acts because we allow them to.
Photos of Johns £10.000 van being removed....prior to they having to return it!

Elizabeth Beckett 83 years old should be on every front page but she's not is she?
Why because she also knows the law and is dragging her council and Gov through the courts.


Anonymous said...

innocent moslems video moaning again about cops.....full of bullshit.