Monday, 7 July 2008

Relatives of July 7 bomber hold PARTY

Shehzad Tanweer. May he rot in hell and may those who support him soon join him there.

Today families and friends of those who were murdered or maimed in the 7/7 bombings are gathered at Kings Cross Station to mark the 3rd anniversary of the crime against Our Country.

Then read the following, which gives details of whilst our people are mourning, in Pakistan they are celebrating the death of one of the "martyrs" who caused the atrocity.

Remember also that this Government has just given ONE BILLION POUNDS of our money to these people to pay for schools in Pakistan where they can be taught to hate us and our way of life.

Remember that you morons who continue to vote Labour or Conservative. By voting for those parties you are voting to support those who attack us. You make me vomit.


Anonymous said...

Relatives of a 'Shahid' (i.e. terrorist who self-destructs while killing kafirs) believe he can intercede for them to take them all to paradise when they die. That's one of the reasons why they're celebrating.

Therefore all relatives of suicide bombers should be regarded as accomplices and punished accordingly.

P.S. Why did Tony B. Liar allow the body back to Pakistan? It should have been buried in pig's skin so neither the Shahid nor his relatives would get to Allah's brothel in the sky.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable how money that should go to our pensioners and OUR kids, ourselves, is constantly being funneled to our enemies: another billion for diversity training, for "yoof" centres, for quangos, for understanding islam, for fighting "knife crime" etc. All basically feeding the enemy and starving our own. This is treason. No silly silent march or peaceful "demonstration" is gonna solve this. It requires more efficient measures.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bomb the london transport system get a prize free trip to pakistan.

meanwhile teachers have to report babies at school for signs of racism.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Some brain dead, or deeply dishonest politician was quoted in the London Evening Standard claiming that "vast majority of Muslims will be disgusted" .

Year sure, just, as usual they will come over all modest when it comes to expressing their disgust.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

You missed the bit about sending this filths brother for a tax payer funded gap year to the same place that his broother was trained to kill us.
Our country is sick in the head and as anon says action will need to be taken soon.

Legal action OF COURSE????

Anonymous said...


During an online poll at the national newspaper Aftonbladet, almost half of the readers voted “yes” to a question of whether a civil war is possible in Sweden.

I know online polls don’t always reflect the public opinion, but still… This is in a country where there is virtually zero debate about mass immigration, which continues at full speed.

My personal opinion is that Sweden is not the most likely candidate for the first civil war, simply because people need to fight back to create a civil war. It takes two to tango. The same for France, which is demographically speaking the worst country, and where a kind of war is waged by immigrants in the streets right now, but where nobody fights back. The Germans won’t go first, either; they are too tied down by their history.

My bet is still on Britain for the first full-blown Eurabian civil war, with the Netherlands as a close second, and possibly Denmark. Italians will fight back. I don’t know if the Spanish will.

In general, if you live in any Western European country, you should arm yourself very soon, one way or the other.

ivan said...

There is a story that has came out of birmingham,an inner city school which is about 98% muslim made young white children sit at the back of the hall with their heads in their hands while the muslim kids prayed.thanks to the intervention of two very good bnp officials the kids have now been re schooled in a more decent area.IT MAKES YOU F....ING SICK well done to rich and tan for stepping in and helping these young children.

Anonymous said...

In the latest round of concessions, police sniffer dogs will have to wear rubber booties on their feet before they enter homes or mosques belonging to Muslims. But a report yesterday stated that one of the swarthies Imam's said that the dog itself is not regarded as "unclean", just its saliva. So obviously there is no need for the booties, just fit up the sniffer dogs with face masks instead!!Perhaps the cloth heads would demand that such maks be perfumed. I wonder what the dogs regard as "unclean"- if only they could tell us! Celtic Morning

Anonymous said...

Man who raped 10-year-old jailed

A 29-year-old man has been given an indeterminate jail sentence after admitting raping a 10-year-old boy.

Azhar Hussain, formerly of Slough, Berkshire, initially denied a charge of raping a child, but pleaded guilty in May when DNA proved conclusive.

He was arrested at Manchester Airport in February, after arriving on a flight from Pakistan.

Reading Crown Court heard he will serve at least four years, less 135 days on remand, before he can apply for parole.

Anonymous said...

This filthy specimen of the paedophile cult worshippers got four years for raping a ten year old boy!!! And whats the bet that even though he is supposed to wait four years before applying for parole, he will be out before that? If I was the father of the boy I would pray for early parole- so I could kill the filthy bastard as soon as he was released. Now that is what I would call an "honour killing." Celtic Morning

Anonymous said...

This article by Melanie Phillips makes a very worrying point:

"Deeply alarmed sources have furthermore told me that, in the overriding concern by police forces to hire more ethnic minority officers, they have junked vetting criteria - particularly when it comes to hiring Police Community Support Officers, who after two years can become fully fledged police officers with no further vetting required. The result, say these sources, is that the security of police operations is potentially compromised"

I fear that eventually a Third World War between Muslims and Kuffars is inevitable. The very meaning of the terms that Muslims use to divide up the world - Dar al-Harb (domain of war) and Dar al-Islam (domain of Islam) - is a self-fulfilling prophecy of armed conflict.

When that time comes, those countries in Dar al-Harb which have allowed massive Islamic colonisation, and moreover allowed their security services, armed forces and essential utilities to be infiltrated by Muslims, will pay a terrible price in kuffar blood.

On the other hand, those countries which have resisted Islamic colonisation and kept their Muslims out of sensitive occupations where they can cause massive disruption and carnage, will survive relatively unscathed.

Dar al-Islam will probably eventually be defeated and devastated by the survivor nations - China, Japan and maybe the USA. But the heavily-infiltrated nations such as the UK will be bloodbaths on the scale of Dafur or partition India.

Anonymous said...

Tomahawk cruise missile: a perfect present for Shehzad Tanweer martyrdom party. But as much as this "party" is spitting in the faces of 7/7 victims and their families, British government is partly responsible. The Brits had no business giving the body to the family. It should have been ground up and used as dog food.

Ed said...

Disgusting, simply disgusting.

This dead terrorist's body should never have been sent back to Pakistan to allow his grave to be a shrine. Rather, they should have done what they reportedly do in Russia with the bodies of dead Islamic terrorists: bury them in a secret location wrapped in pig skin.