Monday, 7 July 2008

The games people play

The White King triumphs again

During my travels with the Royal Navy, one of the first things I and the wilder bunch would do on visiting a port we had never been to, was to ask what bars to stay away from. Armed with that information we would make a bee line for the place. Usually the warnings were exaggerated but 9 times out of 10, those bars were the best fun in town.

Well there is a forum as most of you will know called Stormfront that has some real wackos posting on it. However they also have some seriously hard working individuals disseminating news and information from all over the country posting there. Despite advice to stay away from the place I occasionally pop in for a rough and tumble with the reds and wackos. I still like a bit of fun.

Now in general you will not find the BNP, there. They know that the place is also full of paid state agents who make provocative statements that they can then use on their sites to point to and discredit the BNP in the eyes of casual visitors to the site.

And a classic example of this can be seen in this story on how a couple of dead beat singers from the bands Reverend and Babyshambles have been threatened on the forum.
He says death threats have been made against him, and against Drew McConnell of band Babyshambles, on the Stormfront internet bulletin board and other far right websites.
Now anyone with half a brain knows that the British National Party is totally opposed to violence. They suffer enough physical attacks on supporters and members and their property to know the meaning of violence and deplore it. There is only one way. The Democratic way. The British Way.

Think about it. Would any real, true British Nationalist post articles that could discredit our fight for Our Country? Of course not. Again the media and the marxists shoot themselves in the foot.

Some of you might like to read a previous article on this subject. The image at the top is a snapshot of recent visitors to this blog around about that time.

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