Monday, 7 July 2008

The demonisation of Serbia

OK. This video is an excellent expose of how the media manipulates the news to propagate the establishments agenda.

But the reason I am posting it is because of the references to a story from the 90's that many of you will remember when you watch the video. It is five minutes in but please do take the time to watch it. Because this story was part of the shameful justification that led to Our Country betraying an old ally and Christian Country in order to help the Moslems steal their land.

God forgive our politicians because some of us never will. We pray to God for Justice for the Country we betrayed. Serbia.



Anonymous said...

Good vid GA, thanks for posting.

If anyone would like to know the full story about how the media fabricated "Serb Death Camps", checkout the vid below:

ITN Serb Death Camps

And if GA doesn't mind, I'd like to post this video here about the media fabrication of the infamous Mohammed Al Durah incident. I'm sure everyone remembers this and the ramifactions are still being felt today:

Al Durah Lie

The guilty smile on the face of the "Palestinian" cameraman says more than words ever could.

The people involved with these wicked deceptions should be tried and executed because the consequences of these lies are so serious. As usual, it is innocent people who suffer the consequences whilst these greedy bastards enjoy their blood-soaked profits.

They are utter scum.


Anonymous said...

video no longer there...
But we already know the whole war was a bloody sham.
As one writer wrote january 2008 under our own laws the politicians should have been in the dock years ago for war crimes.
The Serbian people never attacked anyone let alone attacked Britain.
The Bully boys of the new world order sought out their prey then destroyed it.
Anyone doubt the facts search out how the USA and UK set about destroying the Yugoslavian economy in the 80s.
The Serbs were simply in the way and had to be kicked aside.
Never mind eh?
The Caspian sea pipeline is doing fine.
Camp Bondsteel is in place.
We've now got our own terrorist islamic country on the doorstep.
Perhaps handy for the use of the EUSSR when people wake up and realise too late what's happened.

An American writer;
Bear in mind that those planners are well educated men, who knew the Serbian tradition for defying ultimatums; knew that until we started this aggression, we--even as the Serbs--had classified the K.L.A. as a terrorist body; knew that the ultimate ultimatum being defied (allowing an army of occupation on their soil), was one that no freedom loving person in the world could find acceptable. It is not the claimed despotism of the socialists in Belgrade, but the intemperance of the socialists in Washington and London, which keeps this War going.

clinton-blair- Fabians/ both BILDERBURGH'S

EASY TO SEE WHY...........

LeedsLass said...

Thanks for the video - I've posted it to my Irish friends to show that we appreciate them even though the EU does not.