Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Your daughter is just a take away

"One White Girl to go. Here's your change. Have a nice day."

Think about this all you fathers and brothers. To the mad followers of the cult of the Dead Paedophile, your daughter or sister is nothing more than a piece of meat that is less than human.

She is there purely for their pleasure and profit. She is to be used, abused and disposed off. Some times in meat fed to people stupid enough to use their fast food shops.

SEX attackers abducted a teenager after a night out and took her on a terrifying 30-minute car journey through the city.

Three Asian men dragged the victim into their car after she had stepped out of a bar on Oxford Road.

The car was driven to Rusholme and back while two men carried out a `serious sexual assault' on the woman.

She was dumped 30 minutes later on Oxford Road.
But your still voting Lib/Dem/con right? Because they are not all like that. Well take it from one who reads about their crimes everyday. Many of them are.

The sooner we have a British National Party government with the balls to clean the foul mess that is so enriching us the better.

Go on. Hold their jackets for them you cowards who still refuse to see the truth.

More details of this case here.


Aberdeen Patriot said...

Snap Green same post at the same time, hopefully this will wake our mothers up Boudicca style. Maybe they will have the guts to vote BNP, and protect our daughters future.

Did you see the Scottish case thats ongoing. Have a look at my blog. Unison an all.

Anonymous said...

Another one bites the dust

Anonymous said...

Even the Grauniadista luvvies are slowly learning about Islam: "At the same time, he offers an horrific portrait of a practice known as "grooming", in which young white girls are exploited by elderly Asian men."

Horrific? Is he some sort of Islamophobe? Remember that the 'perfect man' Mohammed was 57 when he married six year old Aisha, and everyone said they made a lovely couple.,,2289772,00.html

Anonymous said...

Teen Sexually Assaulted In Manchester

A teenager has been sexually assaulted after being dragged into a car in Manchester city centre.

The victim, 18, had been at the Frog and Bucket and Ritz bars before going to The Hit and Run bar on Oxford Road in the city centre on Monday night.

Police say that at 2.30am the woman left the club and went to look for her friend outside. The woman spoke to the driver of a white vehicle who asked her to get into his car. As she began to walk away she was grabbed and dragged into the car.

The teenager was then sexually assaulted by two men who were sitting in the back. It is thought that the car drove through Rusholme at some point in the journey.

The victim was then dropped off near to where she was first taken at around 3am, when she alerted police.

The driver of the vehicle is described as Asian, in his late 30s or 40s, of large build with short black hair.

The men in the back are also described as Asian, younger than the driver, of large build with shaved black hair. One of the men had a mole under his right eye.

Detective Constable Claire Stanfield of North Manchester CID said: "This woman has been dragged off the street, driven around and subjected to a serious sexual assault.

"I am keen to speak to anyone that may have seen three Asian men in a white car in the area late on Monday night and in the early hours of Tuesday morning and would urge anyone who recognises the description of the men to contact police."

Det Ch Stanfield also urged any women who find themselves alone to "remain vigilant" and "not approach strange vehicles or men".

Last month a 16-year-old girl was raped as she walked along a road in south Manchester.

The teenager was walking along Princess Parkway towards Wythenshawe when the attack occurred.

The perpetrator was described as Asian or mixed race and spoke with a Manchester accent

Anonymous said...

4 Muslimturks walk free at the moment for killing Scottish Girl

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

How did we miss this from april?

labour it says is malignant all that has happened is deliberate like we've said for years.
as i said all the stabbings etc are all blood on this filths hands.
nothing was an accident......bastards.

watling said...

No, they're not all like that. Just like almost all adult cattle were not infected with BSE in 2001 but we still got rid of the lot to be sure ... said...


French government site warns against U.S. no-go areas
A French government Web site is bluntly honest about parts of U.S. cities that its country's tourists ought to stay away from.

In its "Advice to Travelers," the Ministère des Affaires Étrangères offers guidelines for Places to Miss, complete with maps. (Click the tab labeled "Sécurité"— French for "safety" as well as "security.")

The heading says, "The increased risk of terrorism should not make you forget that the principal risk remains criminality." Scroll down to see the city maps. I've translated some of the descriptions:

Boston: "Avoid foot traffic at night in the districts of Dorchester, Mattapan and Roxbury." It also warns of the "revival of juvenile delinquency."

New York: Be vigilant in tourist areas like Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, "as well as in airports, railroad stations, the subway, restaurants, museums, and certain hotels on the West Side. Do not go alone in Harlem, the Bronx, and Central Park at night."

Washington: "Avoid the northeast and southwest quadrants, as well as the bus stops and Union Station at night. In the tourist areas of Georgetown and Dupont Circle it is a good idea to be vigilant at night. The Anacostia area is not recommended either by day or night."

Pittsburgh: Les lieux dangereux
(circled in red), according to the French government.

"Baltimore is considered a dangerous city except for downtown."

"Detroit: The center is not recommended after offices close."

New Orleans: The warning is long and boils down to, avoid most of the city and be on your guard everywhere. "Do not hesitate to take a taxi, even for a short distance."

Los Angeles: "Large areas are to be avoided, notably the east, south and southeast districts, such as Watts, Inglewood, and Florence" and caution should be exercised in tourist areas. In the West Side (much of which is considered posh) watch out for aggression, carjacking, burglary in hotels and on private property.

Good on the French authorities for warning tourists about some of the less savory realities that the tourist industry glosses over. And it's not anti-American prejudice. The French government is equally forthcoming about the "sensitive urban areas" at home.