Friday, 11 July 2008

Complete and utter despair

Julie Lake near the vandalised memorial site

I feel I need I am going to have to take some time off from writing this blog. Or at least not read the news for awhile and bury my head in the sand along with the sheep people who continue to vote for the Lib/Lab/con alliance.

If I do not, I will be popping over to Bristol, talking to the Black Brothers, buying a gun, putting into my mouth and blowing my brains out.

I now truly understand the meaning of the saying "The last straw". And the last straw for me was this morning when I read over on UKTabloid, that the daughter of a Second World War pilot who reprimanded a teenager for vandalising a war memorial has been convicted of assault.

Having witnessed a youth riding a BMX bike through a freshly-laid flower bed surrounding the memorial, she apprehended the ring leader to give him a talking to that led to a "cuff round the ear" and a bike thrown to the ground.

Now many of the youth of today might have no education, they might have no sense of history, pride or civic responsibility but they do know their "rights". Little bastards.

When grabbed, the young 14 year old vandal responded with "Thats assault" and a judge agreed and ordered Julia Lake to pay £400 pounds costs and gave here a 12 months conditional discharge.
He said: 'I'm sure that having seen the damage to the flower beds, you simply lost your temper.

'I can understand you lost it, particularly because of your family relations in the war, and it is hardly surprising that you did.

'You reacted spontaneously, without thought for the consequences.
'You confronted the child with no plan in mind. The throwing of a bike into the road shows a complete loss of self-control, not the actions of someone executing a citizen's arrest.'
God, I do not envy the work the British National Party has in front of them, when they do finally become the government. There is going to be all loads of pain and court cases as they reform the education system, judiciary and make parents aware that they must instill a sense of morality into their children or face seeing them spend time in newly build reform schools.

The mood of the thinking people in this country is starting to turn nasty, loss of their jobs, loss of their homes so the banks can grab "real value" property, the deliberate increase in food and oil prices will finally force the sheep people out of their self induced slumber into action.

Roll on that day. Let us have it now, once and for all. Let us either be free or dead. I personally am getting to the stage where I am up for almost anything.


Anonymous said...

Common/Constitutional Law is the only Law truly valid in this land, any Law that is contrary to this is quite simply, not valid, none of the treaties are valid and none of their taxation is valid. The only statutes that are valid are those that are not contrary and are within the constraint laid down by the Constitution, our Queen is that point of constraint, show your support and show her your love and she will act, to do any less you might as well add yourself to the list of traitors to this country, for that is all you truly are.

So are our Queen and her family a pointless institution that has no use in an ever changing England? I think the answer is as plain as the nose on your face, go look in the mirror and look at the reflection staring back at you and ask yourself this? Is this the reflection of a true and loyal subject of the Queen or a traitorous citizen?

So in simplicity we have nothing more than a repeat in history the Royalist’s against the Traitorous Parliamentarians, who are more enslaved than they think we are; to their masters the globalists, who use fear as their controlling factor and the knowledge that all corrupt men and women can be bought for a price. Alas Parliamentarians let thee not forget; a person, who possesses wisdom, has no price, nor do they react to fear, for when the fear is not accepted as a form of control, the power to control is non-existent

The British restraint stiff upper lip is breaking down and God help these traitors when it finaly snaps!

The knife placed into the hearts of the British people hurt,hurt is now turning into an uncontrolled rage.

I have been lead to believe that millions of British Soldiers died during WW2, hundreds of thausands of civilians died in air raids. In London alone, in a record 6 month period 25000 civilians where killed. And then you have to look at every other city and town in England, Ireland, Scotland and Whales over five years to get a true figure. In fact i am sure i read a figure which said that in WW2, something like 1400000 soldiers where killed abroad. You have got to remember that Britain was bombed almost everyday for five years, and that lead to a lot of civilian deaths.

Was it worth even one death?

Anonymous said...

The brats should have been put in the stocks. The judge too.I would refuse to pay.

Anonymous said...

Four stabbed to death on same day

Four men, including a teenager, were stabbed to death on the same day in separate attacks in London.

A 19-year-old youth, who has not been named, suffered multiple stab wounds in Edmonton, north London.

Later on Thursday two men in their 20s were killed in attacks in Leyton and Walthamstow, east London.

A man in his 40s died from stab wounds after being found at the back of a disused pub in Tottenham High Street, Tottenham, north London.

Fyrdist said...

Another great article, GA.

Please try and remain calm -this ensures the clear thought that is needed for the final push. The General Election will soon be upon this nation -and the Establishment will be getting a bloody nose, and no mistake.

Anonymous said...

Funny how they're always called "children" when giving the "victim" plea.

Thankfully the 13yr. old "child" in the above link has been found, but in every report she was described as a teenager or girl...never a child. Reportedly she was found in a muslim area with an older chap (hmm) but that seems to be the end of it.



Anonymous said...

General election? When in two years years time when in 2009 we're in Europe and all parties will be barred becoming councils alot of use elections are!
We have sat back and watched first marxist's wrecking the UK and now an allience of both muslims and marxists.
I'm sick of reading this sort of thing mainly because it's true!

What comes to a nation of people unwilling to fight for their own survival? Many are asking this question, more are answering it. But for the British it is too late to change their course, war is upon them. The tiny island that once ruled the known world, now ruled over by political conceits and Utopian ideology, faces its doom. The Iranians have proved that they can conquer England without firing a shot, and now they will gather allies and do just that. The doom that comes to England will not be on the tip of a Iranian missile, but in the thousands of English citizens who will allow their nation to be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

5 stabbed to death today..update.

Posted by Gandalf at 9 Jul 2008, 5:06 PM and is filed under uncategorized
Is Bradford part of Yorkshire anymore? indeed is it part of the UK anymore?, this one time Mill town situated in Yorkshire now bears very little resemblence to to the Bradford of yesteryear.

I know towns grow, change and develop that is quite normal but they usually change and develop within the cultural set of the country they are located in and at the same time reflecting the distinctive regional influences.

Here is a little about Bradford City

The textile sector in Bradford fell into a terminal decline from the mid-20th century. Since this time, Bradford has faced similar challenges to the post-industrial north, including deindustrialisation, economic deprivation and housing issues. Since the 1950s Bradford has experienced significant levels of immigration, particularly from India and Pakistan, and subsequently has the fourth highest proportion of Muslims in England and Wales. Since the decline in heavy industry, Bradford has emerged as a tourist destination with attractions such as the National Media Museum, Cartwright Hall, and Saltaire, the latter of which is a World Heritage Site.

Bradford is now welcoming A spiritual leader to bless their new Mosque, yes another one and in addition to that they have changed the names of the roads from English names to Islamic names.

A new mosque, built at a cost of £2 million, has been officially opened in Bradford by the Shia Islam sub-sect’s 97-year-old spiritual leader.

The Dawoodi Borha community welcomed Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin yesterday to open Europe’s second-only purpose-built Borha mosque in Syedna Way, formerly Plumpton Street, Girlington.

Syedna Way was renamed after Dawoodi Borha community members campaigned for the change three years ago to honour their leader, who has travelled from India for his third visit to the city.

Crunwelle Court in Allerton, where he has stayed during his visits, was also recently renamed Syedna Place, in his honour.

Now tell me this is not colonisation...

Man Of The Woods said...

Hi GA.

My missus is a bit down too at the moment so I'm gonna take her back to nature for a while. A trip to Wales is on the cards as soon as I can get some time off.

.....but she'll be back at the front soon enough.

Take care man....


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Take a break but don't give up.

In one sense or other in the last centuries, British stock had to defeat almost every other group to save civilization. Asians, Central Europeans, Eastern Europeans, and Africans have all tried to bring down civilization, and create some form of evil empire or chaos, and each time, it was British stock that said no. When civilization came down to its last ditch time after time, every time that last ditch was defended by all the British stock getting together to defend that last ditch.

Right now, Arabs, Muslims, much of Asia and Africa are trying to bring down civilization. To a large extent, its British stock that are resisting. Its British stock that glue together the resistance. And the enemies of the West and civilization and freedom know that to defeat and vanquish all of these, they have to take down British stock every where it is. That is why British stock have to come together once again to stop the evil empires brewing in the world today. They know that. So must we. said...

Cheer up, you could be Swedes.

Anonymous said...

As a decorated American war veteran of British ancestry, it pains me to read stories like the one above from the Mother Country.

I think the only cure for Britain's illness would be a BNP government, or, failing that, a civil war with an Oliver Cromwell type of revolutionary nationalist in charge who would make quick work of the traitors.

Anonymous said...

War Memorial Damage - poor lady. The judge deserves a cuff on the ear too! Bastard!

Priquinawig said...

Perhaps if these dear little fellows went around to the judges house, ripped up his prize roses,smashed his greenhouse windows, keyed his Bently and empted his central heating oil into the public sewer, with the appropriate legal repercussions, then he may think differently.

Man Of The Woods said...

It seems the Police have completely lost the plot.

Swindon Dad Facing Prosecution for Protecting His Family