Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?

A must watch video with a "Guest" appearance by Lionheart. Strange how the Americans can see what is happening but our own people are still blind to the obvious truth about the evil of Islam.



Anonymous said...

Can Britain survive multiculti? the way things stand at the moment the answer is no. We continue to sleep walk into servitude. Look on the BNP site and see what the Egyptian has to say about it."The Muslims keep having children, the Europeans do not- this means that Muslims will be a majority in Europe within twenty years." If that doesnt cause something to stir in British hearts then we must wonder what it will take before we see the danger and react positively to it. The answer to Albions post is also bound up in this. British women are but a shadow of their grandmothers and until they stop binging on drugs and drink, behaving worse than our young men, then the future is dark, the future is Islam. In my youth this could never have been imagined, we just knew that we were superior to these people in every way and it would have been laughable to suggest that they would ever hope to cleanse us from our land. How are the mighty fallen.Islam doesnt need terrorism, in fact its counter productive for them and only risks waking the sheep people. All they need do is keep on breeding, keep on migrating to Britain and while our babies are flushed away down the sluices of abortion clinics, our maternity wards and schools fill with our replacements. Celtic Morning

Anonymous said...

Here's exactly the same message from the Muslims. There is a plan to take over Europe, but there is no plan to resist the takeover.

essemess said...

It's so frustrating for us ordinary folk.

Every legal outlet you have to express your disgust at what is happening is taken away and closed down. Lionheart knows this only too well.

We need a nationalist government, or at least a nationalist party that is strong enough to pressure for change.

If the wake up calls are starting to come in, let's hope that the BNP message is finding those who are opening their eyes.

Spook said...

Hey Arrow great post, I never really pay attention to the 700 Club and Pat Robertson, if it wasn't for you I would have never seen this video.

I am disgusted with the situation involving Paul Ray. The behavior of the justice system is ridiculous and they are terribly failing the 'real' people of Britain.