Friday, 4 July 2008

Ex Labour MP in Legal action threat over YouTube

Check out this video whilst you can. It is of the former Labour MP for Peterborough going bananas in an hotel.

Clarke, a big supporter of the UAF was upset at being rejected by the voters and being removed from the trough of public money on which she had fed for so long, lost the plot and resigned from the Labour Party and sought to join the conservatives saying;

"It is very sad that in the space of eight years I have gone from being proud to be elected as a Labour MP to believing that a one nation Conservative Party under a new leader would serve the country better and be more inclusive."
Now when I first saw this video, I thought that the woman was clearly deranged and that it had been taken in some sort of care home and decided not to show it. Mental illness is not something to be used as a weapon but I done a little digging and found out that she was actually annoyed at being refused service in the bar of the Great Northern Hotel.

Watch it whilst you can. The former Blair Babe(I would hate to meet a Blair Bitch) is seeking legal action to get the video clip removed.


Anonymous said...

It's remarkable that a piece of shit like this woman should have such a high opinion of herself that she stands for election as a councillor. It's even more remarkable that any party should adopt her. And then, last of all, a sad comment on our Sheep People that anyone in their right mind should actually vote for her. Bring on the straight jacket and lead her to the padded cell. Celtic Morning.

English Rose said...

LOLOL That's so funny if it's still on youtube I am going to download it and upload it to EnglishRoseVideos it's private but you can get an invite, Thanks for sharing I needed a good laugh xxx

LeedsLass said...

All because she was refused service? I thought such a display was because she'd been de-selected at the very least.
I hope all those who voted for her will remember this appalling scene next time they vote. MP or not, she obviously needs help so I suggest a quiet time in obscurity so she can pull herself together.

bernard said...

Invoking the law of defamation; was utter tosh; the dreadful, foul-mouthed hag defamed HERSELF in public... for gawds sake.

Anonymous said...

Licencees are entitled to refuse service to anyone they believe to be intoxicated.