Thursday, 31 July 2008

Break your bloody hearts

There are two white children in this Birmingham School. Try not to vomit when you hear a teacher speak about teaching British Culture in the right way.

As an aside, it also raises the problems that mixed race children face. That is something that people embarking on such relationships should consider.


Peter. said...

Well this has to go down as a "failing school" surely.

If this was a white school with only two ethnics, the government would be down on it like a ton of bricks trying to close it down. It makes me sick!

I cannot watch the whole video right through.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I reached 1 min 26 seconds. Just can't watch it - too painful.

albion said...

The little white boy who said at 0.55 Quote "I don't know who I am"

Well, I will tell you who he is, he is an endangered species.