Thursday, 3 July 2008

Hello my Brothers and Sisters

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers"

Below you will find an introductory post by a new member to the Green Arrow Forum. The story the poster brings is much the same as we are seeing and hearing all over our sad Country.

But I liked the way the poster bigunit started the post. "Hello my Brothers and Sisters". And the guy is right. Being a part of the British National Party is not like being a member of a Political Party. It is more akin to becoming part of an ever growing family and there is bond between members that is as close as the blood bond in a real family. The rest is from bigunit.

Hello my brothers and sisters,

I am a new member of the Green Arrow but have been a BNP member for a few years.

Living in West Yorkshire I have first-hand experience of the massive influx of immigrants and I see every day how it affects our way of life.

A few months I began a job as part of a completely new team of 15 and our office is like the United Nations. Of those 15, only 5 are white British people.

I recently spoke to the person who had been responsible for hiring this completely new team (she was leaving the company) and she told me that it was company policy to exercise positive discrimination in hiring new staff.

She was directed to choose non-British people wherever possible and this has proven to be the final straw for me. It is now the time to fight back and reclaim our country before we become the United Kingdom of Immigrants.

It's about time we made it clear to this government and all the lefty-liberals that we are reclaiming our beautiful country. And as far as this goes we ain't asking for it - we're taking it!

Working with these people has shown me one thing above all others.

They are here for their own benefit, not our country's. They are claiming for multiple wives!
And they are often going back home after a year so they can reclaim all the tax they paid, and then coming back over here and picking up where they left off.

They are working the system and they are laughing in our faces. And as far as I am concerned, enough is enough.

Our brave veterans fought and died in their thousands to keep Britain British. They will be turning in their graves to see our soft-bellied politicians giving away our country to every Tom, Dick and Ahmed.

Enough is enough. The enemy is at the gate and climbing over the fence. But this is where it ends. It's time to repel the boarders.
I'm proud to be a member here. Yours in the good fight.



Anonymous said...

Excellent post! I agree 100% with the sentiments expressed. Last year I saw armed police arrest 3 young Asians who had been trying to rob a shop. The Asians had imitation guns. The road was blocked for one hour. I searched local papers, the BBC, the internet for any mention of this incident but I had no luck. There was no mention of it at all.

Anonymous said...

Great post this is occuring across the country not just Yorkshire.
The below....Had those accusations been untrue they'd have been taken to court and sued!
WWW.TPUC.ORG Go TO Bottom of page click more, that will take you to all links to stories
Title is as below.

'and you think the Conservative Party is the answer - think again?"

Marxists lead the Conservative Party

Over decades Marxists posing as Conservatives have taken control of the leadership of the Conservative Party. Ken Clarke, Douglas Hurd, Michael Heseltine, Geoffrey Howe, Chris Pattern, Francis Maude, David Cameron to name a few.

They follow in the steps of Ted Heath and Geoffrey Rippon, both lifelong members of the Deutsche Vericherungs Dienst Intelligence department, (DVD) a Marxist organisation that controls the development of the European Union.

These two were exposed just before Ted heath’s death, and both were eligible for EU bribes for signing the first EU treaty in 1972. We know Heath got his.

Whereas Labour leaders obey the EU because of the gravy train bribes they so look forward to, and the compromising information the EU holds on them, these Conservative leaders actually believe in the EU and its Soviet Constitution.

They are sabotaging and abolishing Britain because of their deeply held Marxist political convictions, and they believe they will end up as the party bosses in the new EU order.

A quick look at Soviet and French history shows they won’t: when democracy is withdrawn, as the EU plans in its constitution, laws and 111,000 regulations, it is always the most ruthless dictators that eliminate the likes of Ken Clarke, to seize power themselves.


Anonymous said...

Would that General Sir Richard Dannitt would march into Westminster and repeat the fitting words of Oliver Cromwell to today's whore's in Parliament so richly they have earned such condemnation.
What a glorious day for England to drag them off to traitors gate and listen to their whimpers.

Oliver Cromwell's Speech on the Dissolution of the Long Parliament
Given to the House of Commons
20 April 1653
It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your
contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and
enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell
your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.
Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have
no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter'd your conscience
for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?
Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil'd this sacred place, and turn'd the Lord's temple into a den
of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the
whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress'd, are yourselves gone!
So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go!

Anonymous said...

So little time left before we are thrown into the EUSSR at which point our fate will have been sealed all political parties will be banned.

Truth Seeker...
The EU as monstrous as it is, is nothing more than a `stepping stone` to `World Government`. Before you dismiss this article as `Scare Mongering` or `Conspiracy Theory`, find out how many of your own country's leading politicians are members of such `Secret Organisations` as the Biderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Club Of Rome, and the Royal Institute For International Affairs.

Each and every one of the above are totally dedicated to a `One World` Government and see a Federal Europe as a necessary evolution towards that goal. Their memberships read like a who's who of the planet's `power players`. Danish readers for example, might be very surprised to discover which of their country's Political and Financial Elites attend the Bilderberger meetings, which has been in the forefront of machinations to further European Federalisation. To find out which of your elected representatives are members of any of the above groups, just type in the organisation's name on any recognised search engine. Then sit back and prepare to be shocked.

We live in an age where people seem to have abdicated all responsibilty for their own lives to Government. This has been going on since the end of World War Two, but has accelerated markedly since the 1980's. This `social irresponsibilty` led us to Lisbon on 13th December 2007, where our so called leaders signed away our ancient rights and freedoms in the name of their `great plan`. If we sit back and do nothing, the rest of our lives will become a nightmare of our own making, because in the final analysis, it is we who will have handed over our rights and liberties into the hands of `wolves`.

Since learned that oppossion chancellor is a bilderburger ..Tory forgot his name.
HRH Phillip is club of Rome.

Anonymous said...

The aint giving our country away in the way you think bigunit. They are being manipulated to give it away.

Ok now you are goin to laugh at me, those with limited awareness will, but most BNPers are not thats why your in the BNP, go check this out, long video but worth watching, and more importantly LISTENING!

You need to get a copy on your blog too GA.


PS: No Ive not lost the plot, all that is said in that video is stuff you already have seen, heard, know for a fact first hand and some of us are feeling, suffering right this minute.