Sunday, 27 July 2008

Hope not Despair

Numerous British inhabitants are feeling progressively more depressed about what is happening to their country and people. Optimism about the future appears to be in short supply. The BBC‘s ‘White Season’ reinforces the gloom by targeting run down working men’s clubs, dysfunctional families and young white youths unwilling to work. The series gives an impression of determined effort on behalf of the BBC to demoralise the native population by portraying them as worthless and ineffectual.

To counter this offensive one satisfactory response may be… ‘illigetimi non carborundum’ slang Latin from World War II, which means ‘…don’t let the bastards grind you down’. Certain sections of the community, nevertheless, are definitely not being ground down. They are finding the instinct for national identity as deep and enduring as ever, especially when backs are against the wall. British resistance is on the rise. Capable people are coming forward with the expertise, vigour and determination, all vital in a successful crusade to revive British fortunes.

Immigrant groups now in the UK have not experienced the same historical reformations, or fragmentations, which our indigenous population have undergone. They have had a very long start on us in promoting their cultural interests and needs, but they will soon find us along side them demanding respect and declaring our legitimate rights in what is after all our own country. Our principle aims are to mark out territory, close the borders and establish ancestry along with heritage once more, in other words a brick through the window of those who would prefer it if the British simply melted away. The people behind endorsing anti-British propaganda will sooner or later understand that we will not accept their insults anymore than any other ethnic group would.

So there is room for optimism but it probably won’t be an easy ride. The government presently regards the BNP as a sore thumb in need of amputation. The injured digit, however, is becoming quite a point of interest despite an almost 100% media blackout. Regard this short article as a rallying call. Scots, English, Welsh and Irish collectively known as The British are in a struggle to survive in no less dramatic circumstances than those of World War II, and we won’t let any bastard grind us down. We have will, we have spirit, and we have the British National Party.



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"Fresh blow for Gordon Brown as Conservatives sweep marginals in new poll
Gordon Brown has suffered a fresh blow to his political authority with an opinion poll showing the Conservatives enjoying a 24-point lead among voters in key marginal constituencies.

A new poll puts Labour behind the Conservatives, as the Prime Minister sets off on his summer holiday.

The survey, conducted in 30 vital "swing" seats across the country, puts David Cameron's party on 41 per cent of the vote.

Support for Labour has slumped to 17 per cent, putting the party in third place behind the Liberal Democrats, who are on 18 per cent. When a poll of the same marginals was undertaken 12 months ago, Labour was six points ahead of the Tories.

So what's happened to the missing 24% ?

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Review of the notorious BBC white season:

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P.S. I find the black on grey background of this article difficult to read on my monitor. Please revert to light on dark or vice versa.

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Looks like people may be waking up then, and there can be no better alarm bell than realising that there is a very concerted effort to undermine the native people of Britain, and the subversion appears to be coming mainly from a certain "charity" called Common Purpose. What their "common purpose" is exactly could probably only be answered by old satan himself, but make no mistake these shadowy people are there - not fantasy or science fiction, mixing things up as we sleepily go on paying our taxes which fund their existence. Just ask Brian Gerrish!.

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So Tories look set to replace Labour and then ,in due course, Labour will again replace Tories as the roundabout continues. Or will they? Is the Labour collapse permanent? As their old die hard loyal voters fade from the scene, will they ever be replaced? I don't think they will. The whole rotten party crumbles, eaten away from within by their maggot like hierarchy and if the Boy David becomes PM it will only be because of voters who rebel against the decaying corpse of Labour. And what happens when Toryboy, in turn, shows himself to be just another Blair, just another traitor to his nation? Could it be that they, in turn, implode and if so who will be there to pick up the pieces and set about rebuilding a Britain to be proud of. We must hope that, by then our party will have become implanted in the minds of the electorate as a plausible,credible, sound and viable alternative. Political Parties have no God-given right to last forever, the present lot survive only through the support of a friendly media who have no qualms as they betray the nation. What we need, asap, is a political revival, on a par with the old religious revivals, where people are caught up in a surge of fanatical vision and see, at last, that we are on the verge of destruction, one last chance to save, not souls, but our country, save it for those whose ancestors made it and bequethed it to their descendents, only to have it snatched away by decades of political traitors intent on destruction. Roll on that day. Out with Brown, in with Cameron, out with Cameron as both the weasel parties collapse, in with the BNP and then, let the hard, but rewarding work begin in earnest. Let it be soon. Celtic Morning.

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The merry-go-round will continue until the EU steps in and makes political elections "unnecessary".