Monday, 21 July 2008

1007 People Questioned ... Our Survey Said ...

By john of gwent

I promised GA I would do him a favour and capture the results of the poll he has been running on this site for a while now. Although there are still 43 days to run, a total of 1007 unique individuals (no duplicate IP's allowed here, people) have come along and given their views on key BNP policies.

And it's interesting reading. Out of 1007 people who expressed an opinion ...

715 (71%) would End the illegal wars
742 (73%) would Reform the Health Service
643 (63%) would Elect Chief Constables
792 (78%) want A moratorium on immigration
802 (79%) would Rebuild the armed forces
699 (69%) would Bring back Capital Punishment
841 (83%) would Restore discipine in schools
738 (73%) would Encourage Marriage
801 (79%) would Withdraw from the EU
857 (85%) would Repatriate illegal immigrants
863 (85%) would Deport radical Preachers
767 (76%) would Outlaw Halal Meat
625 (62%) would Nationalise Utility Co's
663 (65%) would Nationalise the railways
698 (69%) support Voluntary repatriation
719 (71%) would Abolish the Quango's
746 (74%) would End promotion of homosexuality
720 (71%) would Stop foreign aid

And 818 (81%) Support the BNP

Thank you one and all.

I wonder if "Not Flash, Just Gordon" Brown put a list of **HIS** policies on the New Liebour Home Page, would visitors to that site express the same fantastic levels of support for his policies as visotors here have for the BNP's.

Well we all know the answer to that. Gordon can't find 1,000 people mug enough to click on the New Liebour site.


Anonymous said...

Do you have Bluetooth?

Read this and maybe you wont.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anon / Harry

I don't QUITE see the connection between your comment and the poll but that doesn't matter. I know that failures in Bluetooth "security" caused by developers cutting corners in the rollout of cheap phones means that anyone who leaves their bluetooth ON all the time and detectable by external scanners is a fool.

Anonymous said...


Off topic but thought this might make an interesting blog entry for you:

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