Sunday, 13 July 2008

Let us let our minds wander

Sadly for some, that is all they can afford to do.

I love a Sunday. Not for all the usual reasons like visiting Church, the family or Sunday Lunch. I love it because for some reason I feel safer and at ease.

Do not ask me why. I do not know why I feel this way. Perhaps it is from the days when nothing moved, shops were shut and the day felt special. Now of course, Sunday, sadly is just another day for many people. But for me a residue of the old feeling remains and I feel relaxed.

So let us just let the fingers and the mind wander and go where they please with no fixed destination.

The weather at 07:00 is sunny, I hope it remains so for the sake of the holiday makers who have come to this area. All week the rain has bucketed down and I have felt sorrow for people with children confined to their hotel rooms and caravans or driven into the penny arcades. Places where they stand mindlessly sliding 10p coins down onto moving trays that occasionally returns a few to them but eventually eats their roll of coins.

I also feel sorrow for the local young unemployed of the area. The seasonal jobs that normally they do have been taken by Polish people who work for next to nothing. Of course the shops and fast food outlets love them. Their "holiday prices" are higher than ever and their profits greater because of their lower wage bills.

Now at my age, I can handle walking past a pub or a cafe and see those fortunate enough to still have jobs enjoying their hard earned leisure without feeling resentment or bitterness. But it must be tough for the young and middle aged who are unemployed, who can only look and walk on by. They cannot afford £2 for a coffee and £2 for an ice cream for their child.

I feel tremendous pity for the the unemployed with children. I honestly do not know how they manage. I exist on a pittance. In fact and there are a few reader who know me who could confirm the following. I now live on for a week, what I once earned as an high roller in one hour, so people, remember that things can change and usually not for the best.

But I am not bitter, it is life and I learned there is a lot more to life than possessions and live like a Spartan. The sea views, the sunrises and the sunsets are still free so I am content but it would be nice one day to say nuts to it all and go for broke and sit down in a nice pub and get hammered.

Back last week my younger brother was rushed into hospital and we are still awaiting the results of the biopsy. We hope that it will be treatable. We are in despair but when we rush to the hospital we find that the hospital parking is not free but as high as the centre of London. In truth I could not afford to go and visit daily because of the parking charges. It is wrong and these parking charges must be scrapped.

But his sense of humor is solid as usual. He has lost the sight of one eye, probably because of pressure from this growth that is trying to occupy the same space as his brain. He informed us and the doctor that he did not have a brain and so there should be plenty of room inside his head. No brain perhaps but courage certainly.

Then an email arrives from a kinsman who I have never met but who I care for as much as my own blood, informing me that his younger brother as died and I realise that I have hope and my kinsman as none and I feel his pain.

But my kinsman, on his return from his sad duties is back into his place in the Shieldwall and returns to his duty of trying to drag the sheep people away from their idiot boxes and out into the real world that is collapsing around them. A true hero who must remain nameless and who shames those of us who know the truth and still do nothing. Are you one of them?

Then last night a phone call from another hero of the resistance. It is the first time I have spoken to him and we agree to collaborate on a piece of work that might help shake some of our fellow citizens out of their slumber. We shall see what we shall see.

He tells me his story and I mine. He is English, I Welsh but we are British Brothers and we are United. We will not let the marxists cause division between us. We are the BNP and we are family. We cannot be divided or split.

Now for a coffee and off over to UKTabloid and my mail boxes to see what was happening in the world whilst I slept.

To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men, their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.


Anonymous said...

A very real and honest post GA. The majority of it is so similar to my experiences.
I too survive on a pitance, car is gone, back on my push bike, Cable TV no more, freeview for me, council accomadation, prepayment meters, shop at Netto, cant afford to go into town shopping. But hey thats life in our country these days. Those who dont see it yet will soon do. Skint but debt free is the new success.
Even though I was banned from your forum last march, I was not offended, its not my site. I am though content that what I had been saying and rediculed for is coming to pass.
There will be no political solution and I can only advise all to prepare for the worst.

Man Of The Woods said...

“The sea views, the sunrises and the sunsets are still free so I am content but it would be nice one day to say nuts to it all and go for broke and sit down in a nice pub and get hammered.”

That sounds like a damn fine idea. You have RS's email address, send us some info about local B&Bs and if you like we'll get hammered together one weekend.

We'll take care of the tab. :o)


The Green Arrow said...

MOTW, what a generous offer and one I might take you up.

However, the least I could then is to provide you with accommodation and meals. Plenty of room and you would be more than welcome.

Let us wait for the results on the tests on my brother and we will get together.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 12:48

Thank you for your comment and you have my understanding.

I do not know or cannot recall the reason for your bar but I do know that Brighton Rock has a difficult job sorting out what is a genuine expression of rage at our country's situation and who is a troll.

As you appreciate we cannot have the reds pointing to our forum and saying look what the "Fascists" are saying.

We must moderate ourselves and if you so minded you may rejoin providing the forum rules are adhered to. We do not like having them either but we must.

Anonymous said...

The Reds don't care what the fascists are saying GA their job is just painting the BNP black.
The reds have made an alliance with the greens of Hamas and black of islam creating the black and red alliance.
As they say in the House of Commons We need no lessons from the Reds/Blacks.
How others see this once proud nation and this brought about by the traitors in Westminster.
Anyone that read Mel Phillips Londonistan knows this to be a fact.when everything stated she proved beyond doubt.
Few know that Carey the former Arch-Bishop of Canterbury spoke to the then PM jOHN MAJOR of his fears re the number of terrorists in London which were highly visible on the street's.
He then spoke to MI5 they in turn. in his own words brushed him aside making him feel like a naughty child sent away with a tap on the head.
On our behalf the British government was turning Britain into a terror state by appeasement of terrorist thugs. which we now see the outcome of all around...A BROKEN BATTERED COUNTRY!
6) It is so well established that Britain became the "terror capital of the world" by the 1990s that it's not necessary to provide data to support the statement. It is widely known that they had an open-door policy for every terrorist organization on the planet.

And they were very open -- proudly open -- about the policy. What they didn't figure out until after 9/11 is that just because you bend over backward to accommodate a terrorist, that doesn't mean he won't try to blow you to kingdom come.

Thus, the 2000 memorandum by Lyndon La Rouche is not a "source" for the above statements. It is the "story" -- the centerpiece of the Muslim Brotherhood essay.

I repeat: there is a difference between a source for a story and the story. Now what was the story? What was Pundita's reason for bringing up La Rouche and the letter?

As I politely put it in the essay, Mr La Rouche is controversial. Okay, we won't beat around bush: he is widely known and believed by many to be a raving lunatic.

The point of the essay is that when things arrive at the juncture where a perceived lunatic is the only person calling for sensible action, this is a sign your civilization is headed for collapse.

Now kindly return to the La Rouche letter, and tell Pundita what you see. You're looking at a cut-and-paste job from headlines and a portion of transcript of a session at British Parliament.

La Rouche didn't use special sources. He quoted the day's news, to support his argument that it was past time for the US to put Britain on the list of states sponsoring terrorism. The headlines and transcript amply shore his argument.

My point was how did it happen that it was left to at best a 'quixotic' person to play the child in the Emperor's New Clothes?

As I labored to convey in the essay, I think it happened because the American government could not confront what America's closest ally had become. I think it happened because the majority of British people could not confront what their society had become. They had come to openly tolerate barbarism.

Now convince me that anyone in Westminster is protecting us or our country!

Anonymous said...




LeedsLass said...

You're so right, GA. If a person's sense of nation and family is eroded, he is left with nothing and only welfare and the state will fill the gap. The government teaches our children propaganda in state schools - they know nothing of maths or EngLit but know everything about knife crime and global warming.

I admire Thatcher for many things but I will never forgive her for the rape of the North of England, Scotland and Wales. Our industries have been sold off at knock-down prices and that laid the foundation for millions of children leaving school without academic qualifications and without apprenticeships. Our country can't survive on Service Industries and the Finance Sector: we need manufacturing and industry again. We need it for our children and we need it for our country. Without it, we are nurturing a welfare underclass working for black money in a Theme Park England.

Neither of the two main parties give us a choice - they offer us more of the same. I've lived through Eden, Wilson, Callaghan, Thatcher, Blair and now we have this fw govt. They have all lied to us and protected their own interests. I'm not a Socialist by any stretch of the imagination but I do believe in a handshake and what's fair is fair. They haven't been fair.

Anonymous said...