Thursday, 24 July 2008

Do I still support the BNP

Griffinite9 investigated the BNP and ended up supporting the party. Does he still feel the same after five months of reflection?


Strider said...

The poster of this video might want ot read Strider issue 29, to be found here:

Good work as usual, GA.

browned off dunedin said...

Threatening BNP's supporters' kids and pets is about all the UAF (remember the 'Ends justify means' threat?) and similar vicious NuLabour scumbags can manage. I don't suppose they would attack adult BNP members since they might experience retaliation.

I've checked out the Lancaster UAF website and there's nothing but puerile attempts at character assassination and guilt by association.

They don't and can't engage in debate with the BNP because they have no counterarguments to three elephants in the room.

(1) Disproportionate ethnic criminality. 87% of violent knife crimes are committed by ethnics.

(2) Immigration, overcrowding and the housing shortage. Huge multi-wife muslim families are being given priority housing while we are being left to rot.

(3) Islamic evil and malevolence. These people worship a murderous satanic demon who demands kaffir human blood sacrifice. Muslims are destroying Britain. They are predators and parasites who are here with no other purpose than to cause us harm. They must be firmly encouraged to resettle elsewhere and leave us alone.

Anonymous said...


Boy slashes woman over cigarette
A woman had her arm slashed by a 10-year-old boy after she refused to give him a cigarette.

The woman, in her 50s, was confronted by the boy and his friend outside Selhurst railway station in south London on Wednesday.

He tried to grab a lit cigarette from her mouth and attacked her when she shouted back at the pair.

Passers-by rushed to her aid as she bled heavily from the wound which was inflicted with a craft knife or razor.

CCTV studied

Officers are studying CCTV from the station and have taken statements from witnesses over the incident.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the boys had been described as black and about ten years old.

"We are investigating an assault on a woman that occurred at around 2.20pm on Wednesday July 23 outside Selhurst railway station," the spokesman added.

"The victim, a woman aged in her 50s, received a cut to her arm after two boys attempted to steal a cigarette from her mouth."