Friday, 4 July 2008

Happy 4th of July to Our American Cousins

Well America it is your Independence Day. We in the British Nationalist movements wishes our American cousins over the pond well and wish you all the luck in the world in your struggle to preserve your Country against the growth of the Global Big Brother movement.

Good Luck America.


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Thanks cousins. My father fought in France in WWII to clear it out then. I'm not going to let that be wasted now.

Fyrdist said...

On the Yanks could dedicate a day in order to honour and celbrate a film. I wouldn't mind but Independence Day is utter garbage.

Anonymous said...

As we move ever more closer to becoming a minor state in the United States of Soviet Europe, I for one would much prefer to be a part of the United Sates of America if it were a choice between the two and out independence was no longer viable. Of course the USA has massive problems of its own and shows little sign of getting to grips with them. As an aside, did anyone see BBC2 last Sunday, the Jeremy Clarkson programme about The Raid on St.Nazaire in WW2. Quality, Britain at its best and very suprised that the Beeb should allow such a patriotic hour long programme to be shown. They must have calculated everyone would be watching the football. So many heroes, so many died. How our politicians have betrayed their sacrifice over the years. Celtic Morning