Thursday, 3 July 2008

David Icke 2 July 2008

Want to know what some people say is going on? Check out this video. Just under an hour but once you start watching then your going to be there till the end. At least you should be.


bernard said...

David Icke eschews capital punishment as being part of 'big brother'.
If that is the case then big brother has been around since before Biblical times!
Icke once worked full time for TV; in my book that makes him already tainted by megalomania.

The Green Arrow said...

Well Bernard what you say may be true and he may well be a megalomaniac but if just a fraction of what he says is true, then there are dirty deeds afoot.

Personally I think he painted a very plausible picture.

Anonymous said...

If you like a wee bet then put a few quid on Scotland to vote for independance, we wont if there is any sense left here, but we will according to the massaged result that will be produced.
Just like I think the SNP Scotland result was manipulated. Why? Because the string pullers need to break up the UK faster than was intended, sheeple are starting to wake up, BNP has a big part to play in that, bad news for Big Brother, the Brits are still a force to be reckoned with if stirred into action.

A few showings of Braveheart on the telly, produce referendum and bingo Scotland has it's Freedom! And a boom for the tartan and shortbread manufacturers until the people ask, Freedom?, Freedom from what? we are still in the EU and the immigrants are pouring in by the truckload!!

That just leaves England to finalise the breakdown to the 9 regions.

No more UK as we know it, just the 9 regions that made up old England, and the independant Scotland and devolved Welsh regions.

Put a few quid on Cameron for PM too, new puppet, same old string puller.

Im not yet decided on Obama but I'm more no he wont get the big job than yes he will.

As for our Richard did BNP get in to the GLA in the hope that he would be way out of his depth, make a total arse of the job and make the BNP the laughing stock of the nation?, then lib/lab/cons could point the finger and say we told you they were only brain dead knuckle draggers in suits, and they wanted to convince the voters they were the way forward to a renewed Great Britain.

But it did not work out that way, did it? The derailment of BNP did not work, nor will it work.
The collective mindset of the BNP members is a very powerful force and it is growing stronger by the day. I hear more and more stirrings of Nationalism every day from people I had written off as walking dead.
One deep blue tory client of mine with connections in the upper levels of society through family was giving me her view of the horrible state of the country and what should be done about it got me to wondering if she was a secret BNPer.
Actually a lot more than would care to admit are of a BNP mindset, but for reasons of work or what ever cant come out into the open. Well dear reader if you are one of those people then remember you are not alone, we understand your fears and concerns, just plant tiny seeds of discontent with the state of things in this country and what ought to be done about it into your circle of friends and workmates and watch what happens.

Tiny seed grows into Great Oak Tree.
One raindrop grows into great ocean.
Tiny party grows into Great Force to reckon with.


Anonymous said...

The guys problem is he's a nice guy. He doesn't take race seriously. He probably believes the gas chamber story, and in human equality - the two big lies of our time.

Like The Roman said...

Hmmm, not sure about endorsing Icke, GA. Interesting though!

Like The Roman said...

Anonymous - I think it is pretty conclusive that the Nazis exterminated the Jews (amongst others).

You would find yourself unwelcome in the BNP with absurd views like that!

Anonymous said...

Having heard David speak on numerous occasions he made alot of sense.
I recall the Demonisation of David by the establishment in the 90s.
Who did that benefit?
Then i recall the demonisation of both the Yugoslavian and Iraqi presidents again who benefited?
Sheep follow their leaders no matter how stupid their behaviour becomes.
Thinkers open their minds and THINK!

Anonymous said...

The problem with Ike is that we have been led to believe he is a nutter.

I must admit at one time I thought that Ike was a loony straight out of the nut house too. Take a look at some of his early writings and see the very things he warned of way back are a reality now.

Who is the nutter? Ike for his attempts to warn the public or for us not to take heed. But how could we take heed?, the media had him branded a complete headcase in need of treatment and his words did not get aired very much in the media. No matter what truth he speaks he will always be seen as a person to be ridiculed.
Mind you some of his lizard people stuff is a bit far out, guess he had some bad acid along the way.

Then another thought occurs to me. What if the puppeteers see a man who sees a little bit of the true picture of the world to come and tries to get the message accross? Well let him tell the truth, let him tell the world what is coming to them because the more that the seed of things to come is planted in the minds of a target group or population the sooner it manifests, whether they want it or not, but brand Ike as a basket case, who will believe him?

How does that work I hear you ask, simple really.

You get what you think about whether you want it or not. That which the mind has consant or predominant focus on will manifest in one form or another. How many times have you said I knew such and such was going to happen. I knew it, but I wished and prayed will all my might that it would not. So you wished or prayed for something not to happen. You had the unwanted uppermost in your mind, you created the picture of what you didnt want, you got what you didnt want because you knew and believed it was going to happen. You got what you gave most attention to, whether you wanted it or not, better to focus on what you do want, see it and believe you have it and it is yours. The more detail you put into your desire, shape, colour, size, type, place, time, cost etc and the more time you spend keeping your desire uppermost in your mind the sooner in comes into your life.

For example,how many readers wanted a particular model and colour of car? What did you do? You saw yourself in the car of your dream, got a brochure, looked in the cars for sale column, went to the dealer showroom, saw your dream car every where you went, on the telly, in adverts, on the way to and from work, someone in your street buys one, you are totally focused on the realization of this dream, it manifests because you made it happen with your mind. You were focused. Our minds are so powerful that once we become aware of the limitless creative power we posess then nothing is impossible.

All things come from thought, nothing can happen without it. In the beginning was the word........

Some guy in sandals a while back said "Believe and ye shall see" he "knew", but the collective mind of his time, didnt listen or understand, some of those in power that did understand what he was letting the people get a glimpse of had him nailed up as a lesson to his followers. That didnt work because people eventually woke up and Christians went on to change the world. Yes I know a lot of bad stuff happened in the name of Chritianity but more good has come out of it than bad.
Why do you think Christianity is a stumbling block to the one world order? Why do think Christianity is being destroyed from without and within? Why do you think islam is the preferred and promoted faith right now? Islam, I believe, is a mind limiting faith, there is no room for indiviual thought if you are on the hoi polloi level. And the followers of islam are being used to stifle or destroy Christian ideals. And they in turn will be destroyed if the One Worlders have their way, which they wont, because we, the Brits and our Kin around the world have been free for too long! Why do you think our kids are being dumbed down? Why do you think they are being turned into base creatures with the promotion of sex in all its forms, cheap booze, drugs, heavy base tone music, that simple hypnotic mind numbing thump,thump, thump? Count the number of people plugged into some ipod or whatever as you go about your day, The concious mind is being distracted and numbed day in day out. Brain numbed people are easy to control. Why do you think the West is being flooded with imigrants? Why do you think we have Political Correctness? Why do you think we have Human Rights? All to smother us, to silence us, to make the One World Order easier and quicker to bring into total reality.

The awful truth now is that we can look back at some of Ike's predictions and warnings and say, he was right you know.

Enoch was right you know.

What do you do when you dont like the programme on the telly? You change the channel, right?

Well it is never too late to wake up, change the picture in your head and manifest the world and nation you do want. Thats why the BNP are growing at such a rate because the BNP collective mindset holds the desired picture of a people, culture and nation and is constantly working toward its outer reality in what we call the real world and it is very attractive to a vast number of people, if not the vast majority of this nation. More and more people are no longer afraid to say I support or voted for the BNP.

The BNP collective mindset is a rich and fertile place. We have gone beyond the seedling stage of our growth and are now strong shoots. The Big Brother mindset is trying to be like a weedkiller to us and our nation, but they are not strong enough to kill our growth, it's too late, we have set down strong roots that have got into every corner of this nation and beyond, we are growing fast.
We will give great thanks for the fruits of our labours, our abundant harvest, in the form of our free and democratic nation.


Like The Roman said...

Anonymous, he destroyed his credibility by claiming he was the son of God! I think this video made some sense, I certainly think what is happening is orchestrated - though I think the orchestrators are motivated by ideology (see HG Well´s New World Order).

Enoch Powell and Churchill alluded to the fact the fact that certain people were/are intent on subverting our society - if anything Icke has helped poor scorn on such ideas.

bernard said...


Eloquently put, but the problem with Icke's polemic is that it has all been said before, even as far back as Plato's Republic, and by much more 'normal' people than he.
Orwell said exactly the same thing without having to claim to be the Messiah.

Anonymous said...

Ike is the Son of God Roman, you are too, and me and GA and all the other people and creatures and life forms on this planet. All the progeny of God.

The guy in sandals, way back he said that too, he was ridiculed too.

Harry is the Son of God? Another nutter, what kind of people do they let into the BNP?

Ok here's why.

God is a name, a word to represent or put into an understanable form that which we can not understand, that power which is the creative force behind all life, all forms or energy in the universe. The concept of God is found in all religions and faiths, in all forms of spiritual worship. You cant see the power, feel, hear or touch it, cant put a face or shape to it because it (God) is all these things and not these things all at one and the same time. You can feel, hear and touch the result or effect of the creative power of God because we are God. We are indiviual representations of God the creative power of the universe.
God is nothing, God is everything, God is the begining and the end all at the same time. I am the quick and the dead said Jesus, meaning he was a result of the creative energy that was him, created him and created through him all at the same time. He was indeed the son of God and you too dear reader.

A better way to grasp the idea of God is to go look at quantum physics. All things begin from what we would call nothing but nothing does not exist. Nothing contains everything, or better still, nothing contains every possibility of everything even when it seems nothing is there! Far out!
Did you know that the suns rays are energy waves, light, and a particle at the same time? It just depends how you observe them. If you could look at a sun ray in isolation it's an energy wave but if it comes up against a solid object it becomes a particle. Solids are interesting too because they dont exist either as we know them!
Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter that make up everyday objects. A desk, the air, even you are made up of atoms! There are 90 naturally occurring kinds of atoms. Scientists in labs have been able to make about 25 more.
Atoms are made of three basic particles. Protons carry a positive charge. Neutrons as the name suggests have no charge. Electrons carry a negative charge. Protons and neutrons join together to form the nucleous, the center of the Atom. It would take 200 million, thats 200,000,000 Atoms side by side to form a line 1 cm long. Inside the Atom are even smaller things called Quarks and there is even smaller stuff than that yet, Holy Sub Atomic particles Batman!
So, out of the void..........

Go look up quantum physics, fasinating stuff, beats vegitating in front of the telly any day. My daughter is into far out quantum stuff at school, yes there are some good schools and teachers around. Zombie nation is not the norm yet.

Harry said...

Hitler must have exterminated the Jews, there are so few of them around - and so uninfluential.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I do believe Osama Bin Laden is a threat and is behind 9/11. I've had first hand experience with Arabs, and they're evil and want to destroy or possess the white men and his world.

Now, yes there are traitors in the West collaborating with them. But Osama is scum. And Icke, although interesting to hear his "theories" doesn't hold the truth to anything.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem here lies very much in how a comment can be taken out of context and used by an unscrupulous enemy to their advantage. I do not know much of Icke, though remember well the publicity surrounding his alleged pronounciation, and wondered would anyone seriously trying to highlight his controversial theory be so naive as to go on record by saying he was the son of God?, and if he did, in what context was he speaking?-after all religious leaders arent ridiculed for stating that we are all Gods children, even those wanting to blow us all up!.

Anonymous said...

david iyke...a long time ago.