Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Drink driving and MRSA

Seriously now. Do not drink and drive.

Nobody in their right mind, condones drink driving but here are a couple of statistics that I think you should be aware off.

Last year, national records show that 460 people were killed in drink driving related accidents. Grim figures indeed.

During the same period, 8,324 people died as a result of catching either the MRSA or C-difficile hospital superbugs. Even grimmer and more shameful figures.

Now, with the Christmas anti-drink driving campaign in full swing, with hundreds of thousands of people being randomly stopped on their way from work and early next morning, now might be a good time to have a Christmas Campaign on the wards of our hospitals checking for the spreaders of the disease.

Just thought you might like to know also, that since Labour have been in power, over 37,000 people have died as a result of their inaction in enforcing hygiene in our hospitals.

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watling said...

The hospital superbug death toll is shocking but we have for many years in this country (and elsewhere) had the concept of - for want of a better phrase - acceptable casualty figures.

About 3,000 people die every year on our roads and in excess of 250,000 are injured. I believe the figure for the number of deaths has come down slightly in recent years but nevertheless it seems a high figure. Now, if the government were serious about reducing road deaths - I mean, really serious - they would be doing far more to prevent them.

Much harsher penalties for causing death by careless/dangerous driving - e.g. 10 years in prison and a lifetime driving ban - would make people think twice before travelling at 60 in a 30 mph zone, for example.

Similarly, the threat of serious jailtime for chief executives of hospitals where superbugs become rampant would inevitably reduce the superbug death toll.

Have the government done all they can to prevent another 7/7? I don't think so, which leads me to conclude that the 52 deaths on that day have been deemed an acceptable consequence of appeasing Islam - which is government policy. They regard it as more important to suck up to Muslims than to keep the British people from being blown up.