Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Nick Bourne and the BNP

Smile whilst you can Nick because we are going to wipe it off your face

Looks as though Nick Bourne, the Welsh Conservative Assembly leader is trying to use his old boy network of friends again to escape punishment for cheating the taxpayers.

Last time it was to escape punishment for saying this about the BNP;
" . the BNP, a nasty,mean, distasteful and grubby bunch of sub-human flotsam and jetsam who we need to ensure do not prosper from the democratic process "
Nick was found Guilty by the Standards Committee for that incitement to violence but escaped any form of punishment after putting the fix in with his cronies on the Committee. Read these articles here for more about grubby Bourne.

So what as the rat who is closely associated with the Communist Searchlight organisation been up to now?
Mr Bourne is under pressure to resign following revelations that he spent £229 of public money on an iPod music player, saying it was to help him learn Welsh, as well as £5,003.46 on “essential work” on his bathroom and £119.99 on a trouser press.
And what another example of how cosily the "ruling parties" get along and unite to hide their grubby actions from the taxpayers they feed off.
William Graham [the Tories’ Chief Whip at the National Assembly] was very keen to bury the expenses issue, knowing it was very damaging to the Conservative group. He wanted a gentleman’s agreement under which AMs of all parties would agree not to criticise others over their expense claims."
Rats the lot of them. No wonder they do not want the light of BNP Assembly Members shining on their sordid little deals.


Whistleblower said...

Well, GA, it seems Nick Bourne shares the same surname as these two other scum:


It seems to me, mate, that Nick Bourne has committed a crime against the People and is worthy of his position on my blog. At this rate I'm going to have to update everyday my Nation-wide Corruption League 1 table (see my blog for details).

Whistleblower said...

GA or fellow patriots:

Do any of you have a link to the article where Richard Penn, the Commissioner for Standards, found Bourne guilty of his offensive comments about he BNP?


Anonymous said...

What a dreadful man Bourne is.

Anonymous said...

Its all about grubbing money its all about, wealth, power materialism and lies with this lot. The are all the same with nothing real and good to offer the people of these lands

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. Nick Bourne. If it looks like a reptile and acts like a reptile then you can be sure - its Nick Bourne.

The Green Arrow said...

My Dear friend Celtic, you always know how to bring a smile to my face.

Thank you.