Thursday, 18 December 2008

Two LA by-elections today

There is a by-election today in North West Leicestershire and our activists have been out and about pushing leaflets through letter boxes and knocking on doors.

Knocking on doors and talking to our people, is in my opinion the only way to ensure a good result for the party and voting for the BNP is the only hope the True Brits have of playing their part in saving Our Country for Our Children.

Good luck to the North West Leicestershire BNP, our candidate Ivan Hammonds and all those who have traveled in to assist you in your campaign. Whatever the final result, we are proud of all of you.

Back in January, the last time we fought this area, we came within just 62 votes of winning and so who knows what the result might be today. Below are the January results.

  • Labour 699
  • BNP 637
  • Conservatives 515
  • Lib Dem 411
Richard Barnbrook was also up there helping out as well. Well done Richard. Nice coat by the way.

Also good luck to Simon Nicholson and his campaign crew in the Kells and Sandwith election that is taking place in Cumbria and good luck to the Cumbrian Patriots.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to the North West Leicestershire BNP, should be a good result there.

Whatever the result remember this quote from Winston Churchill.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

Well said sir, if only we had the likes of you in government today.


The Green Arrow said...

Good morning Harry. Hope you are well. I just shamelessly lifted your quote and dropped it off on the Cumbrian Patriots site where I was wishing them luck.