Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Liverpool: Mobilising against the BNP

Liverpool Reds are always good for a laugh
(still from Shawn of the Dead)

I thought I was done for the day, other than doing a bit of research on a little project a few of us are working on, but needing a break and a laugh, I decided to call in on a few red sites.

As usual, they are ripping themselves to bits but all seem unanimous in having a pop at the professional black and leading Socialist Worker Party and UAF spokesman Weyman (no brain) Bennett who they now believe to be a state agent. Bang your head against the wall enough times and you will see the light or rather stars eventually.

But nothing new there. The comment sections are all full of violent threats and words like "cadre, proletariat" and the like. Usual stuff and all boring and as dead as Lenin.

So I did not really get a laugh until I visited the Socialist Party where they are informing their other reader that there were 300 red activists at the British National Party's day of action for the Liverpool 13.

By all accounts after they had seen off the BNP they decided to push their cheap leaflets for a New Workers Party. But I will let them tell you in their own words.
Hundreds of Campaign for a New Workers' Party (CNWP) leaflets were distributed showing the real record of the BNP who act against all sections of the working class, and putting an alternative in favour of working-class people. Over 20 copies of The Socialist were sold - including one to a local shop worker.
Over 20 copies of The Socialist were sold! Gasp. Well we have seen how they exaggerated their numbers from around 100 to 300. So if they say 20 they actually mean 5. But still 5 is a lot these days for the reds.

But what really tickled me was, another gasp, "including one to a local shop worker". Probably the only worker these clowns have ever come in contact with. But like I said. Good for a laugh.

Good night BNP. Tomorrow we are one step closer to victory.


Wolfblood said...

Its taken the red goons this long to find out that Weyman 'bogey' Bennet is a state agent?
Half of those on the Searchlight mailing list are state agents!
You have to laff at these red goons, you really do :-)

BFB said...

"Over 20 copies of The Socialist were sold - including one to a local shop worker."

That's a grand total of...let me see...erm....hang on, GA, this is a paradoxical equation!!

I only have 10 fingers on each hand!

Man Of The Woods said...


Nearly pissed myself laughing.

We were there and we spotted about 50-60 at the most and that's including the 7 exploited kids, aged around 11-14, that they sent over to spy on us.

These people are mentally ill.

Who would have thought that 'Care in the Community' would give the loony left such a boost.

bert said...

is this the same reds that tried this?

Anonymous said...

They are creepy. The March of the Dammed?

odin said...

I have been a bit down lately GA. Thanks for cheering me up tonight mate!

Anonymous said...

You cant help but imagine there are but 50 of them scattered in pockets around the country enjoying each other on thre internet. Bennett isn't a plant a state agent or even a braincell.....he's black, end of.
It was the only qualification he had to have to be beloved of Lefties.
THe point is the BNP walked freely and leafleted The Pool, bringing hope to the people.
(Keep saying that many times...its killing the Reds)

Stan The Man

Anonymous said...

Is this an audition for the remake of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest? Or The Hills Have Eyes?

Anonymous said...

Red Squirrell has a beaut of a piccy of the two arrested at Liverpool. (if its real its hilarious)
The mouth full of tombstones and chocolate and the milkshake from Macdonalds. (they make great begging cups I'm told)

Anonymous said...

Och aye the noo, ya BNP Scotland link nae langer works, big man!

This is the new link

Anonymous said...

Knowles and his queer house-boy, Bogey Bennet, are both paid agents of the state. Knowles is a capitalist, neo-con stooge, an MI5 nark, just like Gable.
The leftoids are like brainless maggots squirming around in a pit of corruption.

duffel coat lad said...

@ Man of the Woods

I thought them kids were on our side.