Friday, 12 December 2008

Heard the one about

"Bending over for Moslems since 1993"

Heard the one about:- A man goes into a Sainsburys(spit) chemist with his partner and their five year old child and ask the Moslem pharmacist for the "morning after pill", after their normal method of contraception had failed?

No? Listen up then.

Chris Mellett did just just that and when the pharmacist, Mohammed Parvez refused on "ethical" grounds he quite rightly complained to the duty manager.

The manager of Sainsbury's(spit), instead of insisting that the pharmacist do the job he was paid for, directed the couple to another store which was closing in five minutes.

The following day, a still angry Mr Mellett contacted the Tameside Advertiser and also wrote to the Brown Clown Prime minister expressing their disgust.

Well you know what happens then. Twelve days, that's right, twelve days later, Mr Mellet is arrested for racially abusing the follower of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile after the crazed turnip made a complaint to the police almost a fortnight later.

And you just know it. The Court found Mr Mellett guilty of racially aggravated harrassment and fined him £175 with £160 costs.

Now consider this from the obviously wronged Mr Mellett, who denied the charge, claiming the mad moslem had "fabricated" the allegations to seek "revenge" for him taking the matter to the newspapers.
I went to the press because it was a bugbear, it really got under my skin. I was in sheer disbelief. It was on the shelf behind him but he couldn’t sell it. I told him he was there to provide a duty of care.

“If you had to employ a fireman, you wouldn’t employ one that didn’t put out fires. If I did swear, it wasn’t directed at anyone. I just muttered under my breath.

“I was calm. I don’t have outbursts. I was surrounded my members of the public and had a small child with me.”

“So I’ve racially insulted someone, gone to customer services and given all my personal details and then got the press involved, I’m sorry no.”

Well I know who I believe in this story and it not the one fabricated by a follower of a cult that instructs you on how to lie to pigs and monkeys. Then again what is the word of a white man worth these days against a coloniser? Nothing it seems.

Come on Britain. Wake up. Stop shopping at Halal selling Sainsburys(spit) and start voting BNP. You might need the morning after pill yourself one day.


Anonymous said...

I will never visit Sainburys again.

They slagged off British workers and fund the Labour party.

nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. How does it feel to be a solicitor, a born and bred British subject, prosecuting a man on the basis of what you know is the lying testimony of someone blatantly playing the race card? Surely such people are below contempt. British "justice", like so much in our once proud land, now nothing more than a joke- and a bad joke at that. I suppose this poor man should count himself lucky not to end up doing a twelve month spell at Her Majesties pleasure.True Brits have gone down for less as we all know. I hope someone has sent him a BNP leaflet and membership application form.

Mr Cognisant said...

Well done to the pharmacist, refusing to kill another unborn child, I’m afraid your wrong this time Green arrow, abortion, be it via the morning after pill or by a cruel operation has killed millions of our children, I would suggest that you look up how many have died. Perhaps then you will have your eyes opened, realising finally the enormity of the crime, Muslims should not be here however, playing this constant tune is a gain only for the tyrannical state. Perhaps you and the BNP faction need to change direction before you cause and create the end of times, already the state has set in motion their malevolent plan, scheming this contrived clash of cultures, I pray that you realise this before too much damage is done.

Do you not realise as to whose tune you dance, have you any comprehension or does hatred for a mere religion govern all, I wish that many pharmacists and those in positions of power acted in such a conscientious way, perhaps then many of our own would be here with us, able to resist as we are unable. I urge you to resist stoking the fires that will if not constantly watched, engulf all of Europe proper, that want another war you know, another culling of the young, as before I and others shall fight against the evil regardless of the names they call us, we cannot fight for tyranny on their side. 14

The Green Arrow said...

Here we shall have to totally disagree Mr Cognisant.

That is all I can say and remain polite.

Anonymous said...

Here Here!!!

Anonymous said...

Contraception and abortion are murder!

We need more beautiful White Babies.

Anonymous said...

We are advised by Mr Cognisant to embrace Islam and fight against a conspiracy perpetrated by the ruling elites to create a third world war that will destroy us all.
The answer is clear, persuade the Muslims in Europe to return to their Muslim lands
in the East and live a life that is sanctioned by Islam and leave the infidels in the West to live their own lives as they see fit and we will all live happily ever after, never the twan to meet.

Anonymous said...

In reply to Mr Cognisant. Green Arrow's purpose was not to debate the rights and wrongs of abortion in this case but to highlight the injustice of a man being arrested in his home, charged and prosecuted for a 'racially aggravated' offence on the basis of unwitnessed allegations.

I have been subjected to harassment and verbal death threats (twice) recently ( non-politically motivated, I might add) but the Greater
Manchester Police CPO's who have taken on my case say that they cannot break down the door to warn - not even officially caution - the perpetrator who, not surprisingly, has ignored their written request to contact them. Had I been able to qualify as a 'hate' victim then it seems that the perpetrator of my harassment would probably be heavily prosecuted rahter than just thumbing their nose at the policeas they are doing.

Fyrdist said...

Before there ensues the possibility of yet more unwanted and ruinous inter-cause conflict within the Nationalist community, I shall forward this splendid quote from one of the best political minds of all time, Mr. Hilaire Belloc:

"From quiet homes and first beginning,

Out to the undiscovered ends,

There's nothing worth the wear of winning,

But laughter and the love of friends."

Welcome, Mr. Cognisant. Let us all respect each others opinions.

Happy Yuletide to my Nationalist brethren.

Anonymous said...

For a very long time I've suspected that islam is only an issue because of the protection it enjoys from the Hard Left.
This is a dusty cult, abandoned in droves by the intelligentsia from within their own community.
The MSM play the long time, whipping our people into a frenzy over "rabid Muslims" while dismantling our rights and culture.
Islam is a stooge (too unsophisticated to see they are a stooge)
The State has encouraged us to abort white babies under the guise of "women rights", in reality women have no rights to stay at home rearing white families without being shamed into dumping them in State baby centres to the care of immigrants.
Men, particularly white men are becoming redundant.
The fabric of the pattern is intricate but ugly and all threads lead to the destruction of the white race, using Islam as false flag we may rally around.
On the face of it this is a terrible story, but who do we hate because of it, a conscience following Muslim or a State which put him there as a smokescreen?
I once worked with an ex squaddie who had seen much on active service. He told me of a woman who had offered coffee to exhausted soldiers and went to the trouble of grinding glass to powder to add to their cups.
His response was not to berate her but to visit her everyday with huge smiles and a conspicious fiver in full view of her neighbours.
She was burned out and had to flee the area as the impression was given she was an informer.
Clever man, clever State.


Anonymous said...

I too, am generally against abortion but this is not the issue here. The point is that the Muslim was imposing his religion and point-of-view upon the customer. We still supposedly have freedom of religion and thought in Western society and this is not only immoral, but totalitarian. The morality or not of abortion must be settled in society-at-large. Individuals cannot coerce others. Yes there is absolute right and wrong and if people disregard this they will pay the price. Of course we must speak up for truth, but God alone exacts perfect justice. When men attempt to you get - Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao...

Anonymous said...

He is in that job and as part of that job he has to serve contraceptives like any other Pharmaceutical. If he doesnt want to do that then he shoudn't be working in that line of work.

Certainly, it is best fro all that Muslims and non-indiegnous peoels return to their own lands where they can go about propogateing their cultures and we can get along with propogateing our own. Indeed, Muslim immigration like immigration per se is a tool used by the left to destroy and undermine British indigenous people and culture.

All cultures thrive better and work in their own lands and amongst their own peoples

let us wish for this in the future

Happy Christmas

Anonymous said...

I do not shop at Sainsburys


It is not sainsburys any more ,it is owned by kuwait,or some other wogs from that part of the world.But the issue is clear,whilst working in an industry,you leave your religious bigotry at home,it is a shop which exists to sell items that the purchaser requires,for profit,this amoeba from the primitive east has no issue with usury/profit,so can hardly claim religious "sensitivity".But what is good for the goose is sauce for the gander,we too must refuse to sell anything to these religious primitives,especially HOUSES.

Anonymous said...

Its publicity though, and we could never afford this level of it from an advertising agency.
This constant dripping of stories which illustrate how incompatible islam/westerners are is permeating the minds (subconsciously) of eeryone who hears of it.
As the BNP is the only party willing to speak on these subjects openly it will become the only Party worth voting for?
It gets better and better.
Why not let everyone know that Sainsbury's is best avoided for pharmaceutical/family planning advice. Say it kindly and helpfully and advise a Western pharmacist to save the patient from embarressment or in this case prosecution.

Anonymous said...

Try going to the Post Office. And you'll find yourself the victim of anti white racism too. They'll try and let their own in front of the queue, and try to steal info from you for fraudulant purposes.

Moreover I would hardly call the morning after pill, abortion.

Anonymous said...

There is an issue of unborn rights in this story. However, another separable issue is the fact that the man was prosecuted and convicted in court. If we leave aside the issue of who agrees with the morning after pill and who does not (I personally do not but I leave that aside for this story), it is outrageous that this man has been prosecuted for the words it is claimed he said (whether he said them or not, loudly or not).
He had every right to be annoyed as he was purchasing legal goods from a store that sells them (as I said, whether we believe they should be sold or not is separate).
The seller/pharmacist had no right to being doing that job and to refuse him. In the circumstances the man had every right to be annoyed and the words he said (if he even said them) should not be words that would warrant a prosecution and conviction.
This appears to be part of the proccess of silencing people. It appears we are not allowed to object to the invasion or any form of its consequences.

Anonymous said...

Pharmacists can refuse to supply the morning after pill which is actually misnamed as it can work upto 72 hours after intercourse and still work effectively. Many practising Roman Catholics will not prescribe it as it is a form of abortion.
They have a duty to direct the customer to another store which will help them. I imagine a "scene" occurred in the store in this situation. Sorry I am a nationalist who respects other peoples and am polite to other races in day to day activities. I dont call other races names like "wogs". I have confidence in my own people and as a nationalist fight for my own. I certainly dont get into juvenile spats with other races.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 16:!2.

Get real. This is not about contraception. If a shop stocks certain products then they should sell them. Simple as.

If a person objects to selling the products of that shop then they should find employment elsewhere.

It does not matter whether they are Catholics or Clowns. They are there to serve the people who pay their wages.

As for directing the customer to another store. That is nonsense.

What about in my area where the next nearest chemist is 4 miles away by bus?

You "imagine". Oh well then, that is good enough. It is right up there with the turnips claim of racist abuse.

Anonymous said...

I actually am real, I certainly dont need to get real! Pharmacists actually have to prescribe the product as emergency contraception . They dont just sell the product, as there are lots of contraindications to it being prescribed eg a history of venous thrombosis, hypertension etc. It is a form of abortion as the union of sperm and ova has taken place already and that is why the Roman Catholic church condemns its use. The Society of Pharmacists in this country have said it is upto the conscience of the pharmacist whether he prescribes it and most Catholics dont, but they will probably direct you to someone who would.
As to this case, well I dont know the ins and outs. If it went to a jury of twelve then they have to weigh the evidence. I will contend though that as a nationalist we shouldn't get angry with immigrants only with those in power that use immigration to lower wages. I also believe that is the main message stated quite boldly on the BNP s website.

Anonymous said...

The anti-hunting lobby is a controlled government diversion or pressure valve. If the anti-hunting groups where genuine, Halal slaughter and cruelty would be number 1 on any protest groups agenda, our supermarkets, schools, armed forcers , sandwich bars etc, should not entertain this evil uncivilised practice. Most outlets do not know that the meat is Halal. One should enquire then complain if such meat is on sale or supplied.

Anonymous said...

Once again we're falling for the "fall guy" and we have to be clear about this. A Roman Catholic pharmacist excercising the same right of conscience re abortion would be given a hard time as being one of "the God squad" by the Far Left for exactly the same actions.
RC nurses and doctors are routinely barred from working in "womens clinics" for this excercise of conscience. They appear to accept this.
The protection given to Muslims merely shines the spotlight on the bogeymen, the convenient scapegoats we love to hate. As a small aside I leave you with this thought fellow Nationalists;
No wonder we're being "outbred" if killing your own child(by your long term partner) can be fitted in with the weekly shop and general Sainsbury experience is it any wonder?..not judging..just saying.

I'm a long term admirer, contributer and supporter of this blog and I direct your attention to Nick Griffins article "By their fruits Shall you Know Them"
lets not get sidelined by the Muslim issue, they are the most useful of idiots, our fight is against the Communists of the Far Left now in government who from day one have encouraged white women to ditch white men abort their children and live it large (without undderwear preferably)
Its wimmins rights see!
Know your enemy, dont be played like a fiddle by Common Purpose.


da said...

i to think mr cogisant is right an you sound threatning to him I read your stuff alot an now your wrong mr cogisant should speak his mind our babys are dying killed every day having a go at muslims all the while is crazy. having a pop at mr cogisant is wrong i might not look at your stuff now I thought we are in this togeather saving our kids is importent felicity is right to an other people.

Mr Cognisant said...

Thank you for being polite, a response sir

Anonymous said...


Islam is a declaration of war against infidels. This war is permanent until all the infidels have converted, paid a submission tax or been murdered. This is the LAW OF GOD AS SET DOWN IN THE KORAN. All Muslims believe the Koran is the divine word of God – the Laws of God. All Muslims believe that God authored the Koran and a copy of the Koran is in heaven. The Koran remains for all Muslims, not just "fundamentalists," the uncreated word of God Himself. It is valid for all times and places forever; its ideas are absolutely true and beyond all criticism. To question it is to question the very word of God, and hence blasphemous. A Muslim's duty is to believe it and obey its divine commands without question.

Muslim can be murdered (beheaded) for doing any of the following:

Reviling Allah or his Messenger; (2) being sarcastic about 'Allah's name, His command, His interdiction, His promise, or His threat'; (3) denying any verse of the Quran or 'anything which by scholarly consensus belongs to it, or to add a verse that does not belong to it'; (4) holding that 'any of Allah's messengers or prophets are liars, or to deny their being sent'; (5) reviling the religion of Islam; (6) being sarcastic about any ruling of the Sacred Law; (7) denying that Allah intended 'the Prophet's message . . . to be the religion followed by the entire world.'

How can any Western school system allow the following teachings of evil - murder, killing, death and destruction, violence, hate, violent jihad, terrorism, torture, brutality, savagery, maiming, wife beating, inferiority of woman, women as instruments of sexual pleasure in paradise, honor killings, stoning, cutting off limbs, child sex, sharia law, bigotry, intolerance, extortion, slavery, mutilations, looting, pillaging, slavery, inequality of infidels, inequality of any human being, that infidels can be murdered and their property stolen as a holy duty, that Muslims who renounce Islam can be killed, that Muslims (or anyone) who challenge the teachings of Islam can be murdered, etc. These teachings of the Koran are evil and irrational. Islam is a morally bankrupt and unethical ideology.

Can you imagine teaching harmless, innocent children murder as the Law of God, owning slaves as a Law of God, raping slaves as A LAW OF GOD, looting and pillaging the property of murdered infidels, selling their women and children into slavery and then sharing the immoral proceeds with God as a Law of God. That’s right. All these evil crimes are the Laws of God in the Koran. Again how could any school allow this evil to be taught to children?

More at

The Green Arrow said...

Mr Cognisant, you will excuse me for not responding but I am suffering from a bad bout of the flu at the moment.

Give me a day or so and I shall visit your site and we can really debate the issues.

Anonymous said...

To anon above-
the question of unborn righrts is separable (as stated above).
The muslim phoned the police on the man and the man was convicted in court.

Anonymous said...

This incident happened at my local Sainsbury's about half a mile away.

The pharmacist is married to a female muslim pharmacist and they live in a £200K+ house in Stalybridge.