Thursday, 1 January 2009

Make 2009 the Year of the BNP

January 1st 2009. BNP D-Day

Happy New Year everybody. I hope that those of you suffering with hangovers recover soon.

My favourite remedy for a New Years Eve hangover was to go out and have the hair of the dog that bit me. Of course that only puts the day of reckoning off but for some strange reason it worked for me.

Neither would I implement my New Years Resolutions until the 4th of January, by then I would be in a fit state to implement them without worrying about my head exploding. Now down to business.

Well fellow kinsmen and Activists. This is the year we have been waiting for and working towards. Now it is all going to be down to us on whether we succeed or fail in sending BNP people, Our People to Europe to finally give us a voice in the Enemies own lair.

I believe that we can prevail. That we can send a message around the World and to Patriots in other Western European Countries, that the White Europeans have had enough of the New World Orders way of doing things.

That they have had enough of making sacrifices in foreign wars and had enough of watching as the colonisers claim their jobs, home and Countries.

Three of the most potent words in the English Language are "I love you". Their political equivalents are "British National Party".

Those last three words bring hope to our fellow citizens who have had the courage to disregard the lies of the self perpetuating "elites" of the Tri-Axis of Evil parties and discover the truth for themselves.

And with hope comes the courage to struggle and resist what is wrong and evil. It encourages us to bond and unite with Our Kinsmen.

And then, United under the banner of the British National Party, we have the strength to attack those who would enslave not just us but our children and their children after them.

Older hands will already know the weapons that the Enemies of the People will use against us. Newer Activists will soon learn and as they learn about the true perfidiousness of these enemies, their resolve to defeat them will become solid and they will recruit more to our brave cause.

But something that is different in this New Year, is that thanks to the tireless efforts of unknown (by most) and unnamed Activists is the massive armoury of weapons in the form of information that we have ready to deploy against the Global Marxists who seek to enslave us.

And these new weapons of truth will be available to branches, groups and cells of the British Resistance to use in their own areas.

But the information will only be of use and work if it is seen and read by Our Fellow kinsmen, most of whom have been conditioned by years of brain washing into accepting their slavery. We must break their bonds of ignorance and get that information to them.

We are well led by our leader and Chairman Nick Griffin, we have excellent officers at all levels, both nationally and local.

And without doubt we have, in my opinion the finest political activists the World as ever seen. Courageous, tireless and determined True Brits from all over Great Britain. Welsh, Scots, English and Ulstermen.

We are now living in what will be seen as a major turning point in history. Be a part of that history and join your kinsmen in the British National Party and fight to reclaim what is yours .

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. For he today that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition. And gentlemen in England now abed Shall think themselves accursed they were not here.


defender said...

2009, the year of defiance.

Anonymous said...

Indeed GA, 2009 is IMHO the most important year in modern western history.

The EU has to be stopped. It is an evil, anti-democratic, totalitarian marxist soviet that will destroy the nations of Europe and flood them with immigrants. It will also be in dhimmi alliance with the arab/muslim world placing Europeans in great peril.

This threat is unique because never before has Britain faced such a home-grown force determined to destroy its very own people.

If the BNP fail in the Euro elections it is "goodnight Vienna". I truly believe it will be the end for Britain if the BNP don't get at least a dozen (even that may not be sufficient) MEPs.

That it has reached this critical stage beggars belief but it has and now we have to stop it before it goes any further. The bad news from Europe is that the FN in France has self-destructed and socialism in Spain along with its anti-jewish hatred is thriving.

2009 has to be the year of the BNP, it has to be because as usual, we can't rely on our European neighbours to fight evil in Europe.

Happy New Year GA and I really hope your efforts reap rich rewards in June.



Anonymous said...

2009 The year of the BNP