Thursday, 15 January 2009

West Wales BNP showing us the way again

The following is a letter published here on the South Wales news sites from British National Party councillor and Organiser Kevin Edwards.

IN reply to the article headlined No place for politics of hate and division (Post, December 30)

The British National Party is not responsible for the suffering of the Welsh people and the state of the Welsh economy.

We have consistently warned of the consequences of mass immigration and the dangers of continued membership of the EU which costs the UK the staggering net figure of £55,775 billion or £2,119 for every taxpayer per annum.

It is in the public domain that 30 per cent of Welsh children are being brought up in homes with incomes below the poverty level.

The £10 Christmas bonus given to pensioners was introduced in 1972. We consider it a national disgrace that 36 years later not one of the "old fashioned parties", when in power, has thought about increasing this amount.

The BNP when in government will increase this figure to £140, giving the Christmas bonus its true value today.

We will abolish toll charges on all our bridges. We need tourists and new business in Wales, charging them to enter our great country can only be seen as deterrent to our future growth.

Our hauliers, who have been betrayed by successive governments and are being pushed to the brink of extinction, will also benefit from this policy.

We will renationalise public utilities. Never again will our people be forced to pay "over the top prices" to foreign-owned companies for basic human needs such as water, gas and electricity.

Our mines will be reopened, providing Welsh jobs for Welsh workers. The mining industry will be placed under state control and will never again be a victim of political spivs in suits. Indian-owned Corus will be recovered and used to revitalise a Welsh steel industry.

Councillor Kevin Edwards


West Wales British National Party

Let us hope that the people of Wales are waking up to the truth.

Well done Kevin. I would vote for you given the chance:)


Anonymous said...


Anglesey aluminium smelter to close due to NuLabour's electrical power generation cock-up.


This is good stuff getting your policies out to the people,might we have some in England too?

Salford Supporter said...

Well done (and said!) Councillor Kevin Edwards for articulating so clearly and passionately a patriotic manifesto for Wales, and for the rest of the U.K. I'm surprised that the local Post had the decency to allow you the right of reply to the fallacious assertions of their leader column, but if they or any other newspaper is to have any decency,integrity or credibility then so they should do.