Saturday, 31 January 2009

British Jobs for British Workers

British Jobs for British Workers. A good statement. A true statement. A fair statement. Or so you would think. But not to the communist controlled trade unions, not to global business and certainly not to the likes of Gordon Brown, who copied it from the British National Party, who unlike Brown, meant what they said.

Before we go any further we have to face up to some hard, cold facts. No matter how just their cause, the British Workers fighting for their jobs are banging their heads against the Brick Wall of European Law. If all goes according to past form they will also be getting their heads banged by the "Run away from the Moslems Police" for being "racists".

For European Union laws, imposed by unelected bureaucrats, have been put in place to stop nation states protecting the rights of their workers. Under their laws, any such actions would be illegal. All part of the leveling down of Our Country, to that of India and Pakistan, where we work just to eat and live.

This government of traitors know this and have admitted that under European Law, there is NOTHING they can do. Because of our foolish membership of the new Soviet Eurabia, we now also have to pay for state funded training courses for foreigners who turn up in our country without even a job to go to.

Neither the Labour Party or the conservatives support the angry workers. Both parties are fanatically pro-European and both seek(and have said as much) to make Our Country a "low wage economy". Cameron has already stated that under the conservatives, the minimum wage would be allowed to be forgotten and had this to say about the strikes.

'Jobs are a concern in every community in the country because of impacts of the global downturn. But we can't and don't support unofficial strike action.'
Not one word did he utter about the 2,000,000 unemployed in this country or anything about the fact that the number of foreign workers in our sad land is now 3,723,000. I can see a solution straight away.

And the Unions? What of them? It is true individual shop stewards are playing their part in the workers protests but the leadership is coming from the men and not their communist Union barons.

The communists views on this are there for all to see if they search on the net. They see these nationwide actions as "reactionary" and "racist".
The logic of the strike were it successful would be to throw those Italian and Portuguese workers on the dole, and for that simple reason the strike as it stands is reactionary. The maxim put forward by Karl Marx and the socialists of the 19th Century – “Workers of the World Unite” – is as valid today as it was then.
To a communist, there are no borders. They are internationalists and they will put others before their own kinds survival in their mad quest for a one world government.
'You are far to kind to the scum who are striking.
Theirs is an openly racist call for british jobs for british workers. As internationalists, we should not give a fig if it is so called british or so called foreign workers are in a particlau job. If jobs on offer were given to foreigners, so what? If this action suceeds, its open season for a general pogrom against foreign workers, with employers being put under pressure to sack foreign workers in favour of british ones. This is where this road leads
I think the first action is to expel any shop stewards involved here forthwith, and for the union leaders to condemn this strike
Secondly, its solidarity action with the foreign workers, making it clear they are welcome here
Thirdly, confronting the racists on the picket line, just as we would a BNP mobilisation''
Recognising that these strikes are Nationalist based strikes the globalists order their attack dogs of the media onto the British National Party with the same tired old statements.

'One fear is that the strikes could be exploited by the far right British National party, which has been leafleting in Grimsby" Daily Mail.

"Not only was he incapable of delivering on it under European Union law, but the slogan was bound to be exploited by the far right in the shape of the British National party - who coined it in the first place". Guardian.

"When this newspaper observed that the Prime Minister's slogan was echoed in the propaganda of the British National Party, Downing Street responded extraordinarily that, in fact, Mr Brown had used the slogan first ". Times

"In the uncertain atmosphere, the far-right British National Party attempted to capitalise on the unrest by sending activists to the picket lines." Herald

And yet they know, but sadly not enough True Brits know, that the British National Party were not responsible for the laws that make British Workers jobless, homeless and dependent on the state for their survival.
The turmoil comes as about 2,500 people are being made redundant every day, nearly 600 small firms are collapsing every week and unemployment has jumped to 1.9million.
It was not the British National Party that passed laws allowing foreign companies like Total to exploit the system (they helped create behind the scenes), to increase profits at the expense of the British People.

The British National Party are getting the message through to the British People, but it is a hard, slow slog. But they will get there and they will destroy the Brick Wall of European Law, within 24 hours of forming a government.

The BNP support all those workers who feel they are being dispossessed.

Wish I lived near to an action so I could take a huge Tea Urn to the protesters on Monday.


Bert Rustle said...

Richard North highlights the situation:

Anonymous said...

Well done, GA. Another superb post. I like the quotes. Nice research.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else note how the media was implying a racial motive to the protesters cause?, Sky news as well as the Al Beeb made these "observations". Now anyone with the slightest bit of grey matter, and that may just include those afflicted with the liberal self destuct illness, cant fail to see how the old "waycist" word has been used as a tool, even when dealing with strikes. I suppose those Muslim protestors who were calling the police and the far left organisers/agitators kuffar in Blackburn a couple of weeks ago werent being "waycist" at all?.

johnofgwent said...

You misunderstand his words.

Because what he MEANT was "to persuade foreigh multi-millionaires to set up burger factories and sweatshops paying below the NMW if they can get away with it".

And if you want just one example of how his words are bearing fruit, well, look no further than PRIMARK

Anonymous said...

Although the army will keep jobs open for British people...yes the Brits arent worth employing in any decent job, leave them open for the immigrants, but its ok to send the Brits off to die in Helmand Province. I remember some Global NWO vision of the future where its armies were recruited from Britain, put me in mind of Elvis Costellos song "Olivers Army", if your out of luck your out of work. but there's a proffesional career... waiting for you in the services, yeah right. Funny how the recruitment drive has stepped up a couple of gears eh?.

defender said...

This is just the beginning of a long hard road back to independance. Do not think this will be easy or simple to achieve. It will require all our strength and will.
This year is only the start.

defender said...

This is part of what we are up against here in Lincolnshire.
Grimbsy stories are under world news.

subject: coverage, what coverage?
Comment: I thought you covered Lincolnshire> While the national paper
and the other media are covering the walk out in Killingholme there is
not a word from the LINCOLNSHIRE Echo. Some Echo.

Dear Mr ******
Thank you for your email enquiring about our coverage area. In general
we tend to concentrate on the area around Lincoln, Sleaford and
Gainsborough, but we do cover further afield if there are interesting
news events, such as the Land Rover crash at Tattershall or the shooting
at Mablethorpe. As Skegness and Scunthorpe have their own papers in the
Telegraph and the Times we tend not to cover those areas, and leave them
up to the local paper.
The villages of North and South Killingholme are actually in North
Lincolnshire, which is a totally separate county to Lincolnshire, with
its own county council and health services, and therefore is not an area
that we cover.
However, the Echo does have a 'world' page which is usually found on
page 8, and which offers a selection of the days top national and
international news.
Thank you for your interest
Assistant News Editor

And still today , not a word.

Salford Supporter said...

Labour and the Unions have allowed companies to bring in foreign workers through their non -opposition to Tcrazy irony is that unions like Unite will be spending thousands on campaigns against the BNP which is the only party that will implement the policies which these workers want; British jobs for British workers! These workers demands fly the face of globalised capitalism and marxist shibboleths like 'international worker's solidarity'. The far -left will condemn marxist forces for this crisis but no control on immigration ( what they advocate and which is more or less what we have today) will always jeopardise employment for British workers.

Anonymous said...

This will soon be happening all over Britain as we are being displaced in our own country. Imagine, lose job, no pay, no mortgage paid, lose house.
Wait until the 50 million migrants
from Africa arrive in the EU.
Where will they live? in the houses (with all expenses paid} you lost while trying to keep your job.
Forget the bull.... and 'racist'brainwashing by the marxists.
Vote for the real party that will
MEAN British jobs for British workers. The British National Party.

Anonymous said...

NuLabour's latest censorship scam. It will become a crime to take photographs of demonstrations, strikes, picket-lines and Muslim riots if any police officers are present. I other words, no photos of anything that may be embarrassing to the government may be published.