Wednesday, 28 January 2009

West Wales BNP challenge Peter Hain

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Dear Mr Hain

I draw your attention to the article entitled
Hain hits out at BNP bid to boost recruits

from the South Wales Evening Post dated 26 January 2009. Your comments regarding our legitimate "Day of Action" in Neath are included and I would be greatful if you could clarify exactly the points that you were trying to make.
"They are a force that has to be confronted and defeated whenever they appear from beneath their stones," he told the Post.

Mr Hain we do not hide beneath stones. We are a very active political party,we are open and transparent. We are active and speaking to ordinary people on a daily basis throughout the UK.

"Their poisonous influence is disastrous for any community where they gain a foothold.

This is an absurd statement.Where exactly is this happening ?

"We have seen where it has happened elsewhere.

Once again, where is this happening ? Please provide the evidence for me.

"We have seen hatred spread and in every possible way.

Once again,where is this happening ? Please provide the proof.

"It's terrible news for any community — especially a God-fearing, respectable place such as Neath, which has a fine tradition of community caring, of respect for people whatever their background, whatever their beliefs and whatever the colour of their skin.

A God-fearing,respectable place such as Neath needs a God-fearing,honest and upright Christian Member of Parliament to represent them.

Your party is responsible for a job lost in our country every 52 seconds. A family home repossessed every 10 minutes. Mass immigration of foreign cultures and religions which are alien to our people.

As a member of the "Christian Council of Great Britain" please tell me why does your party allow this to happen when you WILL NOT ALLOW our people the right to vote on these issues. Why has your party betrayed the British People the right to vote on the "Lisbon Treaty." After all you promised us the vote at the last election. Are you scared of losing and are you scared of Democracy?
"I will be consulting party colleagues and others to make sure they are confronted wherever they appear next."

What do you mean by this ? Can we expect genuine supporters of your party to be in attendance for a friendly and open debate, or will you be busing in members of the UAF, Searchlight and other Labour and Plaid Cymru sponsored "Rent-A-Thug Operatives" to try and shout us down, intimidate us and the ordinary people who are sick and tired of what your party have done to our country ?

We are more than happy to have an open and honest debate with you. Please contact me on or visit

Mr Hain dismissed a BNP assertion that it was gaining ground on Labour as a fantasy.

In the December 2008 Kells and Sandwith by-election in Cumbria. Labour’s previously massive majority of 1010 was cut by the BNP to just 16. Sorry Mr Hain this is not fantasy.People have had enough of your party.
He was also dismissive of its newsletter, which features his well-publicised failure to declare election expense donations on time.
Mr Hain you have been an MP long enough to know the rules. Please don't treat your constituents as fools. They are not.
It says the requirement to apologise to the Commons is not punishment enough and calls for Mr Hain to be sacked.

And so you should be. Anyone caught from your constituency or from any where else in Wales who did what you have done would no longer be in employment. ( That is if they are lucky enough to still have a job ! )

"I'm treating that with the contempt it deserves," said Mr Hain.

The only issue of contempt that is relevant, is the contempt that you have shown to the people of Wales and Neath by your actions.

"The support I have had from the people of Neath has been absolutely magnificent."



Councillor Kevin Edwards

Organiser West Wales British National Party

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Anonymous said...

"The BNP are the only political party that will do exactly what it says on the tin."

The lib/lab/cons cant say that, and poor Mr Hain has had his can of worms opened for inspection.

Thanks to BNP Liverpool for those words based on a memorable tv ad. Easily remembered and embeds into the mind of the reader/listner very quickly. Use them at every opportunity, I will.


Anonymous said...

I dont think anyone takes this mans word seriously, he is a crook, pure and simple. Put him in a sheepskin jacket and trilby and he has all the charm of a certain Mr Arthur Daley, remember him?.