Friday, 16 January 2009

Anybody else notice that our civil war as started?

Like the old song goes "You ain't seen nothing yet".

Just as the New Year of 2009 will be the year of the BNP, it will also be the year that our civil war really starts to take off, with more people dieing, more damage to property and more removals of civil liberties.

The Fifth Column of enrichers and colonisers are upping their game from hunting single white males to full scale street riots unreported by the main stream media.

These attacks are not "spontaneous", they are planned in the Mosques our Dhimmi government have accorded the status of charities and tried to buy off with tax payers money.

The cowardice of the police(leaders) shown in videos around the world only encourages them further. They see us as weak.

Remember this article, It is time to learn to hate, in which I quoted the following statements by leading generals from the army of hate.

"Tomorrow, our nation will sit on the throne of the world. This is not a figment of the imagination, but a fact. Tomorrow we will lead the world, Allah willing. Apologize today, before remorse will do you no good. Our nation is moving forwards, and it is in your interest to respect a victorious nation."

"Our nation will be victorious. When it reaches the leadership of the world, and controls its own decisions, then it will prevent this overt interference [in our affairs], and its pillaging of natural resources, and will prevent these recurring offences against our land, against our nation, and against our holy places -- then you will regret it."

Then there was their opinion of Christians;

"They are like a white termite: They are eating the country from the inside. But if they hear a loud voice, they will keep quiet. The Christians are cowards - they are not going to fight."
That is how they see us, the True British. "The Christians are cowards - they are not going to fight".

And so they step up their attacks of intimidation and violence to frighten our cowardly government into more concessions and even greater betrayals of Our Country.

Just two days ago they almost burned a man to death when they firebombed a cafe and coffee bar in east Londonistan. Earlier another one of their active units dragged a driver of a Tesco delivery van from his cab and beat him severely before going off to daub "Kill Jews" on shop fronts.

And the comment from the police. "One line of inquiry was that it was racially motivated". No kidding.

But these fire bombs and vehicle hijackings are not just isolated incidents. They are happening all over Our sad Land, where the numbers of the enrichers have reached such numbers that they now feel safe to attack at will and any time they are instructed to by their generals.

The year 2009 I am afraid is the year that the new civil war kicked off.

All rather depressing really. So what are you? Are you a White Termite or a True Brit who is prepared to fight for his family and his Country under the banner of the British National Party and vote the traitors out of office.


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning.We fight with a hand tied behind our back. Tied by our own politicians. We are also handicapped by our basic decency and civility. We should always be aware that very many of our enrichers come from war torn regions and are well used to killing and carnage. It is second nature to them and never forget, they already hate us for what we represent. They are also well trained in the use of automatic weapons and home made devices. An enemy deeply imbedded into our society will not be easy to defeat. It is all too simple to set cities ablaze and to bring chaos to an ordered society.Many a patriot will be ill equipped to stand against the hatred of the mob and I doubt if our police or armed forces will have the required mind set to deal with it. War demands war time officers if it is to be won. People prepared and able to meet fire with heavier fire. I fear Britain will once again be on the brink of defeat before it stops the rot, turns the tide and then after much suffering, win. But win we will, at least, that is what I believe. The mind set of the many must change. Harsh reality will eventually change it.

Anonymous said...

This could be of interest to you GA.



Anonymous said...

Good points Celtic Morning,we're also not helped by the feminising of western males either.

Thanks for that link Harry, yet more proof that David Icke is an absolute head-case who in his rush to appear informed about Israel has only demonstrated that he has been as brainwashed as most people by the very thing he claims to be "in the know about". Still lovely to see a picture of "Green Helmet" there, in one of hios most famous acting roles back in 2006. Wonder if he's still acting now?

Icke should stick to shapeshifters and lizards, the lunatic.


Anonymous said...

The 'Street-Jihad' epidemic...

Anonymous said...

Police said a group of white men apparently clashed with a group of Asian men in the De Lacy Arms in King Street, before the landlord threw out both groups before trouble began.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone missed this bit of good news,earlier in the week,the leader of Manchester City Council, Sir richard Leese, a standard bearer for multiculturism,got punched in the face and carjacked by some enrichers.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid this talk of civil war is unfortunately too near the truth. We have dire economic circumstances, polarised extremist politics of the left and right and in mainstream politics we have ineffective opposition which usually counteracts the aforementioned extremist politics. Quite frankly we're f^cked.

If I can please humbly submit my opinion, I feel that ordinary folk have been unable to organise to fight in a peaceful way the hurtful policies of Labour that we have done successfully in the past. The ironic thing is that all the victories that the working man have fought so hard for and gained in the past has been taken away by the so-called party of the working man.

bernard said...

Hold on you chaps, you all sound like Eeyore!
The UK is still around 90% indigenous Brits. We're not in the minority for gawds sake!
And GA: "all rather depressing" (?)
I'm rather looking forward to a civil war. Kind of clear the air a bit. esp the prospect of scores of politicians dropping under a hail of gunfire.

Anonymous said...

I watched in dread as a young 10 year old boy watching tv one afternoon in Lincolnshire. 1985 I think, an interview with the early version of hte Muslim council of Great Britain, this muslim guy was boasting that Muslims in England want their own homeland within the borders of the UK. I saw this as a 10 year old and have since then mistrusted every muslim I have ever met.

Hoe can a 10 year old boy be more aware than a politician in the 1980's? The same politicians who had obviously been brought up in WW2.
I'm disgusted with the West. Downright bloody angry and outraged.

No one is doing a solitary flying f##k about it apart from the BNP and they label us as "Neo Nazis" to detract attention.

Word of warning, if and when the BNP get in power you need to dismantle society from top down. Im not talking about murder or violence but a radical ideological dismantling and an "re-booting" of society.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising that these dreadful incidents are going unreported.
In this frightening, nightmare scenario HM Armed Forces, who should now be mobilised in "Defence of the Realm" are deployed thousands of miles away, stretched to the limit, fighting and dying in fundamentally unwinnable wars, wars that serve no British interest.

The Green Arrow said...

Bernard. Reading all the news everyday would depress anyone.

Whilst I agree that the traitor politicians should vacate the planet, I believe it should be done legally by rope and after a proper trial.

The British National Party condemns violence in politics and will win by use of the democratic process.