Friday, 9 January 2009

Hope not Hate

By Nemesis

The alliteration is apt but the ideology to which it is attached is tainted to say the least.

Hope Not Hate is the battle cry of Searchlight an appendage of the fascist regime established to suppress the DEMOCRATIC progress of the British National Party.

An enterprise controlled under an alliance of British major political parties’ leading politicians that help form the current one party State.

However, HOPE for the majority of the British people went out the window the day NEW LABOUR took the political reins in 1997. The original leader of NEW LABOUR, Tony Blair is the son of a staunch Conservative Party supporter … hmm.

Shortly after becoming Prime Minister Tony Blair invited Margarete Thatcher to number 10 Downing Street for a chat, some would have called it conspiracy … Mrs Thatcher later retorted that Tony Blair was a man with which the Conservatives could do business hmm, hmm.

However, they did have the decency to keep this low profile. ( ).

The connotations here are not looking good but of course it could just be coincidence. Mr Blair being such a nice man might have just been offering his supposed political anti thesis the olive branch.

However, years after his euphoric jubilance had worn off and he stepped down, his successor Gordon Brown also invites Margarete Thatcher to tea at number 10 Downing Street hmm, hmm, hmm!!! ( ).

Mrs Thatcher had been regarded as the enemy of the true OLD LABOUR supporters of Socialism: political opponents do not have tea together this is carried out by friends.

The majority of the people are shown the blatant contempt to which they are subject by these actions. Unfortunately most people look but do not see. Judging by these actions and the economic climate of the country any adherence to the HOPE that searchlight promotes, in relation to the current political status quo, is really an adherence to accepted despair and continued subjugation of the masses.

Searchlight is peddling despair for the many and hope only in the sense that the masses remain duped. In relation to HATE just check out the literature of Searchlight and you will see the black cloak of irrational hatred and fear throughout their work.

Then check it out against B.N.P. literature and you should be able to work out who is pulling the wool. The Plutocratic controlled fascist regime that Searchlight supports thrives upon fear, hatred and greed. … the hope mentioned is that it is hoped you will not notice the deceit.

It would not be surprising in the light of what Searchlight is producing to find that a poorly educated Pol Pot type is their main editor. The recent pathetic groundless attack by Searchlight upon the B.N.P. Racism Cuts Both Ways campaign in November 2008 highlights their weaknesses and suggests an ill- educated and hate motivated outfit. A counter write up analysing the subject of Searchlight’s attack upon the British National Party’s campaign Racism Cuts Both Ways will appear shortly on this web-site.

The compilers of Searchlight are Plutocratic lackeys who embark upon a program with the primary aim to keep the majority of the people suppressed by the few.

We will leave HATE in the HANDS of the HATEMONGERS SEARCHLIGHT and take a look at HOPE.

  • We can hope that our society does not develop further into a totalitarian state.
  • We can hope that the level of totalitarianism to which we are now subjected can be reversed.
  • We can hope that the intelligent and educated people amongst us will use their gifts to instil true equality, political democracy and brotherhood amongst the British peoples.
  • We can hope that the intelligent and educated that use their gifts to exploit others for their own ends take a life concluding hill walk as in the sense of John Smith and Robin Cook.
  • We can hope that the British people wake up to the reality of the situation and vote out the reprobates that are in current control of our country.
  • We can hope that the reprobates see a God like vision (this would probably transpire after a drugs or alcohol binge) and change their ways for the good of the many.
And of course we can hope to see a flock of flying pigs dressed in superman outfits going passed our window one morning while having breakfast.

We do not sit in a propaganda induced daze doing nothing hoping if we wish to achieve anything.

We must get up, get out there and get at ‘em and make it happen … the relevant information delivered to the relevant people is the key to success.

We cannot hope our leaflets for example will find their own way through the letterboxes … we have to physically deliver our message. The British National Party will turn aims and ideas into reality through hopeful action not hopeful indolence.

Support our future … support the British National Party.

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